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Our tireless 2013 tour of the United States brings the stars of CHIKARA south in the month of May! Hot off a record-shattering weekend at WrestleCon, we’ve got Georgia on our mind! On, Saturday March 4th, we go where no CHIKARA event has been before, the Greater Atlanta Area for “The Ghost of You Clings…”! All your favorite stars will be there, fresh off the madness from WrestleCon. Remember – at all CHIKARA events, children 12 & under get in free with a paying adult, so get your tickets today!

For The Grand Championship
1) Ready To Challenge The Champ!
-One night prior to “The Ghost of You Clings…” both CHIKARA‘s Grand Champion and Young Lions Cup Champion will be in action, defending their titles. In Porterdale, GA, the current Young Lions Cup Champion, “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, will get his first chance at the top prize in CHIKARA. Angelosetti will face the winner of Eddie Kingston and Green Ant, and a shot at being the first wrestler in CHIKARA history to be crowned both the Young Lions Cup Champion and The Grand Champion at the same time! Will Angelosetti be able to make history in Georgia?

3.0 vs The Batiri
2) Championship Title Bout: Best of Three Falls!
-The Batiri (Obariyon Kodama) survived a four-way elimination match to earn their third point and a guaranteed shot at the prestigious Campeonatos de Parejas. The devious duo has wasted no time at cashing in their title opportunity and they will be waiting for the current Campeones 3.0 (Scott “Jagged” Parker Shane Matthews) at “The Ghost of You Clings…” 3.0 survived their first title defense, and look to prolong their stay in the promised land by topping the demons in a best 2-out-of-3 falls championship encounter.

Envoy vs Xtreme
3) A Score to be Settled!
-Since debuting in CHIKARA over one month ago, The Colony: Xtreme Force [TM] (Arctic Rescue AntOrbit Adventure Ant, and Missile Assault Ant) have made few friends. The Colony: Xtreme Force [TM] has made one enemy, however, in the leader of The Spectral Envoy, UltraMantis Black. The Great & Devious One took exception to Xtreme Force’s unmasking of Frightmare to obtain victory at WrestleCon. At “The Ghost of You Clings” UltraMantis Black and Frightmare will join with Hallowicked to enact justice and revenge upon the new ants in town.

4) Singles Action!
-Tim Donst has spent all of Season 12 miserable. After failing to capture the Grand Championship at the end of Season 11, Donst has been without victory. Wrestling’s self-proclaimed “martyr” has been volatile all season, attacking ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker after WrestleCon and on an episode of CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go. How will Donst react if he suffers an upset loss at the hands of our “intergalactic luchadora“ Saturyne?

5) Points In Play!
-Former allies have been fractured and the result will be seen as Jigsaw and The Shard face-off against the team of Fire Ant and assailANT. Both of these tag teams will be competing to gain valuable points towardCHIKARA‘s prestigious Campeonatos de Parejas, and a victory will put one team a step closer to tag glory.

First Meeting
6) Seeking Revenge for WrestleCon!
-Amasis longed for revenge against his former partner, Ophidian, but the Funky Pharaoh would be denied the revenge he sought at WrestleConKobald and other members of The Batiri attacked Amasis and left him laying in the ring. The attack only strengthened Amasis’ hate for Ophidian, and in Porterdale, it is The Demonic Goblin, Kobald, that will be the first to feel the wrath that has been building up inside the “Madjai of the Deities.”

Akuma vs Sugar
7) First Time Ever!
-In Secaucus, NJ, we saw early signs of F.I.S.T. unraveling at the seams. Now, in Porterdale, a former member of F.I.S.T., Gran Akuma, will take on a current member of F.I.S.T., Sugar Dunkerton. Will this match-up tearCHIKARA‘s most dangerous group apart at the seams? Can Sugar score a victory for his F.I.S.T. teammates by toppling one of its founding members?

CHIKARA: The Ghost of You Clings…”
Saturday, May 4th
Live at The Main Event
2001 Main Street in Porterdale, GA NC
Tickets on Sale Right Now!
Doors = 6:30 pm Belltime = 7:00 pm

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