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Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
No Holds Barred Match
Triple H’s career on the line


After a video package of how these two men got here, it was time for another super brutal battle.

Shawn Michaels came out to a heck of a pop. Brock then came out. He was in MMA gear. Paul Heyman was at his side. Michael Cole ran down all of Brock’s accomplishments. (I still don’t like him). I’m sure my buddy, Big Charlie, is glued to this one. Brock had a nasty bruise under his left eye. Triple H then came out through a cool Dragon King-like set. Brock seemed a bit confused about Triple H’s mindset. The Spray showered the side of the rig. Another cool round of fireworks. Man, the budget for explosives must have been six figures.

Brock charged and HHH kicked away. The two traded fists. Knee Strikes by Brock. The two ended up on the floor. HHH Whipped Brock into the barrier. Trip then slammed Brock into the apron. Brock slipped on the water from the intro. HHH beat on Brock, after sending him in the announce table. Brock pitched HHH out into the crowd. Brock went to get a steel chair. Trip with a La Bandera over the barrier, back into the ringside area.

Brock clubbed the back and threw Trip into the ring. Heyman told Brock to finish him. Harley Race High Knee by HHH. Heyman grabbed the steel chair so HHH couldn’t use it. Trip pitched Brock to the floor. HHH slammed Brock into the ring steps. Belly to Belly Suplex Throw, by Brock, on the floor.

Brock dropped HHH onto the announce table. Shawn looked so concerned. Brock Suplexed HHH through a fully constructed announce table. Brock howled like an animal. Brock with another Knee Strike and another Belly to Belly Suplex. Brock had a maniacal grin on his face. Brock chased Shawn away. Brock seems to have left reality. He got a decent pop from the crowd. Hard punches and kicks by Brock. Whip by Brock. Jaw Rocker by HHH but Brock with a Clothesline. 2 count. Heyman screamed at HHH that Trip couldn’t compete with Brock.

Kneelift and punches by HHH. Knee Strike and Whip by Brock. Belly to Belly Throw by Lesnar. 1-2-no. JBL thought they might need to stop this annihilation. HHH with a Back Elbow but Brock with a German Suplex. Heyman screamed “Stay down”. The crowd was almost silent, at this point. Shawn told HH to keep fighting. Another German Suplex by Brock. 2 count, again.

HHH kicked and punched away. Brock reversed a Whip and sent HHH tumbling over the top rope and to the floor. Brock came out to find his prey. Someone yelled “I Hate You, Brock!” HHH with a Running Clothesline after Shawn distracted Brock. La Bandera Clothesline to send Brock flipping into the Bullpen. HHH waffled Brock with a steel chair. HHH threw Brock back in. Bridging German Suplex pin. Brock took out Shawn Michaels.

Spinebuster by Triple H. Brock blocked the Pedigree. Brock wanted the F5 but he hit it on Shawn, not Trip. Pedigree. 1-2-no.

Triple H went for his Sledge Hammer. Lesnar went under and hit the F5! How the Hell did Triple H kick out of that? They went back out to the floor. Brock with chair shots to HHH. Brock whipped HHH into the steel steps. Brock picked up a section of the steel steps. He blasted HHH in the face. JBL said Brock was completely out of control. Brock threw the other part of the steps into the ring. Brock retrieved Triple H. Brock signed that it was time to finish this. Brock drove the steps into HHH’s shoulder but only got a two. Heyman told Brock to butcher HHH.

Brock screamed “It’s Over Now!” HHH slapped Brock in the face. Brock went for the Kimura Lock but couldn’t fully apply it. HHH ran Brock into the corner to break it. Brock went right back to it. HHH ran Brock back into the corner. “Break His Arm!” rang out. Brock went up to the top rope to apply more pressure. Heyman screamed for Brock to break the arm. Modified Spinebuster by HHH. Brock rushed and struck the ring post. HHH slammed Brock’s shoulder into the ring post. HHH got a chair and slammed it into Brock’s elbow. Brock crawled to the stairs and HHH put on the Kimura Lock on Brock! Heyman begged Brock not to tap. Heyman slid in the irng to help but took Sweet Chin Music from HBK! HHH cranked on the Kimura Lock. Heyman was screaming in agony but he would not submit. Heyman Slammed HHH onto the steel steps. HHH went right back to the Kimura Lock. Lesnar, again, slammed HHH onto the steps. HHH locked in a third Kimura Lock and put the last vestiges of strength into it. Lesnar went for a Slam but HHH turned it into a DDT! HHH went for his Sledge Hammer. HHH blasted Brock in the face with the Sledge Hammer. HHH freaked out and went after Brock. Pedigree on the ring steps! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Triple H
Shannon Media Meter Ranking: 5.0

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