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Corpus Christi was this week’s stop on the rolling circus that is TNA. The Main Event saw Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem (TLC) Match.

The flashback segment looked at A.J. Styles. Aces and Eights wants Styles to join their radical group. Hulk Hogan asked “The Dangerous” A.J. Styles to join their side. Chavo and Hernandez are risking tagging together to face the tag champs. The Taryn vs Gail Kim battle was also highlighted. Bully Ray manipulated the Hogans and TNA to become the champion. Bully wants his wife, Brooke Hogan, at ringside to watch him survive Full Metal Mayhem.

Jeff Hardy ran into Hulk Hogan. Hogan ws certain that Jeff would regain the World title.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
2-out-of-3 Falls for the World Tag Team Championship (If Chavo and Hernandez lose, they will never tag again)

Roode and Aries attacked, on the floor. Hernandez was sent into the post and then the stairs. Roode sent Aries into a brutal Running Dropkick . Roode with the Spinebuster.

Fall One – Roode and Aries

Aries asked for the tag. He got it and went to the top rope. Aries mocked the Guerrero Shimmy and spent forever up top. He missed the Frog Splash. La Magistral Cradle to even things up.

Fall Two: Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez

Tag to Roode. Roode stomped on Chavo. Roode choked Chavo with the boot and then Aries pulled Chavo’s throat over the bottom rope. Side Slam by Roode for two. Springboard Senton by Aries. Tag to Roode. Roode ran Chavo into the corner and then Whipped him to the other side. Back Elbow by Chavo. Roode blocked the Tornado DDT but ate a Dropkick. Hernandez finally got on the apron and took the tag. Springboard Shoulder Block. Hammers by Hernandez. Roode with a Knife Edge Chop. Pounce to Roode. Gorilla Press Drop to Aries. Hernandez went to the outside and hit Air Mexico on both champs. Impact went to break.

Hernandez and Aries were on the floor after Aries flew off the top. Roode came out and threw Hernandez back in the ring. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Roode. Snap Mare and Perfect Necksnap. Aries with the tag and a Flying Elbow to the back of Hernandez’s head. Roode tagged right back in. Roode blasted Hernandez’s neck. Roode went to Hernandez’s eyes. Double Whip but Hernandez with a Flying Double Clothesline. Chavo with the tag and the Slingshot Senton. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors sent Roode to the floor. Plancha to the outside to take out both champs. Chavo wanted the Three Amigos but it was blocked. He came back and did manage to nail the move. Aries pushed Chavo off the ropes. Chavo struck the top rope. 2 count. Crippler Crossface by Roode but Hernandez made the save. Hernandez accidentally hit his own partner with a Springboard Spear. Somehow, Chavo survived a pin attempt. Aries with another Whip Dropkick. Chavo converted the Spinebuster into a DDT. Series of blocked moves. Double Suplex by Hernandez. Frog Splash and New Champions!

Your Winners (and New Tag Champs): Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez
Impact Ranking: 4.0

Joey Ryan talked with Brooke Hogan. Joey was ready to ref another match. Brooke already had a ref. Brooke flirted with Joey but it was a joke. Brooke said Joey was in a match. Joey didn’t know who “the bigger man” that he would have to face.

The cycles were rolling as Aces and Eights arrived for the show.

Joseph Park came out in a suit. Taz really got ugly with his comments towards Park. The fans didn’t want to hear him talk. Park had an issue with Bully Ray. Park said Aces and Eights would be stopped. Park said it was time for Justice to be served. Park was confident that Jeff hardy would take back the TNA World title. Park said he was very familiar with divorce law. Park drew up a writ of annulment to end the marriage of Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray.

Devon and the Aces and Eights crew came out to confront Park.. Devon snatched the paper and microphone. Devon shredded the paper and threw it up in the air. Devon said Park had a problem with him, now. He warned Park to stay out of family business. Devon took out a chain and punched Park with it.

The Taryn Terrell situation was explored. Gail warmed up in the back. She will fight Taryn, next.

Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
(Special Guest Ref: ODB)

Gail and Taz were having fits about ODB being in charge of the match. Gail started to leave but ODBG stopped her. Taryn flipped Gail into the ring and then Suplexed her. Monkey Flip by Taryn. Back Elbow by Taryn but Gail pulled her off the ropes. Stomps by Gail. Gail ran Taryn into the corner. Slaps, punches and kicks. ODB pulled her back. Taryn with shots to Gail’s ribs. Back Elbow after a missed Clothesline by Gail. Fireman’s Front Drop by Gail. Gail stood on Taryn’s back to force the throat into the ropes. Gail got in ODB’s face. Float Over by Gail into a Roll Up. ODB noticed the hand full of tights. Taryn sent Gail into the corner and Rolled Up Gail for the pin.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Ranking: 2.0

Gail and ODB got into it. ODB chased Gail to the back. Christy Hemme interviewed her. Taryn said she had waited a long time to get physical with Gail. She wondered who wanted to get physical with her?

The judges looked at last week’s Gut Check contestants, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and Magno. Magno botched several moves in the match. They argued about Pearce cheating to win. Bruce Prichard brought in both men. Bruce made the decision to let Magno move on. They eliminated Pearce? Seriously? That was just wrong.

TNA switched gears and focused on the recent issues with A.J. Styles. Hulk was asked about the pressure he feels due to Bully Ray. Hulk said he was thinking about A.J. Styles, right now. Styles was walking outside when Ken Anderson came up and offered him another “Cut”. Ken said he was looking out for Styles.

The Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray match was profiled. Jeff said he needed to “play dirty” to get it done. Jeff said he was the master of Ladders and the F.M.M match. Jeff knew he was going to get his title back.

Hulk Hogan came out for the Hour Turner segment. The crowd exploded for Hogan. Hogan thought the arena was on fire. Hulk was there to get down to business. Hulk ordered A.J. Styles to come to the ring. Styles walked out with The Cut in his hand. Hulk explained that TNA was in a war and he needed to know where Styles stood. Styles said he didn’t respond well to ultimatums. Before he could make his decision, “Cowboy” James Storm came out. Storm said he was there to let Styles know they were going to fight. Suddenly, Daniels and Kazarian strolled from the back. Kaz called Storm “Toby Keith”. Kaz said they were there to “mend fences”. Kaz said “Thunderlips” was going to try and recruit Styles. Aces and Eights were going to try and do the same thing. Daniels said both sides were going to use Styles. Daniels asked Styles to join them. Daniels brought up how Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan and the fans turned their backs on him. Daniels wanted him, Kaz and Styles vs The World. Storm got in Styles’ face. The crowd was chanting for Styles to join Hogan’s side. Styles stepped out of the ring and walked past Kaz and Daniels. Still no decision. Hulk stopped him. Hulk said Styles would fight Storm, next week.

Kurt Angle talked, backstage. Kurt said the balance of power would switch when Jeff Hardy wins the title. Kurt will fight both Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff, in a handicap match, next week.

Joey Ryan vs Rob Terry

Joey flirted with Christy Hemme. Rob has new music and video. Joey almost panicked when he saw his opponent. Joey bounced off the ropes and bot Brick Walled. Shoulder Tackle by Terry. Biel by Terry that sent Joey all the way across the ring. Open Hand Chops by Terry in three of the four corners. Hammer Throw to the corner. Scoop Slam by Terry. Corner Clothesline by Terry. Joey tried to get the boots up but Terry just held them. Bulldog Bounce Powerslam by Terry. Terry with the Beast Slam to take the lop-sided win.

Your Winner: Rob Terry
Impact Ranking: 2.0

It was Decision Time for Magno.

Brooke talked with her dad. Hulk wanted Brooke in the skybox but she felt the need to be at ringside. Hulk told his daughter to be careful. Matt Morgan came up and got in Hulk’s face. Matt was still frustrated that he was passed over. Matt turned the knife by saying it was Hulk that screwed up his daughter’s life. Matt wanred Hulk that all the mistakes would eventually come crashing down on Hulk.

So Jeremy Borash was in the ring with Danny Davis, Al Snow and Bruce Prichard. Al was the only judge to get a positive pop. JB then brought out Magno. The fans didn’t like the guy. Magno is billed from Texas.

Danny Davis: He said he would make Magno a star in OVW. He had to agree with the fans.

