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The Bound For Glory series were started, as four Gut Check winners made their bid to get into the biggest battle of the summer. Also, Abyss returned last week. He destroyed Aces and Eights. What was next for the outlaw group?

The Flashback Opening looked at A.J. Styles, Abyss and Sting getting laid out with a 3D. Hulk got a call from Abyss but he kept it quiet until after Magnus got taken out. Abyss destroyed several members of Aces and Eights, in the back. He then came to the ring and put Anderson through a table and then used a Black Hole Slam to finish off Devon.

Hulk Hogan made his way from the back. The crowd was white hot for the Hulkster. Hulk said he was shocked at the level of excitement in the building. He was also shocked about A.J. Styles’ behavior. Hulk acknowledged that Kurt beat Styles silly. Hulk told Styles to go ahead and join Aces and Eights. Hulk made the match of Kurt Angle vs A.J. Styles at Slammiversary. Hulk said Sting and Bully Ray would sign the Main Event Match Contract, later in the night. Hulk then asked Abyss to come to the ring…my brother.

Abyss’ music went off but it wasn’t The Monster that arrived. It was Joseph Park, Abyss’ brother. Hulk was surprised that Joseph arrived after the second playing of the music. Park claimed he was at home, last week, when Abyss made his return. Hulk told Joseph that Abyss was needed…

Aces and Eights came out to confront Hogan and Park. Devon asked for the microphone. D’Lo was also with Devon. D’Lo was still in the dog house with his brothers. Devon said he wanted Abyss. Devon complained about how Abyss got involved in the match. Devon ordered Hulk to bring out Abyss. Park got up in Devon’s face for daring to talk to Hulk. Devon told “fat boy” to back out of his face. Joseph said D’Lo and Devon were starting to p*ss him off. Park challenged Devon to fight him. Devon told Park to shut up. Devon said he was the TV Champ. Devon said Park would have to prove himself, first. D’Lo jumped in and said he wanted a fight. Hulk made it official…Joseph Park vs D’Lo Brown. Devon said he was going to take a chunk out of Abyss’ *ss, when he finds him. Hulk said Devon would have both Joseph and Chris “Abyss” Park on Devon’s butt.

Outside, James Storm was asked about what happened, last week. Storm really didn’t have much to say as the video replayed. He finally said “Watch, just watch” as he was asked what his plans were for revenge.

A profile video of Gut Check ran..

Bobby Roode made his way to the ring.

Bobby Roode vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Collar and Elbow into a Hammerlock by Roode. He only held it for a second before being Hip Tossed. Side Headlock by Roode. Chavo with the Push Off into the Universal. Chavo iwht another Hip Toss and then a Drop Toe Hold. Side Headlock by Chavo. Hurancanrana sent Roode to the outside. Roode pulled Chavo off the apron and the tag champ struck his chin on the apron. Whip by Roode to send Chavo into the guard rail. Roode went and got Chavo. Back in the ring, Scoop Slam into a Kneedrop by Roode.

Roode choked Chavo on the middle rope. Chavo with a couple of weak kicks. Snap Mare by Roode. Roode taunted the crowd. Measured punches by both men. Chavo with a kick. Roode flipped Chavo onto the apron Outside In Slingshot Senton into the Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. The two fought on the ropes. Roode pushed out of the Tornado DDT but fell victim to the Three Amigos. Chavo went up to the top rope. Roode hit the top rope and Chavo tumbled to the arena floor. James Storm strolled from the back and got in the ring. He was swigging a beer and spat it in Roode’s face. The ref called for the DQ.

Your Winner (by DQ): Bobby Roode
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Roode rolled out to avoid getting cracked in the face with a beer bottle. Storm just left the ring and headed to the back.

The A.J. Styles situation was evaluated.

Kurt Angle came down to the ring. He talked about how no one could be trusted, thanks to Aces and Eights. Kurt said he took the fight to A.J. Styles, last week. Kurt then informed everyone that he would get Styles at Slammiversary. Kurt didn’t want to wait so he called out Styles.

Instead of Styles, he got Anderson of Aces and Eights. Anderson said Kurt sounded like a woman. Anderson told Kurt that Styles wasn’t his boy. Anderson was ready to tell everyone that next week A.J. Styles will be “patched in” to Aces and Eights. Anderson dared Kurt to show up for the ceremony. Anderson laughed at Kurt. Kurt then began to beat the snot out of Anderson. Styles rushed down to ringside. Styles came from the Aces and Eights entrance. Jumping Enziguri by Styles to lay out Kurt. Styles then took off.

Jay Bradley talked about his life and how he got to be a wrestler. He talked about his Boomstick finisher.

