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Bully Ray had a little house cleaning to take care of. In addition, the new number one contenders to the tag titles were to be decided. All this, plus a Six Man War between Sting’s Army and Aces and Eights…

The Flashback Opener looked at the battle between Sting and Matt Morgan. Morgan passed out while trapped in the Scorpion Death Lock. Kurt Angle made D’Lo say “I Quit”. Will A.J. Styles be in Sting’s Army?

Tonight’s show was live from Tupelo, MS. The announcers ran down the night’s card. Sting then came out with Kurt Angle. I’m seriously digging the new red and black Sting shirt. Sting talked about June 2nd and Slammiversary. Sting was ready to strip the title from around Bully Ray’s waist. Sting didn’t want to wait until then to get some revenge on Aces and Eights. Sting said he called on the Best of the Best, Kurt Angle, to join him in this war.

Kurt took over the stick and said he made D’Lo scream “I Quit” and tap out. Kurt brought up A.J. Styles. He asked Styles to come out and listen to what he wanted to ask. Styles strolled out from the back, looking quite Grunge-ish. Kurt directly asked Styles if he was going to join them in the war against Aces and Eights. Styles was silent as the crowd chanted. Kurt got ticked off and demanded an answer. Sting broke the tension and said he wanted to try. Sting said TNA needed A.J. Styles. Sting knew Styles wanted to do the right thing. Sting asked Styles to join their team. Kurt went off on Styles for not giving an answer. Styles backed off and left the ring. Kurt screamed at Styles not to walk away. Kurt went after Styles and the two got into a shoving match. That escalated into a wild fist fight. Sting just watched the chaos. Aces and Eights hit the ring and Sting got taken out with a 3D! Kurt rushed back to check on Sting.

A.J. walked backstage. Styles was asked if he was really leaving the others high and dry. Styles removed a droplet of blood from his face and left the building.

Tara and Gail Kim vs Mickie James and Velvet Sky

TNA showed how Gail tore up the knee of Taryn Terrell with a Figure Four Leglock around the ring post. Mickie and Gail to start. Mickie with a shove and Clothesline. Dropkick to Tara, who tried to rush the ring. Jessie tripped Mickie, from the floor. Gail wrenched the arm and tagged out to Tara. Double Slam and Stomp by the Heels. TNA is moving back to 9PM, very soon. Sullivan Tree of Woe to trap Mickie in the corner. Tara with a Dropkick. Gail took the tag. Gail with the Forearm Shot to Mickie’s face. Corner Splash by Gail. Mickie began to fight back with a Spin Kick. Mickie collapsed in the corner.

Velvet and Tara both tagged in. Kicks into a Flying Reverse Neckbreaker by Velvet. . Gail rushed in but Velvet threw her into Jessie. Velvet with the In Your Face. 1-2-3!

Your Winners: Mickie James and Velvet Sky
Impact Ranking: 2.5

After the match, Tara and Gail had a meltdown. Gail with a Clothesline and the Hanging Figure Four, around the ring post. ODB forced her to break the hold.

Aces and Eights partied in the back. They were happy about Styles and Sting. D’Lo showed up and Bully Ray said it was time for some Club Business. Bully asked everyone to join him in the ring.

Bad Influence brought beer to James Storm. Daniels and Kazarian brought Storm beer to remind him how Roode cracked Storm in the face with a beer to take the World title from him. Kaz and Daniels wanted Storm to do the right thing.

Aces and Eights came to the ring, in full force. They hassled Todd before getting into the ring. Ray demanded that the music be shut down. Ray talked about himself, Devon and Anderson battling Sting, Kurt Angle and a mystery opponent. Ray was then ready to take care of Club Business. He called out D’Lo and said D’Lo had disgraced the club and his brothers. Ray ordered D’Lo to turn in his colors, right now. D’Lo refused to give up his “cut”. Ray again ordered him to it. “My cut is my life…no”. was his response. Anderson ripped the cut off him. Anderson told him that Aces and Eights were not for quitters. Ray accused D’Lo of crying like a B*the. D’Lo wanted to kick Magnus’ *ss to earn his cut back. Ray said DOC will get to kick Magnus’ *ss. D’Lo will sit at ringside to watch the battle. Magnus then came out for the battle.

