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EMLL 5/31 – Arena Mexico
1. Espanto Jr. & Guerrero Negro Jr. beat Soberano & Stigma
2. Lluvia/Marcela/Silueta defeated Amapola/La Seductora/Tiffany
3. Blue Panther/Brazo de Plata/Shocker beat Mr. Aguila/Averno/Rey Escorpion by DQ when Scorp fouled Porky. Shocker then challenged Aguila to a hair match afterwards which got everyone else challenging each other….smell the cage match.
4. En Busca de un Idolo: Misterioso II defeated Stuka Jr. – Misterioso brought out yogurt for the judges (extra large for Porky and extra small for Tirantes) trying to kiss up after being pretty smart with them during the tournament. The judges didn’t care that much for the gift and they still didn’t care for him giving him a final score of 14. Stuka who lost even though he took most of the match got a score of 28. Shocker was judging here as well in place of Ultimo Guerrero who was working in Tijuana.
5. En Busca de un Idolo: Fuego beat Sangre Azteca by countout after taking out Azteca with a tope suicida then beating him back to the ring. Fuego ended up with a score of 15 while Azteca got an 18 including an 8 by Tirantes his highest score of the tournament. Although Fuego did win, he went to the hospital with an undisclosed injury.
6. Los Estetas del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) defeated Ephesto/Mephisto/Volador Jr. with the Estetas wearing fusion masks and Mephisto dressed up as Jason from Friday the 13th.
7. IWGP Intercontinental Title: La Sombra beat Shinsuke Nakamura to win the title in a what sounded like a damn good match. The fans naturally went crazy at the finish not expecting Sombra to win clean and fulfilling his goal from January of winning an IWGP title.

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