Vote: No

Jeremy gave Magno 30 seconds to “Kick Out”. He spoke in Spanglish. The fans were giving him a hard time until he mentioned El Paso, Texas. Magno wanted a Luchadore on TNA.

Bruce Prichard: Bruce said Magno had his career ahead of him. He also is very marketable. He did know that the lack of experience could be a problem.

Vote: No.

Magno doesn’t get the contract. Magno did show respect to the judges.

Outside, the Aces and Eights were revving up the bikes to psych up Bully Ray. Ken reminded Bully that when you ride with the Aces and Eights, you never walk alone. Ray said he wanted to be there alone to dominate Hardy. Ray asked them to promise to stay out of the match. Ray asked Ken to hold his wedding ring. Inside, Jeff Hardy walked towards his destiny.

Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray
Full Metal Mayhem Match, World Title Match

Ray hugged Taz and then got ready to battle. Brooke Hogan was in the front row to watch “her hubby” get his butt handed to him. Ray noticed Brooke and went out to stare down his bride. She kicked at him. Taz cackled at the situation.

Hardy kicked and hit a Twist Of Fate. Corner Splash into hard punches. Whip by Hardy. Hardy picked up a chair and bashed the Orld Champ with it. Hardy then went to the apron to retrieve the ladder. He placed it in the corner and whipped Ray into it. Hardy set up a chair and hit Poetry in Motion. Ray fell into the chair. Ray tipped over the ladder as Hardy was about to grab the belt. Mule Kick by Hardy. Ray wit a Back Body Drop, over the top rope. Hardy crashed onto the ramp. Ray got his chain and whipped Hardy like a red-headed step-child. Ray got back in the ring and set the ladder in place. He started up the ladder but Hardy climbed the other side. Hard punches, back and forth. Ray went to Jeff’s eyes and hit the Ultraplex off the ladder! Impact took a break.

Hardy was on top of a table, as the show continued. Hardy got off and smacked Ray with a steel chair. Jeff was limping. Ray was sitting on the top rope. Jeff punched Ray and went for a Superplex. Ray blocked it. Jeff went for a Suplex but Ray blocked that, too. Ray propped up the ladder and Suplexed Jeff into the ladder. Ray laughed at the carnage. Jeff clutched his knee. Brooke screeched at Ray. Ray dumped the busted ladder to the outside. Ray then cracked Jeff’s bad knee with a chair. Ray put a table into position. Ray with the Hogan Ear Cup. Ray went out to get a fresh ladder. Ray put the ladder in the corner and read the riot act to the ref. Ray went back and got Jeff. Jeff woke up and hit a Flying Forearm, Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drop. Chair Duel that sent Ray to the floor. Ray crawled over towards his wife and moved so Jeff crashed into the railing. Brooke checked on Jeff. Ray tried to kiss Brooke but she pulled back. She flipped him off and the censored didn’t mask it out. Ray came back and got in Brooke’s face. Ray wanted her to slap him and she did. Taz screamed for Ray to stay focused. Ray shoved Ray through a table that collapsed a little too easily. Hardy went looking for something. He went all the way to the entrance way for a new table. Jeff took to right in front of the announce table. Taz was losing his mind. Ray blasted Jeff and adjusted the table. Jeff was walking like Zombie Steven from Dawn of the Dead. Twist of Fate. Hardy put Ray on the table and hit a huge Swanton! “Holy S**T” rang out from the crowd. Both men were seriously hurting from that move. Hardy stumbled to his feet and crawled into the ring.

Jeff went to put the ladder in place. Taz cheered on the champ. Taz placed a hammer on the desk, which Taz took. Ray went up the other side of the ladder. They punched away. Hardy had his hands on the belt but Ray with the hammer to the forehead. Hardy fell off the ladder and through another table. Bully Ray took down the World title belt.

Your Winner: Bully Ray
Impact Ranking: 3.75

The rest of Aces and Eights came to the ring. He wondered if everyone knew who Aces and Eights are. He reminded everyone that Aces and Eights never walk alone. Bully Ray held up his World Title Belt. Aces and Eights stood over the destroyed Jeff Hardy.


–Jay Shannon

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