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Kurt Angle issued an open challenge to any member of Aces and Eights. Plus, Hulk Hogan decided to set the Number One Contender who will face Bully Ray at Slammiversary.

The show began with a look at the carnage created by Aces and Eights. Aces and Eights victimized everyone in sight. Bully Ray wanted to fight Hulk Hogan. Matt Morgan said he would help Hogan, for a price. Hulk was having no part of it. Hogan looked to get mauled by Aces and Eights, until; Sting returned to kick butt. Hulk looked so confused.

TNA was still in Indiana, PA, this week. Hulk Hogan came out to talk to the crowd. Hulk was still limping from his recent knee surgery. Taz was about to blow chunks as he listened to Todd and Tenay praise the Hulkster. Hulk wanted to know where Sting’s head was at, so he asked Stinger to come to the ring. Sting got a huge pop as he entered the arena. Hulk said last week’s show ended on a negative note. Hulk admitted that he was wrong with how he treated Sting. Hulk apologized to Sting for pushing him away. Hulk offered his hand, which Sting accepted. Hulk said he and Sting should have been working together but Hulk made a huge mistake there, as well. Sting said it was all water under the bridge. Sting wanted a Six Man, next week. Hulk ok’d the creation of Sting’s Army. Hulk wanted to find out who would get Bully Ray, at Slammiversary…

Matt Morgan interrupted the discussion. Morgan said Hulk was about to just hand Sting another Title Shot. Hulk told Morgan that he had a bad habit of shooting off his mouth. Hulk said there would be no more Hand Outs. Hulk said the man would not be given to Sting or Morgan. It would be whichever of those two men would win the night’s main event…Sting vs Matt Morgan.

A profile of Chris Sabin’s knee injury, from almost a year ago. Sabin had to go through so much to get back in the ring. The doctors told Sabin to stop after two ACL tears. Sabin said he refused to give up. He was still determined to be the best.

Kurt Angle said he knew it would come to this, his challenge. Kurt said Aces and Eights would never stop him.

Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt vs Chris Sabin

Welcome Back, Chris! Sabin got an incredible pop from the crowd. Ion pushed Sbain and then got Ping Ponged before being sent to the floor. Universal into a Running Hurancanrana and Japanese Arm Drag by Dutt. Sunset Flip by Sabin into an Enziguri to Dutt. Ion with a Sunset Flip as Sabin hit a German Suplexx to Dutt. That was cool looking. Ion dropped his weight on Sabin’s neck. Ion dropped Dutt over the top rope. Suicide will be returning soon. Knife Edge Chops by Sabin but Ion pulled Sabin down by the head. Ion with a wicked Backslide combo move that pinned both Sabin and Dutt, but only for two. Sabin put Ion in the Rocking Chair and Dutt with a Slider Dropkick to the side of the head of Ion.

Dutt with a Cravat but Sabin got free. Revolution DDT by Dutt. Running Shooting Star Press by Dutt. Ion planted Dutt for two. I hate that stupid Ref Cam. Dutt flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex. Standing Switch. Superkick by Dutt . Sabin with a Thrust Kick. Sabin with a Clothesline. Sabin with a wicked Powerbomb and Death Valley Driver to Dutt. Sabin put Dutt in the Sullivan Tree of Woe and then flipped ion into Dutt. Sabin took out Ion with a modified Michinoku Driver. I’d call that one…”Sabin the Best for Last”. (Tip of my baseball cap to the late Chick Nettles, punmaster extraordinaire).

Your Winner: Chris Sabin
Impact Ranking: 4.25

Jessie and Robbie E were doing their best to come up with a plan to take out Rob Terry. Jessie wanted to utilize “The King of Sleaze”, Joey Ryan to put Rob Terry into a 3-on-1 Handicap Match.

Bully Ray was looking for someone to take on Kurt Angle. Ray wondered if there was a problem. Ray said Sting and Hogna mocked Aces and Eights. Ray wasn’t worried about Sting or Morgan. Ray said it was time to take Kurt out, period. The various members jockeyed for position to take out Kurt. D’Lo Brown stood up and said he was the reason Brisco and Bischoff were able to beat Kurt, in the past. D’Lo said he was going to show everyone that he could get he job done. D’Lo “Swore his Colors” that he would finish off Kurt Angle, later tonight.

Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and Joey Ryan vs “The Beast” Rob Terry
3-on-1 Handicap Match

Terry stormed down to the ring. He was ready to eat his three opponents, alive. Joey got picked to start. Joey wasn’t happy about it. Kneelift by Terry into a clubbing blow to the back. Running Back Elbow by Terry. Huge Back Body Drop by Terry. The trio tried some shenanigans but it just ticked off Terry. Joey attacked the leg but he shrugged it off, somewhat. Quick tags allowed all three to punish Terry. Robbie with a Sleeper but Terry forced himself up to his feet. Terry Bak Slammed Robbie into the corner. Shoulder Thrusts by Robbie. Tag to Joey. The three men argued as Terry psyched himself up. World’s Strongest Slam by Terry. Terry just exploded on all three victims…err…opponents. Double Back Drop Suplex to Jessie and Robbie. Beat Bomb to Joey Ryan.

Your Winner: Rob Terry
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries came out to discuss next week’s Number One Contender Tag Team Match between them and Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian). Roode accused Kaz and Daniels of playing mind games, last week. The Fourtune thing did get inside his head, a little. Roode said it was all a ploy to throw Roode and Aries off their game. Roode blamed B-I for their loss.

Aries then took the stick and said he never believed Kaz and Daniels. Aries said Roode and Aries barely liked each other but they did have a common goal…World Domination. Aries said Daniels and Kaz never were and never would be World Champions. That brought out Bad Influence. Daniels admitted that it was all about the World Tag Team Titles. Daniels said the fans just couldn’t get excited about Roode and Aries. Daniels accused Roode and Aries of being a pale imitation of them. The two teams bickered until Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. arrived. They said they had a special surprise for the two teams…a special Guest Ref. All four figured it would be either Chavo or Hernandez. Nope. Chavo brought out the real guest ref…”Cowboy” James Storm.

Sting wanted to chat with Kurt Angle, for a minute. Sting shut the training room door and the camera could see them talking, through the glass, but couldn’t hear what the discussion was all about. Break time.

Gail Kim and Tara complained about Mickie James and Taryn. Gail was determined to get the win for her team.

Chris Sabin talked about his nerves, going into the match. Sabin said there was real energy, out there.

D’Lo Brown vs Kurt Angle
“I Quit” Match

D’Lo took the microphone and said he needed to humiliate Kurt in an “I Quit” match. D’Lo started pounding away but Kurt quickly went after D’Lo’s ankle. D’Lo refused to quit. Aces and Eights came out but only Anderson cross the barrier. D’Lo took advantage of the distraction and beat on Angle. Kurt came back with a Suplex. D’Lo slid out of the ring and pulled Kurt to the outside. D’Lo tried to crack Kurt with a hammer, but missed. D’Lo focused on Kurt’s left arm.

Back in the ring, D’Lo with a Snap Mare. He then stomped on Kurt’s arm. D’Lo with a Leg Drop to the outstretched arm. Arm Twist by D’Lo. The crowd began to chant for the Olympic Hero. Leg Lariat by D’Lo. Cross Armbreaker by D’Lo. Kurt refused to submit. Kurt turned into an AngleLock. D’Lo kicked Kurt away. Knuckle Lock into the Shinu Numaki. Kurt faded but wouldn’t quit. Kurt spin under to escape and then hit the Hat Trick German Suplexes. Kurt just kept going with the German Suplexes. After five Germans, D’Lo was asked if he wanted to quit “Kiss my *ss!” Kurt nailed a sixth German and cinched in the AngleLock. Running Samoan Drop by D’Lo.

D’Lo went for the Sky High Powerbomb but Kurt rolled down the back and locked in the AngleLock. D’Lo couldn’t roll out and Kurt Grapevined the leg. D’Lo screamed “I Quit! I Quit!”

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Ranking: 3.0

After the match, Christy Hemme interviewed Kurt. He said the match was just another battle against Aces and Eights. Kurt was more interested in talking with A.J. Styles. Kurt called out Styles, as Impact took a quick break.

After several requests to get to the ring, A.J. Styles finally walked out. Styles definitely has a Southern Raven look, these days. Kurt said Styles didn’t have the same look in his eyes. Kurt said Western Pennsylvania was his home and Styles wouldn’t get very far if he decided to attack. Kurt said Styles was the reason that Kurt decided to come to TNA, years ago. Kurt respected the dark side that Styles was walking through. Kurt wanted Styles to join him and Sting. If Styles chose Aces and Eights, there would be problems. Kurt gave Styles until next week to decide where he (Styles) stood.

TNA flashed back to the earlier segment where Hulk Hogan made the match of Sting vs Matt Morgan. The winner will get Bully Ray, at Slammiversary.

Matt Morgan was frustrated that he waited all this time and now he had to go through Sting to get his shot at the World title. Morgan was determined to go through Sting and Bully Ray to become the World Champ.

