Posted April 8th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Raw was so hot tonight. ¬†Two major title changes and more. Many of you have emailed me that RAW “blew away WrestleMania.”

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  1. By Brian, posted

    Wild Willy… yes sir. RAW > Wrestlemania 29

  2. By Raw Biz, posted

    Raw was Amazing!! The production crew made Wrestlemania less than what it should’ve been. The crowd tonight made Raw even better!

  3. By Murphy, posted

    The crowd was the major difference tonight, they were a real class act..it had a quite a few English and European football fans there(I could tell by the shirts they were wearing)…I think that the very average wrestlemania (punk/taker match excluded) went some way to explain the defiant chants like “same old s**t” and “r.v.d” also..best raw I’ve seen in a long time…..

  4. By Jeff Swierbutowicz, posted

    I was at Wrestlemania. There is no way that RAW was better. It was a decent show, but even the fans at the IZOD Center grew restless of the crap like Orton vs Sheamus and Mark Henry vs Cena. Ziggler’s win was great, but giving the IC title back to Barrett made no sense. The ending to RAW was fantastic though…. RYBACK!

  5. By Jeff Trevino, posted

    Raw was 100% better glad to see dalf get his push

  6. By MailOrderClone, posted

    It’s the strangest thing. Wrestlemania had better matches, Raw had a few real stand-out moments. But you can never, and I mean NEVER, understate the importance of a hot crowd, and the crowd at Raw tonight was one of the hottest crowds the WWE has seen in a long, long time.

    Upon the most recent report from the stadium parking lot, they are still singing that damn song.

  7. By Randy Ready, posted

    Wrestlemania was awful and the crowd was completely dead the whole night. Raw was head and shoulders above Wrestlemania 29.

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