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TNA is back at 9PM and Slammiversary is this coming Sunday. The final build-up saw the reunion of Team 3D as they faced Sting and one of the Park Brothers (Abyss/Chris or Joseph). Plus, Ken Anderson has something to settle with A.J. Styles.

The flashback segment looked at Sting vs Bully Ray and their special stipulation that might prevent Sting from ever going for a World title after Sunday. Ray told Brooke Hogan that he still loved her. Sting said he wanted a partner to face Team 3D. James Storm made an alliance with Gunner to go after the tag belts. A.J. Styles turned on Aces and Eights, drawing the wrath of Ken Anderson.

Aces and Eights met in the back. Bully Ray said A.J. Styles was to be dealt with. D’Lo taunted Ken Anderson for his failure to bring Styles into the fold. Ken then attacked D’Lo and laid him out. Aces and Eights then headed for the ring. Bully Ray and Devon got in the ring to address the crowd. Ray ordered the music to be cut off. Ray said Devon was going to take out Joseph Park at Slammiversary. Ray was certain that he would dispose of Sting. Ray reminded everyone that the World Title match would be “No Holds Barred”. Ray told Sting to try and rip out his eye or whatever he felt like trying to do. Ray admitted that Sting has beaten some of the best. Ray gave a shout out to Ric Flair. Ray talked about Sting beating Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy. Ray said he has beaten Jeff Hardy…and ran him out of TNA. Ray said he wanted Sting and Joe Park…now.

Bully Ray and Devon vs Joseph Park and Sting

Team 3D jumped Sting and Park, before the bell. The four went to the floor. Park blasted Ray, over and over. Sting slammed Devon into the ring steps and then into the barricade. Ray with an Open Hand Slap to Park’s chest. Ray whipped Park into the ring post. Sting ripped at Devon’s eyes. Ray punched Park in the face. Devon also started to fight back. Ray missed a chair shot. Park with had fists to the face. Devon punched Sting’s kidneys. Ray slammed Park into the ring steps as Sting flipped Devon into the ring. Ray slammed Park’s hand into the steps. Sting slammed Devon into the announce table. Sting and Ray then got in the ring and went face to face. The two traded hard fists. Double Clothesline laid out both guys. Impact took a quick break.

Devon with measured punches and elbows to Park. Devon choked Park on the top rope. Devon cussed out Park and told him to come on. Hip Toss and Scoop Slam by Park. Park went up the turnbuckles. Ray attacked Park. Devon with a Clothesline. Devon choked Park. Ray with a tag and a Clothesline on Park. Ray with hard punches to Park’s face. Ray then knocked Sting off the apron. Running Elbow Drop by Ray for a two count. Devon tagged back in and did a Hogan-like Legdrop. Devon then mocked Hulk’s signature poses. Devon with a Rear Chin Lock.

Park weakly fought back but fell to the Amazing Grace Flying Back Elbow. 1-2-no. Ray tagged back in and hit a Standing Dropkick. Impressive. Double Sledges by the World Champ. Tag to Devon. Team 3D accidentally hit each other. Sting got the tag and hit multiple Clotheslines. Sting used a Dropkick to send Devon into Ray. Sting locked the Scorpion on Devon. Ray kicked Park into Sting, as Park tried to go for a Scorpion Deathlock. Sting already had one on. Sting missed the Stinger Splash. Inverted 3D on Sting. Scoop Slam by Ray into the Wazzup! Attempt.

Suddenly, Abyss’s music went off. Sting pushed Devon off the top turnbuckle. Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop. Park prevented Ray from getting in the ring to make the save.

Your Winners: Sting and Joseph Park
Impact Ranking: 3.75

Dixie Carter was on her way out to make an announcement.

Kurt Angle still wanted to fight Styles, even though he didn’t join Aces and Eights. Kurt still had respect for Styles so he would be closely watching the Anderson vs Styles match.

Dixie Carter came out in a sheer orange semi-dress. Dixie pushed the 11 years that TNA has been in business. Dixie thanked the fans for all their support. Dixie talked about the next induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. Dixie wished Sting the best of luck against Bully Ray.

DOC, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff strolled from the back. Bischoff took the stick and got into the ring. He wanted to know where the love was for Aces and Eights. Bischoff said the celebration was going to turn into a funeral. Doc and Wes and Garett cornered Dixie. Samoa Joe and Magnus rushed down to the ring to clear the ring. Joe took the stick. Joe said he spent a month at home recovering from an attack by Aces and Eights. Joe challenged Garrett to get in the ring and get beaten into the man he would never be.

Garett Bischoff vs Samoa Joe

Bischoff with hard attacks on Joe. Joe came back with hard punches and the Standing Enziguir. Impact went to commercial.

Joe with a Running Boot. DOC grabbed Joe’s foot as he came off the ropes. Magnus attacked DOC and Wes. Garett took down Joe and then joined his brothers to attacked Magnus. The ref threw out the match. Joe took out ass 3 Aces and Eights members with a Suicide Dive.

Your Winner: No Contest
Impact Ranking: 1.25

Joe said he had a contingency plan. On Sunday, Bischoff and Brisco and DOC vs Magnus, Samoa Joe and…Jeff Hardy! Wow!

