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Where does A.J. Styles’ loyalties lie? He has three paths before him: Hogan’s Heroes, Aces and Eights or Bad Influence

The show opened with a #prayfor boston message. It then went into a flashback reel, first focusing on A.J. Styles. Styles will fight James Storm, this week. From there, Chavo and Hernandez regained the tag team titles. Joseph Park wants to help Brooke get an annulment but Devon warned Park to stay out of “Family Business”. Jeff Hardy fought Bully Ray in a Full Metal Mayhem (TLC) match but a hammer to the skull prevented Hardy from taking back the gold.

Todd, Taz and Tenay looked back at last week’s Full Metal Mayhem war. Hardy was taken out on a stretcher. Hulk was freaking out, after the match.

Devon talked with Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Devon wanted them to take Kurt Angle seriously. Devon wanted to know that B&B would get things done. They joked about it but agreed to get it done.

Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff vs Kurt Angle
2-on-1 Handicap Match

A video package ran of how B&B stabbed Kurt in the back.

Kurt then made his entrance. The bell sounded and Kurt got Brisco, first. Kurt clubbed the back and forehead. Kurt choked Brisco with the boot. A hard shot laid Wes out. Hammer Throw by Kurt. Kurt went over and messed with Bischoff. Kurt stomped the chest of Brisco. Snap Suplex by Kurt. Kurt pitched Wes into the corner and invited Garett into the ring.

Hip Toss by Kurt. Open Hand Slap and punches and kicks by Kurt. Irish Whip into a Back Elbow. Back Body Drop on Wes, who rushed the ring. Impact went to break.

Kurt pounded away on Bischoff. Wes with a Low Blow, while the ref was distracted. Full Mount Punches by Bischoff. Shoulder Thrusts by Bischoff. Bischoff choked Kurt on the top rope. Suplex by Garett. Tag to Wes. Double Whip to the corner. Wes whipped Bischoff into Kurt. Garett then whipped Kurt into a Brisco Clothesline. Corner Clothesline by Wes. 1-2-no. Rear Chin Lock by Brisco. Back Drop Suplex by Kurt.

Garett with the tag but Kurt exploded with numerous Suplexed. Kurt whipped Wes into Bischoff. It was Suplex City as Kurt hit Belly to Bellys and Germans. He hit a Double German Suplex, sending both Wes and Garett flying! AngleSlam to Bischoff. Kurt threw Wes into the post. AngleLock by Kurt. D’Lo pitched in a steel chain to Garett. He clocked Kurt and took the dirty win.

Your Winners: Bischoff and Brisco
Impact Ranking: 3.0

Double Team Powerbomb, after the match. Ken Anderson then took the microphone. He said this was how things were going to happen, from now on. Ken crowed about running off Sting and destroying Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. Ken said Aces and Eights were routing for A.J. Styles.

Petey Williams said he has to now scout two men to figure out who to hit with the Canadian Destroyer. Zema Ion liked that it was a Triple Threat Match. Ion said he didn’t like that he didn’t have to be pinned to lose the title. The Triple Threat X-Division Title Match was up next.

Kenny King vs Zema Ion vs Petey Williams
X-Division, Triple Threat Rules

Tenay pushed the One Night Only, all X-Division PPV that runs throughout April. Christy Hemme gets a gold star because she could pronounce Las Vegas, Nevada correctly. So many people butcher my home state name.

Ion was flipped out to the floor. Petey with a Drop Toe Hold. New X-Cam was in play. I hate that viewpoint. King with an Enziguri on Ion. King went for the Royal Flush but Petey with the Canadian Destroyer. Ion made the save. Petey blasted Ion in the face. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Petey. Flying Hurancanrana by Petey. Knife Edge Chop by Petey. Ion dropped Petey over the top rope and hit a Flying Neckbreaker. The X-Cam makes me dizzy. Ion ran Petey into the corner and hit Shoulder Thrusts. Ion with a Rolling Half Crab. King was still out on the floor. Ion stomped Petey. Ion accidentally pulled Petey to his feet. Tilt-a-Whirl Side Russian Leg Sweep. Close Quarters Powerslam by Petey. Jawbreaker, by Ion, to avoid the Destroyer. Petey with a Suicide Dive to take out King. German Suplex by Petey. Spinning Hurancanrana to the floor, by Petey!

