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Hulk Hogan was ready to go up against his “son-in-law”, Bully Ray. Plus, a dramatic return will definitely put a new spin on everything.

The show opened up with the Bully Ray/Aces and Eights situation. Hulk blamed Sting and ordered him to leave. Hulk wanted to know where A.J. Styles’ loyalty was. He didn’t get any answers. Bully Ray directly blamed Hulk Hogan for everything.

Aces and Eights were stopped at the door by three security guards. Bully threatened the guys, who backed down. The crowd in Indiana was loud and proud.

“Cowboy” James Storm strolled out in street clothes. Storm was limping, slightly. A.J. Styles’ new finisher now has a name, the Calf Killer. Storm praised A.J. Styles for bringing the fight, last week. Styles was up in the crowd. Storm told A.J. that the new finisher “Hurt like Hell!”. Storm was ready to fight someone from “Aces and Idiots”. Storm called out Aces and Eights. He was ready to take “1 or 2 of you Dumb *sses” out. Bad Influence, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, strolled out. Bad Influence was attacked, by Aces and Eights, last week. Daniels brought up Fourtune. Kaz told Styles that they forgave Styles for his attack on them. Kaz wanted to reform Fourtune, tonight. Storm wanted Kaz to Shut Up, not Throw Up. Kaz told Storm (“Jim) that Storm was irrelevant. Bad Influence attacked Storm and then left the ring. A Low Blow had Storm laid out.

Of course, Aces and Eights then decided to show up for a fight. Anderson lifted Storm and Bischoff and Brisco brought in a table. Joseph Park rushed down and took out several members of Aces and Eights. Park got jumped by the entire gang. DOC and Knox started to nail the Double Chokslam but Bully Ray called them off. Devon and Ray with the 3D to put Park through the table. Impact took a break.

As the show returned, Joseph Park was being carted out on a stretcher. Bully Ray said he wasn’t “screwing around”. Ray wondered if everyone knew who they are. Ray said they were responsible for all the carnage. Ray said there were no heroes left in TNA. Ray ran down all the people that Aces and Eights had taken out. The crowd broke loose with a “Ho-Gan” chant. Ray said it was Hulk that would be the next victim of Aces and Eights. Ray gave Hulk until the end of the show to answer his challenge.

Todd, Tenay and Taz discussed the situation. Tenay said Hulk left the arena, about an hour before the show started. Taz was certain that Hulk ran and hid from Aces and Eights.

A profile of Mickie James aired. She will get a shot at Velvet Sky’s Knockout Title, later in the night.

Hulk Hogan returned to the Impact Zone. Hulk was asked why he took off. Hogan told the camera crew to “let it go”.

Taryn Terrell vs Tara

Tara came out without Jessie. Taryn slapped Tara in return to a Tara slap. Forearms by Taryn into a Corner Splash. Spinning Neckbreaker into a Hair Mare. Taryn attacked in the corner. Tara dropped Taryn over the top rope. ODB was the ref. Tara screamed at the TNA Rookie. Hair Biel by Tara. Tara used a Slingshot to send Taryn into the corner. Tara with the Face Slam to the canvas, over and over. Indian Death Lock with a Bridge by Tara. Ouch!

Tara couldn’t get the pin, even though she tried several pinning options. Tara with a Whip. Kick by Taryn. Flying Choke into a Powerbomb by Tara. Taryn started to fight back but it didn’t last long. Tara got another series of 2 counts. Tara with the Slingshot to send Taryn up into the bottom rope. Tara kept trying to get covers but never past a two. Scoop Slam by Tara. Slingshot Senton Legdrop, by Tara, failed. Taryn exploded on Tara. Snap Suplex by Taryn. She then went up the ropes. She missed the Flying Crossbody, off the top. Tara screamed at “The Princess” (my pitbull just perked up). Spider’s Web Slam by Tara. Standing Moonsault was countered into a School Girl. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Robbie E was on his phone. Robbie talked with Jessie. Robbie asked Jessie to take care of Rob Terry to become one of the greatest “Bros” of all time. Robbie said he would be in Jessie’s corner but Jessie didn’t want or need his help.