Impact looked back at the return of Gunner. Storm and Gunner talked, backstage. Storm praised Gunner for his military service. Gunner said he has been at war with Storm and now he was ready to go to war With him.

Hulk Hogan talked with his daughter, Brooke. Hulk wanted to know what was up with her relationship with Bully Ray. Brooke said Ray was pulling at her heart strings with his comments about still loving her. Brooke said it was hard not to believe Ray’s words. Brooke said she was having a hard time concentrating on business with Ray wandering the halls. Hmmm…

Bad Influence (Kazarian and Christopher Daniels and the Dirty Heels (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) vs The Texicans (Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez) and the GunSlingers (James Storm and Gunner)
8 man, 4 team tag team match

Ok, I’m still working on the name for the team of Storm and Gunner. Maybe Beer and Bullets? Nah. Storm Warning? Ok, Ok, I’ll get back to the action…

Gunner and Daniels stood eye to eye. Collar and Elbow and the two went to the corner. Daniels with a Cheap Shot. Gunner with a kick, whip and Back Elbow. Gunner pounded on Daniels and then sent him flying with a Back Body Drop. Kaz talked with his partner, on the floor. Daniels hopped in and quickly tagged out to Aries. Aries didn’t look thrilled. Aries then tagged out to Roode. Side Headlock into the Hammerlock by Roode. Roode rammed Gunner into the corner. Hammer Throw by Roode but Gunner got the boots up and Clotheslined his foe.

Tag to Chavo. Chavo pounded on Roode and hit a Scoop Slam. Tag to Hernandez who slammed Chavo onto Roode. The Texivans kept tagging back and forth. The 4 team match, on Sunday, will be Elimination Rules. Chavo went for the Three Amigos and hit it, perfectly. Chavo went up top and had to fight off both members of Bad Influence. Aries then hit a Running Dropkick to send Chavo to the floor. Roode with a tag to Aries. The Dirty Heels with a wicked Double Team, which included a Springboard Elbow by Aries. Daniels then took the tag. Kaz choked Chavo and then wanted to fight. Double Team on Chavo. Kaz with a wild Neckbreaker on Chavo. Kaz mocked the Guerrero Shuffle. Roode tagged back in and stomped away. Aries with some shenanigans as the ref was distracted. Kaz came back in and locked in a deep Rear Chin Lock. Chavo Elbowed free, almost. Kaz with a shot to the eyes. The heels with a 4-on-1 beatdown. Chavo dodged a Daniels Splash. Tag to Hernandez. Hernandez with a Pounce on Aries and Springboard Shoulder on Roode. Press Slam Drop on Aries. Border Breaker on Rodoe for a two. Bad Influence made th save. Daniels with a kick but fell to a Pounce. Hernandez wanted the Border Toss but it didn’t happen. Aries with the Running Dropkick. Aries went for the Brainbuster but Hernandez threw him off. Gunner with a wicked Uranage Backbreaker into the Torture Rack for the win.

Your Winners: Gunner, James Storm, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero (No, Storm never got in the ring)
Impact Ranking: 3.50

A.J. Styles rode in on his motorcycle. Ray said it was time to exact revenge on Styles for turning down Aces and Eights. Devon said he would destroy Joseph Park, at Slammiversary. Ray couldn’t believe that Jeff Hardy was coming back. Ray said he had a job for Knox, as well. Ray said Aces and Eights were declaring war on Impact Wrestling. Ray said he wanted victims laid out all over the place. Ray said one or more of Aces and Eights might end up like D’Lo Brown…if they didn’t do what was he wanted.

I want to send out my personal thanks to all the great people that have bought tickets to see former TNA and WWE Superstar, Mick Foley, on June 22nd. The VIPs are almost gone but there are still some great seats. New England Pro Wrestling’s Fan Fest 3 is going to be awesome. Check out all the great TNA stars and Legends that will be there by going to:


Bound For Glory is coming to…San Diego, California. Yeah…just outside my neighborhood. I’m SO there.

Impact looked at Mickie James winning the Knockout title by taking out Velvet Sky. Mickie came out to celebrate her victory. Mickie was thrilled that she was now a champ. She thanked the fans for their support. Mickie talked about her new album. Mickie said she waited 2 years to get the title back. Mickie said there were some fans that doubted how Mickie won the belt. Mickie asked Velvet Sky to join her in the ring to clear the air. Velvet applauded the new champ. Velvet had a heavily bandaged left knee. Mickie said she gave Velvet an out on their match but Sky wanted to battle.

Velvet then thanked everyone for their support. Velvet said she wanted her rematch. Mickie backed off as Velvet asked to battle at Slammiversary. As Mickie back peddled, Gail Kim strolled from the back. Gail said she softened up Velvet, which is the only way that Mickie was able to win the title. Gail said she was going to be the Last Knockout Standing against Taryn Terrell. Gail said she was then going after the Knockout Strap. Velvet told Gail that she was next in line, thanks to the rematch. Taryn rushed down as Gail tried to take out Velvet’s knee. Mickie just quietly oozed back up the ramp.