Jay Bradley vs Christian York

This was originally set to be a Fatal Four Way match. No explanation was given for the change. Two men locked up and went to the corner. The two got into a shoving match. York worked over the arm. Jay broke loose and blasted York in the face. York dodged a Big Boot but took a Lift Drop and a different Big Boot. Elbow Drop by Jay. Hard Elbows to York’s head. Rear Chin Lock by Jay. York spun under to send Jay flying. Springboard Back Elbow by York but Jay with the Scoop Slam. Jay went for the Boomstick but York dodged it. Enziguri and Chops by York. Flying Headscissors sent Jay into the corner. Cannonball Splash by York. Jay escaped the Mood Swing and retreated to the corner.. Both guys with hard fists. Jay reversed a Whip but York slid under. Back Spin Kick by York. Jay blocked the Monkey Flip. Jay also dodged a jump off the ropes. Jay unloaded the Boomstick on York.

Your Winner: Jay Bradley
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Christy Hemme talked with Bradley Jay. She asked him what it would mean to be in the Bound For Glory series. Jay said he just took the first step towards becoming the TNA World Champion.

James Storm just came out of Hulk Hogan’s office. Hulk said Storm would have to deal with what he did.

Anderson talked about patching in Styles. Anderson then reminded D’Lo that he would have to kick Joseph Park’s butt to maybe earn back his colors. Anderson put himself in a position of power.

Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky
Non-Title Match

Impact looked at Gail’s recent Figure Four Post Locks. Velvet let the pigeons loose and then Impact took a break.

Brooke Hogan chatted with Mickie James before we got to the match. Mickie wanted to be part of Slammiversary. Brooke wanted Mickie to fight Velvet, next week, for the title. Bully Ray then walked up to talk to his “wife”. Bully said he was going to call out Sting and there would be a negotiation. Brooke said she wanted a divorce but Ray wouldn’t give it to her.

Back to the action. Sky popped Gail and dodged a kick. Velvet flipped Gail off her feet and then sent her flying with a pair of Arm Drags and a Suplex. Forearm Shots by Sky. Bulldog by Sky. Sky stomped Gail, in the corner. ODB pulled her back. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Sky. Gail reversed a Whip and snapped Velvet’s bad leg. Sky clutched her knee and Gail kept the focus on he bad wheel. Gail slammed the leg over the apron. Gail strutted to irritate the crowd.

Sky started to fight back but a Back Heel Trip and Leg DDT took out Sky. Gail twisted Sky’s leg in the ropes. She then dropped her weight on Sky’s hurt knee and leg. Gail continued to attack the weakened limb. Gail snapped the leg over the middle rope. Gail with a modified Texas Cloverleaf. Gail twisted Sky’s leg around behind her (Gail’s) head. Gail pushed Sky into the corner and choked her with the boot. Sky reversed a Whip but ate a Boot. Gail went to the top rope but got caught. Sky flipped Gail off he top rope. ODB started to count both women down. Sky with Clotheslines and a hard kick. The knee gave out and Sky fell. Sky went for her finisher, In Your Face, but Gail clipped the leg. Sky kicked Gail into the corner and rolled her up for the win.

Your Winner: Velvet Sky
Impact Ranking: 2.0

After the match, Gail pulled Sky to the post and slapped on the Figure Four Post. ODB fought to make Gail break the hold. Sky was seriously hurt after the attack.

Chris Sabin said Kenny King wasn’t his King. Sabin said King was maybe the King of Strippers. King said his crown was the X-Division belt. Impact looked at the confrontation between King and Sabin. Petey Williams said King lets everyone else do all the work and then swoops in to take the win. Petey had a counter in mind for the X-Champ.

Another promo for Suicide ran. It was just creepy. Suicide returns next week.

Kenny King vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams
Triple Threat X-Division Title Match

King talked trash to the camera. The trio of battlers circled until King bailed out. Sabin with a Side Headlock on Petey but Petey revesed it. A nice series of reversals and counters. Sabin came out on top of those. Drop Toe Hold by Williams. Petey ended u on the floor and King got in Sabin’s face. Sabin blocked a foot and used a Heel Trip into a series of Chops. Jumping Enziguri by King. Petey with a Springboard Code Breaker to King. Running Dropkick to Sabin. Petey couldn’t hold Sabin down. King choked Petey on the ropes. 2 count.

Corner Mount Punch by King. Baseball Slide Dropkick, by King, to keep Sabin out of the ring. King then dropped Petey. Scoop Slam by King into a Springboard Leg Drop. 2 count, again. Seated Abdominal Stretch by King, on Williams. Petey got up and started to fight back. King snapped Petey’s neck over the top rpoe. King missed a Springboard move and Sabin took advantaged. Back Drop Suplex into a Bridge Pin by Sabin. Petey went after Sabin but took a Knife Edge Chop. Suicide Dive by Petey. Spinning Side Russian Leg Sweep into the Clutch DDT. Petey couldn’t get the 3. Petey went for the Canadian Destroyer bt Sabin with a Clothesline. Sabin with the Tornado DDT attempt, which was blocked. King with a Leg Lariat on Petey. 1-2-no.