Magnus vs DOC

DOC with a Side Headlock. Magnus took DOC to the corner and then went for a hip. DOC reversed it but ate a boot. Magnus flew off the ropes and took a boot to the chest. DOC with a Power Whip. Corner Splash into a Short Arm Clothesline by DOC. Rear Chin Lock by DOC. DOC with a Kneelift into a Snap Suplex. DOC with a series of straight rights to the face. Big Kick by DOC into another Power Whip. Back Elbow and Kick by Magnus. Clothesline and Big Boot by Magnus. Flying Clothesline by Magnus. DOC caught Magnus on the ropes and went for a Superplex. Magnus pushed him off and hit the Savage Elbow for a two plus. D’Lo was stressing out, big time. D’Lo went to whip Magnus, on the floor, but Magnus reversed it. DOC with the Flapjack Bomb for a two. D’Lo accidentally grabbed DOCs leg. That allowed Magnus to roll up DOC for the win.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Ranking: 2.75

Bully Ray exploded on D’Lo for the loss. Ray had them hold D’Lo down. Ray wanted to crack D’Lo with the hammer. Anderson too the hammer and said D’Lo should go back to being a prospect that just fetches beer and ice and other lowly jobs.

Elsewhere, Hulk Hogan wanted to join in on the battle. Sting and Kurt reminded Hulk that he couldn’t compete. Hulk said he had a Wild Card that should be able to destroy Aces and Eights. Sting wanted to use Magnus. Kurt agreed. Hogan said he was comfortable with putting Magnus in the mix.

Roode and Aries were talking. Aries said they needed to talk with Storm. Aries offered Storm wine. Roode said he was always jealous of Storm and smashed a beer bottle to win the World Title. Storm saw through the baloney. Storm stirred the pot by saying Aries’ win for the World Title wasn’t a fluke.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Special Guest Ref: “Cowboy” James Storm
Number One Contender for the Tag Title Match

So, it’s Dirty Heels vs Bad Influence. Aries got seriously offended that Christy Hemme announced Bad Influence, first. Kaz and Aries to open the bout. Collar and Elbow into an Arm Wringer by Kaz. Aries reversed the move but Kaz with a Heel Trip. Aries with a Hammerlock into a Heel Trip and Full Ride. Collar and Elbow and the two ended up in the corner. Storm forced the break. Aries missed with a Cheap Shot, as did Kaz. Double Eye Rake. Both men were blinded and tagged themselves out. They had to come back in and make official tags.

Roode and Daniels shook hands and both kicked each other. RVD Roll by Daniels bur Roode with a Shoulder Block. Daniels with his own Shoulder Block. Punch by Daniels. Clothesline by Roode. Running Kitchen Sink into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Roode punched away but Daniels battled back. Funk Neckbreaker by Roode. Snap Mare by Roode. Tag out. Roode with the Perfect Neck Snap. Elbow Strike, off the ropes, by Aries. Aries got in Storm’s face. Aries with hard punches. Palm Strike by Aries. Aries choked Daniels over the middle rope. Roode tossed Daniels to the outside. . Aries went up top and hit an Ax Bomber to the ramp. Aries threw Daniels back in. Daniels grabbed the ropes to counter the count. Kaz Kneed Roode in the back. Roode blasted Kaz. Daniels sent Roode to the outside. Kaz with an Ax Handle, on the floor. Kaz threw Roode back into the ring.

Kaz tried for a pin but only got a two. Kaz choked Roode with the boot. Daniels with a choke behind the ref’s back. Double Team Legdrop by Kaz as Storm was distracted. Storm seemed to pull his groin on the slide for the count. Kaz whipped Roode into Daniels’ Elbow. Roode whipped Bad Influence into each other. Running Dropkick, by Aries, into Kaz. Roaring Elbow by Aries to Daniels. Daniels reversed the Brainbuster. Aries sent Daniels to the outside. Wicked Full Tilt Suicide Dive by Aries. Aries went to the top and did the Chavo Shimmy into the Frog Splash. Kaz made the save. Aries with an Uppercut on Kaz. Evil-looking Double Team bomb. . Kaz missed the Face to Black. Spinebuster by Roode. STO by Daniels. Aries with the Knee Breaker into a Back Drop Suplex. Aries blocked the Angel’s Wings. Roll Up by Daniels but Storm wouldn’t count because Daniels had the tights. Daniels argued with Daniels. Aries spat beer in Daniels’ face. Storm took the bottle and downed it. Aries pushed Storm. Storm went for the Last Call Superkick but hit Daniels, instead. Storm refused to count the three. Storm with the Last Call Superkick to Aries. Storm stepped out of the ring and walked off. What the heck?.

Your Winner: No Contest, I guess
Impact Ranking: 3.0

In the hallway, Magnus got mugged by Aces and Eights. Guess he won’t be in the main event match. Magnus tried to fight back but the numbers were just too much for the Brit. DOC took out Magnus with a huge box. They then ran a cart full of metal into Magnus’ head. Magnus twitched in agony.

A promo video for Suicide ran. He’s coming back, soon.

Chris Sabin talked about fighting to come back. Impact saw his new finished, Sabin the Best for Last. Sabin was determined to be a champion, again.

Kenny King danced his way to the ring. He brandished his X-Division title belt. King demanded the microphone. He called himself the “Pretty Boy Pitbull”. Whatever. King said he has been fantastic, spectacular and X-Ceptional. King said now he has to fight two men, not just one. King said it wasn’t about him, tonight. King was honored to introduced Chris Sabin.