Petey pulled on Ion’s hair. Ion snapped the neck on the ropes and hit the Springboard DDT for two. Ion with a Moonsault but Petey got the knees up. Petey with he Sharpshooter! Ion crawled towards the ropes but King made the save. King then took the win with a quick pin of Zema Ion. Ion is now out of the title picture.

Your Winner: Kenny King
Impact Ranking: 4.25

Magnus was interviewed about his title shot against Devon. Magnus said he would take the TV title from Devon.

Brooke talked with Christy about he new Knockout Website, coming next week. Brooke brought in Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher. The two will battle to be come the number one contender. Tess showed sympathy to Brooke. She told Brooke to call her, anytime, for help.

Devon vs Magnus
Television Title Match (when was the last time we had one of those?)

Magnus was attacked on the ramp by Knox and DOC. It turned into a Three-on-One beat down. Devon cracked Magnus with a chain shot to the ribs. Double Chokeslam onto the ramp put Magnus out. Samoa Joe rushed out to protect his friend and former tag team partner. Aces and Eights backed up, big time.

Your Winner: No Match
Impact Ranking: N/A

Joe screamed that Aces and Eights were a bunch of cowards. Joe said Devon would have to deal with him, in the ring.

A promotional video of the A.J. Styles situation ran.

An update about the injury to Velvet Sky’s knee. She felt like her knee was going to explode after taking a bad bump, a couple weeks back.

Miss Tessmacher vs Mickie James
Number One Contender Match

The girls were ready to go. ODB was the ref. The girls went to the corner but broke clean. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Another Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Yawn. Mickie with a Double Arm Drag. Mickie with a Back Bridge to avoid a pin. Mickie got to the ropes to break the Collar and Elbow. ODB ordered the women to fight. Tess with a quick Roll Up for two. Mickie with a kick and Shoulder Slam into the Shoulder. Cross Armbreaker by Mickie but Tess was in the ropes. The two went to the floor to fight. ODB slid out to break them apart. She told them both to get back in the ring, now! Tess punched away. Tess with a hard kick and an X-Factor. 2 count. Flying Clothesline by Tess into the Sweet Face.

Tess pulled Mickie out of the corner and got a two count. Mickie slammed Tess into two turnbuckles and hit a Flapjack. Kip Up. Mickie went to the top and the Thesz Press for two. Mickie with Full Mount Punches. Mickie argued with ODB. Double Clotheslines by the Knockouts. ODB made the count to 8. Mickie and Tess both slammed each other into the canvas. Mickie rammed Tess into the corner. Tess blocked the MickieDT but Mickie with a awkward Roll Up to become the new Number One Contender.

Your Winner: Mickie James
Impact Ranking: 1.25

Daniels and Kazarian strutted backstage. They were certain that A.J. Styles was going to be part of their team. Styles walked past them and didn’t say anything to them.

Elsewhere, Joseph Park ran into Devon and Bully Ray. Devon told Park that he warned Park to stay out of family business. Bully Ray attacked Park, from behind, and told Devon to “Cinch him up”. Devon choked Park with a chain. Ray warned Park to stay out of family business. They then threw him into the showers and turned them on. Ray and Devon laughed at Park and wondered if he was going to cry.

Mickie said it was time for her to be back in the title picture. Mickie said she felt bad about Velvet Sky’s injury but it was about time to be recognized.

James Storm was asked about having to fight A.J. Styles. Storm said the Last Call Superkick might knock some sense into Styles.