Jessie Godderz vs “Beast” Rob Terry

Robbie E came out to introduce Jessie Goddard. Jessie showed off his muscles and then got Clotheslined out of his boots. Goozle by Rob after Robbie tried to distract. Throat Biel by Rob. Jessie attacked the legs and then nailed the head and neck. Rob stopped a Corner head Slam. Rob went for a Splash. Jessie dodged it and hit a good Dropkick. Crossfaces by Jessie. Rob kept pushing Jessie off him. Rob caught Jessie and nailed the Bulldog Bounce. Robbie pulled the ref to stop the three count. Rob went out to get in Robbie’s face. Jessie went for the Pearl Harbor but got Lawn Darted into Robbie. Rob with a Press Throw to put Jessie back into the ring. Beast Bomb by Rob Terry to take the win.

Your Winner: Rob Terry
Impact Ranking: 1.75

Kazarian and Daniels came in to talk with Bobby Roode. They tried to recruit Bobby to rejoin Fourtune. Bobby asked about Austin Aries. Kaz and Daniels were ready to throw Aries under the bus. Aries grinned from a hiding spot. Hmm…

The announcers looked at the destruction of Jeff Hardy, 2 weeks ago.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Bobby Roode and Austin Aries
TNA World Tag Team Title Match

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries chatted, just before the match. Aries questioned Bobby about putting Fourtune back together. Aries knew that they weren’t best friends but he reminded Bobby that Fourtune fell apart. Aries said he was determined to get the tag belts back. He warned Bobby that if he screwed Aries, he was really screwing himself. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian joined Todd and Taz at the announce table.

After some banter at the announce table, the four men got down to business. Chavo and Aries to open it up. Collar and Elbow into an Arm Wringer, by Aries. Go Behind into a Snap Mare by Chavo. The crowd were solidly behind the champs. Aries rolled around and then over Chavo’s back. Aries bragged and took a Dropkick and European Uppercut. Chavo with wild punches and a Hammer Throw. Back Drop Suplex by Chavo. Aries reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Aries blocked a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. Tag to Bobby. Chavo with a Hip Toss and tag to Hernandez. Hernandez Slammed Chavo onto Bobby. Splash by Hernandez. Hernadez reversed a Suplex into a Stall Suplex.

Aries rushed in and got Gorilla Press Dropped. Hernandez went to the outside and then rushed in for Air Mexico. Hernandez missed and Bobby almost got the pin. Bobby rammed Hernandez into the corner and punched and kicked away. Bobby asked for a tag and Aries was a bit hesitant. He did come in with a Springboard Senton. Bell Ringer by Aries. Tag to Bobby. Aries held Hernandez so Bobby could punch away. Hernandez punched out of the corner. Running Kneelift off the ropes. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Bobby. Aries came over the top rope and kicked Hernandez in the chest.

Chavo was sent to the floor. Double Team on the champs backfired. Chavo went for the Three Amigos but only got one Suplex. Bobby took over until he got planted with the Jumping DDT. Hernandez with the tag. Aries was sent to the outside. Kaz and Daniels with the sneak attack. Bobby with the Spinebuster. Hernandez kicked Bobby into the ropes. Aries tumbled off the ropes. Daniels went to interfere but he accidentally struck Bobby. Tag to Chavo. Frog Splash!

Your Winners: Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez
Impact Ranking: 3.0

After running down a few updates for future shows, it was time to head to Hogan’s Beach (his new restaurant in Tampa).

A major profile of Bully Ray using Sting to get “inside”. Hogan went off on Sting, after Bully Ray, revealed his master plan. Matt Morgan stirred the pot to seriously tick off Hulk. Hulk finally snapped and ordered Sting to get the Hell out of his ring.

Matt Morgan walked down to the ring and asked for the microphone. Matt was there with a solution for TNA. Morgan brought up Hulk Hogan’s mistakes. Morgan pulled no punches in his criticism. Morgan said TNA was imploding around Hulk. Morgan then talked about the loss of both Sting and Jeff Hardy. Morgan said he had “the ultimate solution” to all of Hogan’s problem. He invited Hulk to join him in the ring.

After a slight pause, the General Manager of Impact strolled from the back. Morgan told Hogan that he had no more soldiers for this war. Morgan warned Hogan that Aces and Eights would devour Hulk. Matt wanted to step up and battle Aces and Eights. Morgan was certain he could eliminate Aces and Eights. Morgan wanted to Carbon Footprint Bully Ray’s head into the fifth row…for a small price. Morgan said he would take care of business if he got to battle Bully Ray for the World Title at Slammiversary. The crowd liked the idea.

Hulk acknowledged that a lot of what Morgan said was true. Hulk knew Morgan could likely get the job done. Hulk said he put up with so much from Morgan, over the past few months. Hulk thought Morgan could have been the “Second Coming of ‘Mania”. Hulk said it would be a huge mistake to agree to Morgan’s demands. Hulk said he would take what needed to be taken from Bully Ray, for the company. He accused Morgan of “Whining like a little b*tch”.

