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After a look at the John Cena vs The Rock situation, they showed Snooki. It was time for another match.

Mark Henry vs Ryback


Mania looked back at the Bench Press thing on Smackdown. It got ugly as Mark Henry pushed the weight bar down into Ryback’s neck/chest. This was Ryback’s first Wrestlemania appearance. Not sure if he competed there under this previous, Skip Sheffield, identity.

The two stood nose to nose and talked trash to each other. We couldn’t hear what they were saying. Chst Bump and neither man backed up. A second one was equally a stalematne. The two traded hard fists with Mark dropping Ryback with a Clothesline. Running Powerslam by Mark. Headbutt by Mark. Whip by Mark but Ryback with kicks. Mark reversed a Suplex and placed Ryback on the apron. Mark ran Ryback into the ring post.

Mark Clotheslined Ryback off the apron. Ryback really looks weak in this one. Mark with shots to the kidneys, when Ryback came back in the ring. Bear hug by Mark Henry. Ryback tried to punch his way free. Ryback turned to lessen the pressure. Ryback inched towards the ropes but Mark wouldn’t let him get there. La Bandera Clothesline to Ryback to send him to the floor, again.

Ryback got back in at 9. Ryback started to fight back but Mark went back to the Bear Hug. Headbutts by Ryback had little to no effect. Mark punched Ryback’s ribs and nailed the Scoop Slam. Right back to the Bear Hug. Yawn. The fans were screaming “Boring”, which I have to agree with.

Ryback finally started to punch back. Shoulder Thrusts and a Corner Clothesline by “Big Hungry”. “Feed Me More” chant led to the Meat Hook Clothesline. Ryback was ready for the Shell Shocked. Mark held onto the ropes and drove Ryback into the canvas. Mark takes the pin. Really? I was right on this one?

Your Winner: Mark Henry
Shannon Mania Meter Ranking: 1.5

Post Match:

Mark Henry went back for more. Spinebuster by Ryback. Shell Shocked by Ryback! Dang, that was impressive.

Upgraded Mania Meter Ranking: 2.25

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