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Okay Commandos, the big weekend is over and it’s back to work! That’s right the bosses are cracking the whip here at KC, cranking out great editions of the all the series that have redefined the genre. We’re still counting down fun stuff, exploring wrestling’s rich history, and laughing our asses off as we have the stars answer your questions on camera.

Read on and see what’s here and what’s coming…

It’s 1989 in the WWE…

They may be harder to find nowadays, but years ago the manager was one of pro wrestling’s staples. They were there to speak for those who wouldn’t. and get wins for those that couldn’t.
But who were the sport’s true standout managers? We asked you, you voted, and now the stars of the ring are going to count down your top vote getters. You’ll hear when they agree and also when they don’t.

You guys know we’re always trying to bring you the most original, creative programming in the shoot market. Wrestling’s Most… is wrestling’s first countdown show where YOU, the fans, choose the final order by casting your votes on our website. Then we bring a bunch of stars of the ring in to count down your votes and tell you what they think of your order, and the topic itself!  It’s fast, fun, and different than anything you’ve seen in shoot programming.

Get ready to count down to Wrestling’s Most…AWESOME MANAGER!
Bill Apter, Blue Meanie, DDP, Fit Finlay, Kevin Nash, New Jack, Sandman, Sean Waltman, Stevie Richards, Tammy Sytch, Vince Russo.

Check it out here!

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