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Crystal Ball: Slammiversary 2013

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive powers to examine an upcoming major wrestling event.

It’s time for the 11th anniversary of TNA. Slammiversary is the launch pad for the celebration. All the active titles are on the line plus there are tons of grudge matches. Time for me to do my best to try and figure out who is going to win, who is going to lose and what twists and turns are ready to stun the wrestling world.

TNA Hall of Fame Inductee:

I was very tempted to go with Hulk Hogan. He fits right in with Bully Ray’s threat to turn the celebration into a funeral. When I learned that Hogan would likely be out for awhile with his severely burned hand, I switched my thoughts to another multiple time World Champion, Ric Flair. Flair could be the first person to end up in both the WWE (twice) and TNA Hall of Fame.

On to the matches…

Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
Last Knockout Standing Match


Gail took exception to Taryn getting hired on as a Knockout, after being fired as the Knockout Ref. Gail has been on a tear, literally, as she has injured the knees of several Knockouts with her Ring Post Figure Four.


While Taryn is likely going to beat Gail like a dusty rug, Gail’s new post-match move is custom made for this match. Expect Gail to Clip the knee of Taryn and then drag her to the corner. Gail will slap on the Post Figure Four and hold it in place for an extended period of time. The damage to the knee will prevent Taryn from making it to her feet.

Predicted Winner: Gail Kim
Predicted Ranking: 1.5

Jay Bradley vs Sam Shaw
Gut Check Bound For Glory Challenge


All the male Gut Check winners were eligible to participate (except Wes Brisco). Jay and Sam found their way into the finals. The winner of this match will get a prized position in the Bound For Glory Series.


This is going to be the first major appearance of the Aces and Eights. Expect Wes Brisco to bring out Knox and Ken Anderson to destroy both competitors. Wes will complain that he was never given a shot to be in this competition.

Predicted Winner: No Contest
Predicted Ranking: 2.0


Expect Hulk Hogan to create a Triple Threat Match with Shaw, Bradley and Brisco fighting for the special spot in the Bound For Glory Series. I would then expect Brisco to take the win.

Devon vs Joseph Park
TV Title Match


Joseph Park has been a repeated victim of Aces and Eights since day one. Park has been showing more and more signs of a dual personality. Park finally gets his shot at gold.


My hope is Park flips out and drops Devon. That silly TV title has been defended almost as much as the Knockout Tag Team Titles (remember those?). Unfortunately, I have a sour feeling that Aces and Eights are going to get involved and the under-handed shenanigans are going to herald the eventual return of Abyss, who will take the title.

Predicted Winner: Devon
Predicted Ranking: 2.0

DOC, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco vs Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy


Aces and Eights have injured all three of the men that they will be facing, on Sunday. Bully Ray took the World title from Jeff Hardy, with help from these three men.


This one is not going to be pretty. Joe is going to do his typical beat down. Magnus is going to show why he is just “this close” to breaking through to the top tier. Add to that, the return of Jeff Hardy. There is just no way that Aces and Eights will survive this onslaught. Expect Hardy with a Twist of Fate on either Bischoff or Brisco, followed by the Swanton.

Predicted Winner: Samoa Joe, Magnus and Jeff Hardy
Predicted Ranking: 3.75

Kenny King vs Chris Sabin vs Suicide
Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Title


King took the title, several months ago. He’s defeated some of the most popular and well-known X-Stars. This match looks to be King’s biggest challenge.


This one is a definite Dice Roller match. All 3 men are great competitors. My thoughts on the finish of the match will see Suicide take out King with his Euthanasia Gut Buster. Before he can score the pin, Sabin will destroy Suicide with his new “Sabin the Best for Last” finisher.

Predicted Winner (and New Champion): Chris Sabin
Predicted Ranking: 4.75


Expect Bischoff and Brisco to hit the ring and just annihilate the new champ. This will be their redemption deed after losing in the six-man match. Sabin’s first defense will be against both Brisco and Bischoff.

The Texicans (Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez) vs Dirty Heels (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) vs Bad Influence (Kazaarian and Christopher Daniels) vs The GunSlingers (Gunner and “Cowboy” James Storm)
4-Team Elimination Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team titles


Dirty Heels and Bad Influence were set to determine the number one contendership. James Storm was the guest ref. After the match, Storm was attacked. Hulk Hogan allowed Storm to find a partner so he could get in the middle of the tag team war.


Bad Influence will be the first team sent to the showers. They will quickly be followed by the champs, Chavo and Hernandez. That will guarantee new champs. Gunner will force Aries to submit to his finisher…soon to be called the “Gun Rack”.

Predicted Winners (and New Champs): The GunSlingers (“Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner)
Predicted Ranking: 4.0

Kurt Angle vs A.J. Styles


Kurt took exception to Styles’ unwillingness to commit to TNA. They’ve gone back and forth with small skirmishes building up to this war


I don’t need a crystal ball, tea leaves or Tarot Cards to figure this one out. It will be an even match, going back and forth. Lots of false finishes. At the end, expect the full force of Aces and Eights (minus Bully Ray) to hit the ring and basically unload everything they have on the two men. That will lead to Styles and Angle uniting to take vengeance on anyone in a black leather vest.

Predicted Winner: No Contest
Predicted Ranking: 3.5

Bully Ray vs Sting
TNA World Title Match, No Holds Barred Match
(If Sting loses, he will never get another World Title Match in TNA)


Bully Ray deceived everyone, especially Sting, to move his way up the ladder of contention. Ray pulled a major swerve when he announced he was the president of the Aces and Eights. Sting was especially offended by the betrayal. Sting wants revenge and will do all it takes to win.


If this was a straight-up battle, Sting would win this hands down. I honestly think it won’t be anyone in Aces and Eights that will cost Sting the match. Sting will be beating Bully Ray into near oblivion when Brooke Hogan will rush in the ring to beg for mercy for her “Hubby”. When Sting turns back towards Ray, Brooke will nail a Low Blow. That will allow Bully Ray to defeat the Icon. The aftermath of this deception will just devastate the whole company. It’s the only really good swerve that could finish off Slammiversary with the best possible shocker.

Predicted Winner: Bully Ray
Predicted Ranking: 4.25

Final Thoughts:

Slammiversary is going to be a Roller Coaster Ride from start to finish. Aces and Eights are going to look ready to implode, until the Brooke Hogan twist. This one is going to be a strong event that will leave the fans both happy and ticked off at the same time.


–Jay Shannon

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