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The announce team sent it to a look at the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Trish announced that she was pregnant. Booker did a Spin-a-Rooni. I could cry to seeing the great Bruno Sammartino. Howard Finkle brought out the Hall of Fame, Class of 2013!

There were 80,676 in attendance for the matches. Wow! It’s a new record.

John Cena came out to some serious hateage. The Rock was definitely the hero, tonight.

John Cena vs The Rock
WWE Title Match


Cena worked over Rock’s Arm. Shoulder Tackle by Cena. Collar and Elbow into a Rock Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Rock. Side Headlock by Rock. JBL praised Cena for how good he is, now. Universal into a Rock Hip Toss. Cena went out to the floor. Cena seemed hesitant to lock up. Rock tried to get into Cena’s skull. Cena with hard punches on the Champ. Hammer Throw by Cena. Cena with a Whip but Rock exploded out of the corner. Rock with hard rights to Cena’s jaw. Rock with his own Hammer Throw. Cena collapsed. Cena reversed a Whip but Rock with a hard kick. Rock with a shot to Cena’s face, from the floor.

Cena with a Clothesline nto a Rear Chin Lock. Rock got to his feet but Cena with the Side Headlock Takeover. Rock powered out of the Side Headlock but Cena with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Rear Chin Lock by Cena. Rock blasted Cena but Cena with a kick. Sleeper by Rock. Cena turned under to try and counter. Rock turned him back and Cena dropped like a stone. Cena fought back to his feet as the crowd stared a “Boring” chant. Protobomb by Cena to escape. 2 count by Cena.

Cena stomped Rock’s ribs. Cena with a kick to the back. Cena missed an Elbow Drop. Samoan Drop by Rock. The two exchanged fists. Cena with the Fisherman’s Suplex, for a two count. Back Elbow by Rock into a series of punches. Cena went Vintage but Rock ducked he second Flying Tackle. SRF attempt countered. Cena then went Vintage. Rock countered the Protobomb into the Sharpshooter! Cena turned to counter the move. Cena went back to his Vintage series, again. The fans were getting bored with it and let him know. Rock dodged the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit the DDT. Cena countered the Rock Bottom into the Crippler Crossface. Cole called it the STF. Not quite as the leg wasn’t locked.

Cena with a Slingshot to sen Rock into the corner. Cena was determined to get the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Rock got out of the Attitude Adjustment and hit the Spinebuster. Cena came back to lock in the STF! Rock refused to submit. Rock tried to roll to get free. Rock tried to break the grip. The fans started to wake up as Rock escaped the move. Cena looked confused. Rock Bottom! 1-2-no.

Attitude Adjustment! 2 count! Cena went to the to perch. He missed the Legdrop. Spinebuster by Rock into the People’s Elbow! Could Be…Might Be…No! Cena rolled to the outside. Rock looked frustrated. Rock put Cena back in the ring. They went back and forth with punches. Cena caught Rock and put him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Rock countered into another Rock Bottom. 2 count.

Rock wanted another People’s Elbow but did the “You Can’t See Me”. Cena with the Attitude Adjustment but only for a two. Cena punished Rock with punches and kicks. Rock started to fight back. It was a See Saw battle. Cena with a Roll Through for two. Cena with his own Rock Bottom! 2 count. Cena couldn’t believe it was only a two. Cena thought about doing the People’s Elbow but remembered what happened, last year. Cena decided “What the Hell!” Cena put on the brakes and went for the AA. Rock with another Rock Bottom. 2 count. Jeez. It’s Rock vs Austin. 45 Rock Bottoms. 44 Stone Cold Stunners. Series of counters of finishers. Attitude Adjustments vs Rock Bottoms. Rock with a DDT. Cena finally got the Attitude Adjustment!

Your Winner (and New WWE Champion): John Cena
Shannon Mania Meter Ranking: 4.75

After the match, Cena and Rock hugged. Cena pointed at Rock to get the fans’ love to its rightful co-owner. Rock told the fans “Thank You.” And “I Love You”.

Well, despite a few technical difficulties, we have reached the end of another Wrestlemania. A little disappointed that there wasn’t the ToF and Funkadactuls vs Bellas and Team Rhodes Scholars but that was a minor thing. I missed the Intercontinental Match because the Pre-Show didn’t show it. Cena and Rock stopped at the top of the ramp to let the final round of fireworks to go off. Rock walked to the back to let John have
his moment.


)Jay Shannon

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