The girls were on deck for another title match.

In the back, Aces and Eights cackled at the thought of destroying Joseph Park. First 3D in like 2 years. Ray said Hulk was held together, barely. Ray asked his “brothers” to stay in the back while he took care of his Father in Law.

Tenay talked about three possible X-Division Contenders. They are:
A. Rashad Cameron
B. Rockstar Spud
C. Suicide (hmmm, which one?)

Velvet Sky vs Mickie James
Knockout Title Match

Both ladies got huge pops from the crowd. Collar and Elbow into an Arm Wringer by Sky., Cartwheel into an Arm Drag by Mickie. Sky rolled under and tripped Mickie. The two locked up and Sky with the Side Headlock. Universal into a Snap Mare by Sky. Yakuza Kick and Slider Dropkick by the champ. Float Over by Sky but he knee buckled. ODB checked on Sky. Mickie went for the pin, several times. Impact took a quick break. Mickie had Velvet’s leg trapped. Mickie yanked on the bad leg of Sky. Modified STO by Mickie after breaking loose of Sky’s Spinning Toe Hold. Back Elbow by Sky.Mickie pulled on Sky’s hurt leg but Sky used the other one to kick Mickie away. Sky collapsed but came back with Knife Edge Chops. Mickie went for a Whip but Sky collapsed. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Sky. 1-2-no.

Mickie kicked the bad leg and kinda hit an Enziguri. Mickie went to the top rope and nailed the Top Rope Thesz Press. Sky kicked away and went for her finisher. Mickie turned it into a Back Body Drop. Mickie went for the MickieDT but Sky pushed out. Sky was really having trouble being on her feet. Dropkick to Sky’s knee. Mickie was getting seriously booed. ODB check on Sky to see if she could continue. Small Package by Sky to kept he title. Mickie was seriously ticked off.

Your Winner: Velvet Sky
Impact Ranking: 2.0

Ray and Devon talked about Brooke Hogan. Ray said Devon could have Brooke because he is through with her. Ray talked about how dominant Aces and Eights have become. Ray said he thought Jeff Hardy was done, thanks to him. Ray said he was about to put the final nail in Hogan’s coffin.

In Hulk Hogan’s office, he talked with Brooke. She begged her dad not to go out and fight Ray. Hulk said he had to fix this, for the family. Hulk said, despite the knee surgery, he had to do this. He wanted to prove that he was a good man. He asked her not to worry about him. Hulk handed his daughter his crucifix and began to tape up. He questioned himself about what he was about to do.

Bully Ray got into the ring. Ray was all alone for this one, per his earlier request. Ray screamed for Hogan. He then read the list of men that had become Aces and Eights’ victims Ray again demanded that Hulk come to the ring.

Hulk strolled out, ready to kick butt. Hulk got right in Ray’s face. Ray ordered Hulk’s music to be cut off. Ray asked “Dad” how his knee was doing. Ray taunted Hulk. He asked Hulk if he was ready to hit him, Boot him and Leg Drop hjm. Ray said Hulk could never fool him. Ray said he saw “pure fear” in Hulk’s eyes. Ray was certain that Hulk feared him. Ray said Ray reminded Hulk of Hulk. Ray said he was the last of a dying breed. Ray said he was of the same breed as Hogan. He asked Hogan if he knew who Bully Ray is. Ray ran down all of his accolades, including the presumption that he would end Hulkamania. Hogan said Hulkamania would never die.

Ray flipped his cap around. Taz told Ray to go after the knee. Ray spat in Hogan’s face. Hogan thought about it for a moment and turned around. Ray thought he had Bully. Hulk ripped off his shirt. Hogan Hulked UP as he showed off his cool new tattoo across his shoulders. It reads “Immortal”. Hulk went for the Triple Punches and Big Boot but Bully bailed out of the ring. The rest of Aces and Eights came to ringside. Ray told his cronies to surround Hogan. The lights went out and suddenly…STING! Sting held the bat to Hogan’s chest. Ray thought Sting had turned. It was a ploy. Sting turned around and used the bat to take out Aces and Eights. Hulk helped him. Aces and Eights scattered like cockroaches when the lights come on. Sting then pointed the bat at Hogan. Sting pulled back the bat but he tension was as thick as the London Fog. Sting then walked to the back as Hogan was totally confused.


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