Sabin came out in street clothes. Next week, Sabin will face King and Petey Williams for the X-Title. King asked Sabin to share his story with the fans. Sabin took the stick and said it was simple. Sabin said he spent the last two years in physical rehab and in his basement. Sabin said he was filled with spirit and has nothing left to lose. Sabin said he would fight each match as if it were his last day on Earth. Sabin was determined to take the X-Title, next week. King said Sabin was a champ in his eyes. King asked Sabin to hold the X-Title belt. King said holding that belt was the closest that Sabin would get to holding the title. King tried to snatch the belt back and said he was going to rain golden showers on Sabin’s parade. Sabin cracked King with he strap and sent him out of the ring. That match is going to be incredible.

In the back, James Storm was found laid out. A steel chair was next to him. Who did the damage?

Next week, four former Gut Check winners will battle to earn a spot in this year’s Bound For Glory Series.

TNA looked back at the various events leading up to the main event. Sting was attacked, A.J. Styles walked off and Magnus was taken out, as was James Storm. Who would take the third spot in Sting’s Army?

Bully Ray said not everyone was happy with how D’Lo was treated. Ray said it was time to weed out the weak. Ray said it was time to take care of business. Knox asked Ray if he had something for D’Lo to do. Ray wanted cold beer and washed bikes.

Kurt and Sting knew they were out of time. Hulk was on the phone with someone. Hulk told the person if he would be able to go.

Bully Ray, Devon and Anderson vs Kurt Angle, Sting and ?
Six Man Tag Team Match

It looked like it was going to be a 3-on-2 battle. Sting was still weakened by the 3D, from earlier in the night. The ref called for the bell and Kurt started against Devon. Bully threw his chain to Taz. Kurt and Devon traded fists. Devon took the advantage and just bashed Kurt. Kurt came back with a Belly to Belly Throw. Uppercut by Devon. Ray took the tag and clubbed Kurt. Kurt with a Deep Arm Drag. Ray missed an Open Hand Slap and Kurt took the arm. Kurt pointed to Sting and made the tag. Ray backed off and tagged to Anderson. Anderson waned a Test of Strength and kicked Sting, instead. Anderson fell to an Inverted Atomic Drop and Dropkick. Sing popped the other Aces and Eights guys. Tag to Kurt. Kurt kicked the knee and chest of Anderson.

Kurt with a Hammer Throw into a pin attempt. 2 count. Anderson tagged out to Devon. Devon cracked the ribs of Kurt and whipped him into a Bully Ray Clothesline. Straight Punch by Devon. Double Team, in the corner. 2 count off the Snap Mare. Kurt started throwing punches to send Devon into the corner. Devon went to the eyes. Tag to Ray as Anderson cackled. Corner Splashes by Ray. Anderson choked Angle as the ref forced Sting out of the ring. Kurt started to fight back until getting taken out with an Inverted 3D. Sting was kicked off the apron. A camera, in the back, showed several Aces and Eights members laid out. Taz and Tenay wanted to know who did this. It would have to wait until after the break. I have my thoughts but we shall see…

Kurt was down and Ray was stunned. Ray picked up Kurt and hit a Dropkick. Ray threw a Dropkick? Wow! Tag to Anderson. Anderson stomped and punched away. Running Back Elbow by Anderson. Tag to Devon. Devon with a short jab and Funk Neckbreaker. 1-2-no. Devon twisted Kurt’s neck. Kurt worked up to his feet and Elbowed free. Amazing Grace Spinning Elbow by Devon. Scoop Slam by Devon into the Legdrop. Devon mocked Hulk Hogan after hitting Hulk’s favorite move. Tag to Ray.

Ray pounded on Kurt’s neck. Another Funk Neckbreaker. Open Hand Slap to Kurt’s chest. Kurt with the AngleSlam! Kurt crawled towards the corner. Sting got the tag. Sting went after Anderson and then Devon. Clothesline by Sting into the Stinger Splash. Scorpion Death Drop. Anderson made the save. Sting sent Anderson out to the floor. Stinger Splash into a Bulldog. Ray made the save. Sting got in Ray’s face/ The two traded hard fists. Sting with the Double Hell Trip into the Scorpion DeathLock. Anderson blasted Sting and connected with the Mic Check. Anderson took out Anderson. Anderson rammed Kurt into the ring steps. Devon fot himself a table. Team 3D set the table in place and prepped for the 3D. Suddenly….ABYSS came out! Abyss dropped Anderson and then destroyed Devon and Ray. Corner Splashes on Ray and Devon. Chokeslam to send Anderson through the table. Black Hole Slam to Devon.

Your Winners: Sting, Kurt Angle and ABYSS!
Impact Ranking: 4.0



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