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Jon “Toes” Jones. Seriously, that was gross.

For those of you who missed it, Jon Jones suffered a disgusting toe injury during his dominant UFC Light Heavyweight Title defense over Chael Sonnen. At some point in the bout, Jones managed an apparent compound fracture to the big toe on his left foot. After stopping Chael Sonnen, Jones also performed cartwheels in celebration.

This followed a completely one-sided victory for Jones, who beat Chael Sonnen at his own game of wrestling and ground and pound. Jones landed three easy take downs, in which Chael Sonnen called ‘some of the fastest’ he’s ever seen. Jones finished the fight against the cage with knees, elbows and punches to Sonnen.

Not many gave much of a chance to the former Middleweight contender, Sonnen. Oddly enough, Sonnen was about 30 seconds shy of winning the UFC Light Heavyweight title on a technicality. Had the fight lasted until the end of the first round, a doctor would have likely called for the end of the bout, awarding the fight to Sonnen via an injury TKO. Fortunately for all involved, that didn’t happen.

Jon Jones is likely to face at least a couple of months on the shelf due to the injury, but has already made his intentions clear. In an interview last week, Jones clarified he’d like to face promising Swedish Light Heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson. Jones, citing that his critics often attribute to his success to his unique frame, said he would like to fight a competitor who matched up in that department. Lyoto Machida is currently pegged as the number one-contender, but was defeated soundly by Jones less than 16 months ago.

With his victory at UFC 159, Jon Jones tied Tito Ortiz’s long standing record of five consecutive successful defenses of the title. Since Ortiz, eight men couldn’t match the record after becoming champion, and the five-title defense achievement has been associated with MMA greatness. Jones has also stated that he is eyeing the prospect of eclipsing that record, and subsequently entertaining the idea of heavyweight and superfights in the UFC.

It’s very safe to say at this point that at the very least, Jon Jones is the greatest light heavyweight in UFC history. A little less safe, but still likely to say he’s the best light heavyweight in MMA history. While it doesn’t seem like it’s been a 5 year UFC journey for Jones, it has been. In another year, we could very well be speaking his name as in relation to being the greatest, most dominant mixed martial artist of all time.

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