Posted April 7th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Champion Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. challenger Jack Swagger (with Zeb Coulter).


Del Rio takes the lead for a few moments until Coulter distracts the champion and takes control … Del Rio takes a boot to the head from Swagger … Swagger bomb but Del Rio kicks out of the pin attempt at the two count … Del Rio stomps on the hand of Coulter at ringside … Swagger gets a waistlock hiplock on the champ … Del Rio with a “back-stabber” … Suplex by Del Rio … Swagger with the Patriot Lock … He gets to the ropes and then locks Swagger in the cross-arm-breaker …  Swagger gets out and turns it into the Patriot Lock but Del Rio gets to the ropes for a break … Coulter attacks Ricardo and Swagger sneak up and tosses him into the barrier outside the ring.

They get back in and Del Rio gets Swagger in the middle of the ring with the cross-arm-breaker and Swagger taps out!

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