Gail Kim and Kenny King vs Taryn Terrell and Chris Sabin
Mixed Tag Team Match

So, Kenny King is coming to Reno on June 15th. Not only will he be in the R.W.F. ring but yours truly will be making his return to announcing duties, this time with Reno’s longest running professional wrestling organization. My most heartfelt thanks to the RWF Management for giving me the shot to call some of the best action on the West Coast. I’ll have a full rundown of the upcoming card in a few days, as well as where tickets can be purchased.

ODB was in charge of this match. Sabin will battle Suicide and Kenny King in a Triple Threat for the X-Title, on Sunday. Taryn tore into Gail with Forearms. Taryn is just sloppy in the fing. Rolling Neckbreaker by Taryn. Taryn with a vicious Corner Attack. ODB forced Taryn back. Taryn with a Clothesline. Crossbody by Taryn for a two. Gail dodged a charge and the men tagged in.

Sabin with Knife Edge Chops. Kenny with a Whip. Deep Arm Drags by Sabin. Sabin slapped King’s hand to get the crowd going. King tried to push Sabin into Taryn. He put on the brakes and King nailed a Clothesline to the back of the head. King with an Enziguri. 2 count. Seated Abdominal Stretch by King. Sabin got to his Feet and Hip Tossed the X Champ. Gail with a kick to the back and King with a Flying Leg Lariat. 2 count. King missed a Legdrop. Sabin with a Clothesline and Flying Forearm. Sabin with a wicked modified Powerbomb. Gail grabbed Sabin by the hair. Taryn went after Gail. Sabin attacked King. Gail went after Sabin. Spear by Tarn. Sabin with an Enziguri into Hail Sabin!

Your Winner: Chris Sabin and Taryn Terrell
Impact Ranking: 3.25

King went to attack Sabin but Suicide with his Euthanasia Finisher on the X-Champ. Sabin and Suicide with a stare down as Impact went to break. I’ve heard a strong rumor of who this version of Suicide is. If it’s true, the fans are in for some major excitement from him.

Impact ran a history profile of Sting video. Sting talked about his times as the World Champion. Sting was determined to become the champ, again. Sting talked about the various people that he has faced. Sting even brought up the long-missing Jeff Jarrett. We Want Him Back!

The announcers ran down the updated card. I will have my Crystal Ball predictions column up on Friday or Saturday. This one is going to be really tough to call.

Mr. (Ken) Anderson vs A.J. Styles
Special Challenge Match

Styles threw up his Diamond Cutter hand signal. I’m still trying to figure out what that is supposed to stand for. Ken went right after Styles and beat him silly, in the corner. The Lone Wolf fought out of the corner and just beat the stuffing out of Ken. Styles ran Ken into the corner and kicked away. Ken came back with punches. Styles sent Ken to the ropes but got taken down with a Shoulder Tackle. Styles tripped Ken and then hit the Scoop Slam and Elbow Drop. Snap Suplex by Styles. Styles with a Hammer Throw to the corner. Styles with hard punches but Ken threw bombs of his own. Ken with Corner Stomps. Styles snapped the chest of Anderson over the ropes. Ken botched the move, honestly.

Styles pitched Ken out to the floor. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Styles. Styles stared daggers at Taz and then went to town on Ken. Break time.

Styles was still in control. Styles stomped on Ken’s chest. Styles went for an Outside In Suplex but Ken blocked it. Both guys ended up on the apron. Styles with hard punches. Ken went to the eyes and then hit a version of the DDT by stepping off the apron. That was just nasty. Ken drove Styles’ back into the apron. Ken clobbered Styles but Styles began to fight back. Back Body Drop by Ken for a 1 count only. Keylock/Kokina Clutch by Anderson. Styles rolled over and punched Ken’s ribs. Kitchen Sink blocked by Styles. Roll Up by Styles for two. Taz talked serious trash about Styles. Ken drove his knee into Styles’ arm. Headbutts by Styles. The two fought back and forth, in the corner. The two exchanged hard fists. Styles went wild on Ken with the SBP (Spinning Back Punch). Crescent Kick and Clothesline by Styles. Spinebuster by Styles, for a two. Fireman’s Carry by Styles was countered. Styles ran Ken into the corner and went for the Tornado DDT. Ken spun Styles around and put him on the top rope. Green Bay Plunge by Ken for a two. Styles fought out of the Mic Check. Styles put Ken on the top turnbuckle and placed Ken in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Hesitation Dropkick by Styles. Kurt hit the ring and went after Styles. Aces and Eights hit the ring and went after Kurt and Styles. The ring filled up with the whole male roster, almost. Styles and Kurt kept fighting as Bully Ray and Sting faced off. Te two threw punches back and forth.

Your Winner: No Contest
Impact Ranking: 3.5

Sting “Hulked Up” and tore into the World Champ. Sting locked in the Scorpion DeathLock. Devon made the save and then called for the 3D. Team 3D laid out the number one contender with their trademark move. Aces and Eights got back in the ring and stood over the fallen Sting. Joe and Magnus and Park were all laid out, as well.


–Jay Shannon

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