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The Show opened with a look at Hurricane Sandy. It was tough to see the devastation. I had several good friends who were affected by the storm. Thankfully, they are all still with us and either watching this show or reading our coverage. Bless you, my friends…my family. Governor Chris Christie welcomed everyone, by audio, to Wrestlemania.

The Met Life Stadium was seriously packed. The National Guard had over a dozen US flags waving.

No National Anthem? Odd.

Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (The Shield)
Six-Man Tag Team Match


Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler were our announce team. Cole introduced the Spanish Announce Team. The Shield did their “Through the Crowd” entrance. The Shield got some serious support from the Jersey crowd. JBL compared The Shield to the Freebirds, Four Horsemen and n.W.o.

Sheamus and Roman tore into each other. Roman with a Back Elbow but Sheamus returned with the Double Sledge. Sheamus with hard punches and a Clothesline for a one count.

Orton took the tag and hit the Flying Kneedrop and the Orton Stomps. Kneelift and clubbing blows by Roman. Tag to Seth. Orton with Corner Punches. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex by Orton. Tag to Sheamus. Seth Dropkicked Sheamus’ knee. Double Team on Sheamus, in te corner. Dean was the official man. Sheamus with a Powerslam for two.

Big Show mad the tag and hit the Skillet Slap on the exposed chest of Dean. Show had ripped off the protective vest. Show with several Slaps to Dean’s chest. Dropkick to Show’s knee. Tag to Seth. Flying Knee to Show’s face. Show kicked out of a pin. Tag to Roman. Flying Forearm by Roman. 2 count. Dean ws back in, minus his shirt. Dean stomped Show’s stomach and then ran his arm across Show’s face. Seth with the tag. He choked Show with the leg. Knee Tremblers by Seth. I’m really impressed, so far.

Roman tagged back in and pounded on Show before clamping on a Rear Chin Lock. Orton and Sheamus screamed encouragement to their teammate. Show dropped Roman and started towards his corner. Seth got the tag and took out Orton. Tag to Sheamus. Sheamus with Sledges and the Mr. Wrestling II Running Kneelift. Sheamus ripped Seth’s shirt open and hit the Crossfaces. Dean made the semi-blind tag and got Crossfaced, as well. Rolling Senton by Sheamus. Sheamus then used a Rolling Senton to drive Seth into Dean. Roman attacked Sheamus. It wnt to the floor and Orton tried to help. Shield took control. Roman screamed for the Sword of Justice Powerbomb. They didn’t get it…thanks to a Big Show Spear!

Everyone wsa done and xhausted. Show begged for a tag. Shwamus crawled to the corner but Orton took the tag. Orton with Clottheslines and the Snap Powerslam on Dean. Rope Assisted DDT by Orton. Show was obviously ticked off. Seth tried to fly but got DDT’d. Spear by Roman on Orton. Dean took the pin.

Your Winners: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns
Shannon Mania Meter Ranking: 3.75


Big Show and Randy Orton had words. Show with the KO Punch to Sheamus and an Open Hand Slap to Orton. Ok…I was wrong on this one. Right winners, but wrong finish.

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