The crowning of new tag champs was reviewed. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels came to the ring. Daniels said the fans love them and they have new shirts. He joked about the Bad Influence movie. Daniels said they were “this close” to getting Styles to join them. They had a shirt specially made for Styles. Kaz took the stick and mocked the new tag champs. Kaz wanted a tag title shot. Kaz was certain they would become three time champs.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries came out to confront “Dumb and Dumber”. Roode let Bad Influence know that they were not the number one contenders to the tag belts. Aries acknowledged Bad Influence’s success. Aries taunted them Kaz made fun of Roode’s shaved head. Aries suggested that Bad Influence might have a very intimate relationship. Chavo and Hernandez came into the ring, without Roode and Aries seeing them. They turned and Chavo and Hernandez took out the former champs. Chavo held up the tag belt and said that was why they were better. Roode and Aries will get the next shot at the tag belts.

Impact revisited the Aces and Eights domination. Kenny King said the Aces and Eights guys have no respect. Gail Kim said it was disappointing to see people act like Aces and Eights have. Bobby Roode said it was a dangerous situation.

Impact looked at the assaults by Aces and eights, during the show. Matt Morgan mocked Hulk Hogan for his mountain of mistakes. Morgan ran down the various mistakes that Hulk has made. Morgan put the blame for the state of TNA solidly on Hulk Hogan.

Devon vs Samoa Joe
TV Title Match, Mark II

Devon punched away to start the match. Joe came back with punches and stomps, in the corner. Joe with a Flying Leg Lariat, off the ropes. Knedrop by Joe. Joe with a Choke but Devon flipped Joe over. Spear by Devon. Devon choked Joe on the bottom rope. Joe punched away but Devon took back the advantage. Elbow Drop into a 2 count by Devon. Rear Chin Lock by Devon.

Joe Elbowed free and then started throwing jabs. Thrust by Devon. Jumping Enziguri, in the corner, by Joe. Joe went for the Muscle Buster but Bischoff and Brisco got involved. Ken Anderson slid in the ring and blasted Joe with brass knucks. Of course, the ref didn’t see a thing.

Your Winner: Devon
Impact Ranking: 1.75

After the match, Devon held Joe and Ken blasted Joe in the face with the Brass Knucks. This is getting stupid ridiculous.

Next week, the Knockout and Tag Team titles will be on the line.

“Cowboy” James Storm vs A.J. Styles

Styles took forever getting to the ring. Taz said he was the pioneer, not Styles and Storm. Styles turned around and started to leave. Storm stopped him and took the fight to the floor. Styles blocked a Suplex and the Eye of the Storm. Storm with one Hell of a shot to the face. Styles with Shoulder Thrusts, in the corner. Elbow Smash to the skull by Styles. Harley Race High Knee by Storm. Full Mount Punches by Storm. Side Headlock by Storm. Universal into a Drop Toe Hold by Styles. Impact took a quick break.

Styles with a wicked Suplex. Rear Chin Lock by Styles. Styles punched the ribs of Styles but Styles with hard shots of his own. Styles reversed a whip but got blasted with a Flying Forearm. Back Body Drop by Storm. Storm drover Styles, face first, into the mat. Knife Edge Chop with Storm. Storm put Styles on the top rope and then clocked him. Storm went to the top and sent for the Superplex. Styles pushed Storm into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Hesitation Dropkick by Styles for two.

Daniels and Kazarian came out to rout for Styles. Back Stabber by Storm. Both men ended up on the floor due to Storm’s La Bandera Clothesline. Storm seemed to tweak his ankle. Styles rammed Storm into the ring apron and the barrier. Closing Time by Storm. Storm went for Last Call but Styles rolled through for a modified Ankle Lock. Storm tapped out.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Impact Ranking: 3.5

Daniels and Kazarian came in to help Styles celebrate. Styles took out both Daniels nad Kazrian. Aces and Eights hit the ring and attacked Storm. Styles walked away as the beat down continued. Daniels and Kazarian
Also got taken out by Aces and Eights. D’Lo with eh Sky High Sit Out Powerbomb on Storm. Bully wondered if everyone knew who he and “we” are. Ray said they were responsible for destroying all “your heroes”. Ray took credit for taking out Jeff Hardy. Ray said there were no heroes left. Ray said Hulk Hogan was to blame for all this. Ray brought up Taz’s old “Just Another Victim” catchphrase. Ray wanted Hulk Hogan to come to the ring, next week. Ray reminded that Aces and Eights “Never Walk Alone”.


–Jay Shannon

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