Gail Kim and Tara vs Taryn Terrell and Mickie James

ODB was the ref, again. Taryn went nuts on both of her opponents. Meeting of the Minds for the heels. Double Baseball Slide Dropkick by Taryn. Taryn threw Gail back in the ring and whipped her to the corner. Corner Clothesline nad blind tag to Mickie. Mickie with a Basement Dropkick to Gail. Rolling Cross Armbreaker by Mickie. Gail reached the ropes to force the break. Mickie has a new musical album coming on. Gail with hard Forearm shots. Whip by Gail but Mickie slid under and nailed the Enziguri. 2 count.

Shoulder Thrusts in the corner, by Gail. Back Elbow by Mickie. Gail blocked the Hurancanrana. Gail kicked Mickie off the apron. Tara threw Mickie back in. Short Arm Clothesline by Gail. Tag to Tara. The two heels stomped the mid-section of Mickie. Flying Hangman’s Clutch by Tara. Tara slammed Mickie’s face into the canvas. Tara smacked Taryn, which allowed for a double team. . Bridging Indian Death Lock, by Tara. Taryn made the save. Tara pulled Mickie to the enemy corner and tagged out. Gail tried for a pin but only got two. Knee Strike by Gail. Mickie with the Hurandanrana. Double Crossbody Blocks. ODB started the count.

Tara and Taryn with tags. Taryn exploded with shots and a Suplex. Taryn went to the top rope. Flying Crossbody but Gail made the save. Mickie took out Gail. Tara blasted Mickie. Taryn rolled up Tara for the win.

Your Winners: Taryn Terrell and Mickie James
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Gail attacked Taryn, after the match. Mickie and Tara fought on the ramp. Gail caught Taryn with Eat Da Feet and then slammed Taryn’s head into the mat. Gail threw Taryn into the corner. Gail then applied a Figure Four…on the post! ODB broke the hold and ordered Kim to the back.

TNA showed D’Lo’s surrender, from earlier. Bully Ray was livid about the loss. Anderson stirred the pot by saying D’Lo pushed Bischoff and Brisco out of the way. Bully Ray said he, Devona nd Anderson would face Angle, Sting and a mystery partner.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries reminded everyone that neither Kaz nor Daniels had held the World title. Bobby said no one can hold a candle to Aries and Roode.

“Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs “The Icon” Sting
NumberOne Contender’s Match

Morgan came out in Hulk’s gold and purple robe. Sting was wearing silly string pink and black tights. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Knee Strike and hard Punches by Morgan. Headbutts by Morgan. Morgan then choked Stign with his boot. Sting kicked away but Morgan with the Kneelift. Whip by Morgan.

Morgan with another series of striking blows and Headbutts. Sting with wicked Haymakers. Chokeslam by Morgan. 1-2-no. Impact took a quick break.

The two men were fighting on the floor. Morgan ran Sting into the barrier. Sting kicked back and ran Morgan into the steel steps. Kneelifts by Morgan. Morgan pitched Sting back into the ring. Morgan choked Sting by stepping on the throat. Morgan with the Undertaker Apron Leg Drop. Morgan missed a second Leg Drop. Sting ran Morgan into two different sections of guard rail. Sting slammed Morgan into the steps and took Matt back into the ring. Morgan reversed a Whip into the Side Slam. 2 count. Morgan with the blatant choke. Morgan dropped his weight on Sting’s back, twice. Morgan mocked the Hulk Hogan Ear Cup. Taz told Morgan to stay focused.

Short Arm Clothesline by Morgan, which seemed to fire up Sting. Morgan stopped that with a Scoop Slam. Sting avoided the Elbow Drop. Morgan missed a Corner Splash. Clotheslines by Stng into the Stinger Splash. Sting No Sold a Morgan attack. Corner Clothesline but Morgan with eh Carbon Footprint! 1-2-Kick Out! Morgan jammed the knee on a second Carbon Footprint attempt. Scropion Death Lock by Sting. Morgan screamed but would not submit. Sting cranked on the legs to up the pressure. Morgan crawled towards the roeps. Why he didn’t just turn, I’ll never know. Morgan reached the ropes to force the break. Sting went right back after the Scorpion Death Lock. Morgan tried to crawl to the ropes, again, but Sting sat down on Morgan’s lower body. Morgan almost seemed to have passed out. The ref checked the arm and called for the bell. Morgan had passed out from the pain.

Your Winner: Sting
Impact Ranking: 2.75

Aces and Eights came to ringside. Bully Ray got on the apron and talked trash. I have to think Morgan will be the third man in Sting’s Army.

Fade Out

–Jay Shannon

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