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Opinion of WrestleMania weekend and the Monday night chants from a fan who was there

I just wanted to say that I had the greatest time this weekend.  There was so much to do this weekend that it was literally impossible to do everything.  I have been to one other WrestleMania in Hartford CT many years ago for WM XI, but when I heard that they were coming again near my neck of the woods I could not resist going to WM 29 to see the production that it has turned out to be.

Besides being in a vastly larger venue, there were other things going on in the NY/NJ area with many different promotions.  I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity to see as much as I possibly could.  From Friday afternoon to Monday night I attended the Wrestlecon convention, and saw many of the promotions that worked the event including Evolve, Kaiju Big Battel, Shimmer, Chikara, 5 Dollar Wrestling, and Dragon Gate USA.  I also went to Ring of Honor on Friday night at the Manhattan Center, the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night at MSG, and of course, WrestleMania 29 on Sunday night.  In addition to all of that I was able to meet several great legends, and talented performers such as The Iron Sheik, Colt Cabana, Freight Train, Roderick Strong, and yes even Bill Apter.  I also made some new friends and met some wonderful fans from all around the world including Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Now I must say; as much of a blast that I have had this entire weekend, nothing can come close to the energy that I felt on Monday night for WWE Raw.

I see a lot of mixed reviews of people’s reactions to our chants on Monday night.  Some loved it and others felt that we disrespected the performers in the ring in an attempt to get ourselves over.  Sometimes as fans we do get a bit jaded and even a little bit bored with the product that is presented to us, but the events of Monday night reminded me of what it is to be a true wrestling fan.  A lot of people take things a little too seriously and they forget just have fun.  This is professional wrestling! With all of the craziness going on in the world today, people and countries attacking one another; Monday night was such a beautiful night to see everyone from all around the world coming together to just have fun, enjoy some wrestling and even sing!

I don’t think that the fans were looking to maliciously disrespect the performers in the ring.   After all, we all know how difficult the travel schedule is and the abuse they put on their bodies on a nightly basis. I think most people could respect that.  I believe everyone was looking to blow off some real steam after a long weekend and just have fun. Even John Cena got a rousing ovation after the cameras stopped rolling, despite all boos he received while on the air.  Everyone had a blast.  It was a magical night and a surreal experience to be there live.

I was able to see so many different performers from different organizations.  Everything from smaller independent organizations, all the way up to the grandest stage of them all!  I will carry the memories of this weekend with me for a very long time.

Christopher Romero

Walllingford CT

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