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A video package about the C.M. Punk vs Undertaker war was up next.

The Undertaker vs C.M. Punk

Living Colour reunited to play Punk out to the ring. Too freaking cool. Paul Heyman had the Urn and he and Punk danced to the ring. Is it me, or has Heyman put on a ton of weight, lately. I hope he’s not having health issues. He may be a jerk but he’s “Our” jerk.

Tons of 20-1 signs. Punk was exited to hear the gong and watch the lights go out. Undertaker seemed to walk through a sea of zombies towards the ring. Cool effect. Taker took forever to get to the ring. The lights came up and so did the crowd reaction. Tons of red ball fireworks exploded. Taker had a new Raven-like jacket. Punk threw around the Urn to taunt Taker.

Punk tried to avoid Taker. A slap to Taker’s face. Punk with Forearms and chops. . Taker threw Pun k into the corner but got slapped, again. Crescents Kicks by Punk. Big Boot by Taker. Taker pitched Punk to the outside. Taker with a measured series of punches. Taker threw Punk into the timekeeper area. Heyman told the ref to disqualify Taker. Taker ran Punk into the announce table. Taker tan Punk’s back into the ring post. Taker finally put Punk back into the ring. The ref warned Taker that he wouldn’t hesitate to DQ the Dead Man. Taker with the infamous Apron Leg Drop.

The two got back in the ring. Corner Punches by Taker. Taker tried to intimidate the ref. Taker pulled Punk into a Shoulder Block. Taker went Old School but Punk Arm Dragged Taker off the top. Punk stomped Taker’s chest and head. Punk showed major disrespect by going Old School! Side Russian Leg Sweep by Punk for two. The crowd were actually chanting for Punk.

Keylock by Punk. He mocked Taker and Paul Bearer. Taker with hard punches, in the corner. Hammer Throw to the corner. Taker missed a Big Boot. His knee struck the turnbuckle. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Punk. Punk went up top and waited. Ax Bomber, by Punk, to the floor. Punk pitched Taker back into the ring. Funk Neckbreaker by Punk for two. Arm wringer into Shoulder Blocks to Taker. Taker with hard right hands to the face. Rolling Neckbreaker by Punk for another two. Heyman kept yelling that Punk was so close to ending The Streak.

Rear Chin Lock by Punk. Taker got to his feet as the “Undertaker” chant swelled. Suplex by Taker. Punk with a kick to the face. Punk wanted to go Old School, again. Punk slipped and straddled the top rope. Punk with a hard punch that sent Punk to the floor. Heyman got on the apron to block the Suicide Dive. Punk with a Flying Clothesline for two. Elevator Knee into a Short Arm Clothesline by Punk. Savage Elbow by Punk! 2 plus count!

Punk felt it was time for the Go To Sleep. Taker blocked it and Chokeslammed Punk. 1-2-Kick Out! Punk and Taker traded punches. Taker took control and just beat the bejesus out of Punk. Corner Clothesline into Snake Eyes. Punk countered the move and almost got the pin, following a Heel Kick to the face. La Bandera Clothesline by Punk. Punk finished tearing apart the Spanish Announce Table. Headbutt and Uppercut by Taker. Taker with a Last Ride that misfired. Crescent Kick by Punk. Punk thought about his next move, carefully. Savage Elbow to the Announce Table! The table didn’t break!

Both men were seriously hurt. The ref checked on both battlers. Punk landed so wrong on the table. Punk managed to slide back into the ring. Taker barely made it back in the ring before the 10 count. Punk was distraught that Taker had survived. Heyman ordered Punk to do what he had to do to end this. Hell’s Gate!Punk tried to fight out of the move. Punk flipped over and almost got the pin. Anaconda Vise by Punk. Taker was almost pinned. Taker Hulked Up and got to his feet. Goozle by aker into an attempt at the Chokeslam. GTS but Taker bounced off the ropes and nailed the Tombstone! 1—2—What? He Kicked Out!

Taker was bleeding from the forehead. The two traded shots, from their knees. Headbutt by Punk. Punk and Taker traded serious bombs. Another Goozle. The ref got blasted. Punk with a Spin Kick. Weak Elevator knee. Heyman handed the Urn to Punk. He cracked Taker with it as Taker went for the Last Ride. Punk with the Crosssed Arms pin. Could be…might be…NO!

Punk was losing his cool. The crowd was split in their support. Punk went for another GTS but Taker countered and re-countered before nailing the Tombstone! 1—-2—3!

I have NEVER been so happy to be wrong with my prediction!

Your Winner: The Undertaker 21-0!
Shannon Mania Meter Ranking: 5.0 (Top Score)

Taker retried the Urn to put the icing on the cake!

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