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There is a better-than-good chance this may be my last Webster’s Weekly offering.  Not because I plan on retiring. Not because I plan on leaving NWA Wrestling On Fire.  The reason for this column’s potentially premature demise is the fact that I’m about to criticize the very ownernship of this company. Taboo you say?  Perhaps.  A death wish you ask?  Maybe.  But, those who read this weekly blab on a regular basis know that I call ‘em as I see ‘em.

This week the object of my frustration is the Savoldi family.  Don’t get me wrong. They are long time close friends of mine, more like family actually. They gave me my start in the wrestling business and welcomed me into the industry with open arms. Everything I know about wrestling, every place I’ve been, every opportunity I have had, is because of them. Personally, they were there to support my wife Tracey and I for the happiest of occasions like the birth of our children 20 years ago. When my father passed away in 1998, I could not have asked for better friends, there every step through a very difficult time. In recent years, my beautiful bride of 23 years has fallen very ill, and throughout many challenges, pitfalls, and uncertainty, one thing has remained constant: the support and unyielding friendship of my extended family, the Savoldis.

However, business is business. In my view, NWA Wrestling On Fire management, of which the Savoldis figure prominently has made a grave error in judgement: suspending Television Champion Scotty Slade, while allowing Heavyweight Champion, Firebrand Brian Fury to not only continue wreaking havoc and seemingly call the shots around here but also allow him to continue to hold the very title that he holds dear, but mars with disrepect due to his despicable actions time and time again.  Fury brutally attacked AJ Savoldi. Imagine what he would have done to the 99 year old patriarch Angelo, had AJ not stepped in to defend his grandfather.  Apparently, not even a personal attack on a family member is enough to jolt management into action. What’s it going to take?  A more severe beating on another family member?  There is no place in NWA Wrestling On Fire for bullies.  Fury is a bully. It’s time to hit him where it hurts: his pocketbook. Strip him of the title. Suspend him. Hell, fire him. The world of NWA Wrestling On Fire will be a much better place.

Speaking of bullies, my good friend Bob Conn hit the nail on the head when he referred to The Giant Pharoah as a bully.  Bob and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on matters, but Connman could not have been more on point regarding the Pharoah’s motis operandi as of late. Bob, I openly offer my support in your battle against the Giant Disappointment. I know I’d get my ass kicked and they’d probably be scraping this middle-aged body off the mat, but I’ll never turn my back on a friend.

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