Back Elbow by Petey. Spinning Backbreaker by King but he only got a two. Sabin with a Back Spin Kick. King went Sabin into the corner. Step Up Enziguri by Sabin. Short Arm Clothesline by Sabin. Sabin with a Spicofi Driver to send Petey into King, who was trapped in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Flying Knee by King. Royal Flush, by King, to take out Petey Williams.

Your Winner: Kenny King
Impact Ranking: 3.0

Kazarian and Daniels talked about Storm. Daniels asked Kaz to come with him to the ring. Daniels was set to deal with Hernandez.

D’Lo thanked Ken (Anderson) for protecting him from the hammer attack by Bully Ray, last week. Ken accused D’Lo of burying Wes and Garrett. Anderson said he was pulling for D’Lo tonight.

Christopher Daniels vs Hernandez

The two hooked up and went to the corner. Daniels went to the eyes and then stomped away. He then choked Hernandez, in the corner. Daniels with clubbing blows. Daniels tried for a Scoop Slam but Hernandez converted it into a Stall Suplex. Hernandez lifted Daniels and hit a Backbreaker over the shoulder. Hernandez went up the ramp and then turned. Air Mexico! Big Boot by Hernandez. Kaz tripped Hernandez. S-T-O by Daniels. Daniels stomped away and nailed the modified Funk Neckbreaker. Kaz put the boots to Hernandez, on the floor.

Hernandez with a Shoulder Block into a Springboard Shoulder Tackle. Clothesline and Double Sledge led to a ginormous Biel. Hernandez charged and struck the post. James Storm walked from the back. He chased off Kaz. Pounce by Hernandez. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Hernandez
Impact Ranking: 3.0

James Storm was sent out to the ring to announce:

The Texicans (Chavo and Hernandez vs Bad Influence (Daniels and Kazarian) vs Dirty Heels (Bobby Roode and Austin Aries) vs James Storm and a partner of Storm’s choice.

Hmmm? The Wildcat, Chris Harris? Eric Young? Suicide? Someone completely new?

D’Lo Brown vs Joseph Park

Mike Tenay said this was a “Must Win” situation for D’Lo. Taz agreed that it was very important for D’Lo to win this one. Park waddled down to the ring. How can he wrestle in that track suit? Park rallied the crowd. Kneelift and hard shot by D’Lo. Forearm Shots by D’Lo. Scoop Slam by D’Lo. Park ducked a Clothesline and blasted D’Lo Back Elbow by D’Lo sent Park to the floor. D’Lo slammed Park’s face into the apron and kicked away. D’Lo rolled Park back into the ring. Park began to punch away. D’Lo Dropkicked the knee and hit a Shining Wizard. D’Lo with a Whip. D’Lo missed a Corner Splash. Roll Up by Park. Leg Lariat by D’Lo. Corner Clothesline by D’Lo. D’Lo was pushed back by the ref. Straight fists to the skull. D’Lo busted open Park. Park went into his Evil Place. Park with brutal Clotheslines. Corner Splash by Park. Black Hole Slam by Park to take the win.

Your Winner: Joseph Park
Impact Ranking: 2.25

Joseph Park will now get a shot at Devon, somewhere down the road. Park switched back into “normal mode” and wondered what happened.

Sting walked backstage.

The announce team ran down the updated Slammiversary card. Jeremy Borash was in the ring to make the Main Event official. J.B. brought out Bully Ray. Ray called over Taz for a Fist Bump. Ray shoved J.B. down. Ray took the stick and did his typical schtick. Ray claimed that he took out Jeff Hardy. Ray was confident that he would take out Sting at Slammiversary. Ray said he was ready to negotiate.

Sting’s music then went off and The Icon slowly walked from the back. Ray told Sting to stop outside. Ray then called out Hulk Hogan aka “Dad!”. Hogan then joined the party. Hulk was still limping from his recent knee surgery. Ray taunted Sting about Screwing Sting and Hulk and Brooke over. Ray said Sting might want an apology but he wouldn’t be getting one. Sting said he didn’t need one. Sting said Ray should destroy Sting’s arm, knee and elbow. Sting even suggested Ray should make him bleed and rip his eye out. Ray wondered why Sting would ask for such a ting. Sting said either Ray would do it…or Sting would do it to Ray. Sting said he was going to make Ray bleed in Boston. Sting wanted the title match, in Boston, to be No Holds Barred. Ray agreed to the match, on one condition. Ray said Sting would never get another World Title Shot, again, if he were to lose. Hulk asked Sting not to do it. Ray said he didn’t want Sting to retire. He only wanted it where Sting would never get another shot at the belt. Hulk begged Sting not to go there. Ray stirred the pot by saying that Hulk was controlling Sting. Ray demanded a Yes or NO answer. Sting agreed to the stipulation. Ray pushed Sting. The two got into a slugfest.

Fade to Black.


–Jay Shannon

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