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Wrestlemania showed Miz’s win over Wade Barrett to become the new Intercontinental Champ.

A video package of past Wrestlemania moments led to Diddy doing his music thing. The music sounded like a sample from the Rocky soundtrack. Not a fan of Rap Music. Time to for a bathroom run.

Diddy dedicated his set to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The girl with him was pretty.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger


Before the match, they ran a lowlight reel of the vile rants of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Alberto Del Rio then talked about the Statue of Liberty. A few months ago, I got to see that lovely lady as my plane came back into Newark, NJ from Poland. I was never as proud of being an American as I was when I finally got to see her, out the plane window.. This land offers the best…to everyone. Not going to climb on a political soapbox, today. Let’s just see two men kick the stuffing out of each other!

Zeb came out and ridiculed New York City. Shut him up, will ya? Zeb screwed up his promo, badly. Heck, Zeb blasted just about every language, including Yiddish. Really? Zeb accused the crowd of being gutless. Shut Up and Wrestle!

Ricardo Rodriguez then came out on his crutches. Del Rio came out in a new white and gold robe. More fireworks exploded. My wife just yelled at me for my comments towards Zeb and Jack. Oops. Glad my mouth isn’t directly linked to my fingers. LOL

During the intros, Del Rio signed to Swagger that he was going to put him in the Cross Armbreaker. Kneelift by Swagger. The two went back and forth with punches and kicks. Del Rio and Swagger ended up fighting on the floor. Colter distracted ADR and Jack took him down. ADR thrown into the ring post. Knee Strikes by Swagger.

Short Arm Clothesline, by Swagger, for a two. Keulock by Jack but Crucifix Backslide by Del Rio. Jack with a Big Boot. Swagger Bomb for a two. Swagger to the outside. Jack wanted to Post ADR but Jack got pulled into the ring post. ADR with kicks.

Back in the ring, Jack with Shoulder Thrusts. Big Boot and Clotheslines by Del Rio. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by ADR. ADR blasted Zeb. Superkick by ADR. 1-2-not yet. ADR wanted the Cross Armbreaker but Swagger with the Amateur Throw. Jack Speared the knee and cinched in the Patriot Lock. ADR spun under and kicked out. ADR missed the Enziguri. ADR pushed Jack into the ropes to block another Swagger Bomb. Back Stabber by Del Rio. 2 count, again.

Del Rio with the German Suplex. Jack fought to stay out of the Cross Armbreaker. Gut Wrench Powerbomb for a 2 and 3/4rds. JBL threw a shout out to Kurt Angle. Patriot Lock by Jack. Del Rio would not tap out. Jack couldn’t reach the ropes. Del Rio fell back and tried to apply the Cross Armbreaker. Swagger turned back into the Patriot Lock. Wow.

Del Rio made it to the ropes but Jack took his time to release the Patriot Lock. Jack kept going back to the Patriot Lock. Swagger went for a Gut Wrench but ADR landed on his feet. Enziguri by the World Champ. Tep0Up Enziguri in the corner. Colter put Jack’s leg on the bottom rope. Zeb denied it all. Ricardo came around and Zeb kied the crutch. It was a true Mexican Standoff as both Zeb and Del Rio had crutches. Jack with the Pearl Harbor. The two fought on the floor and Jack threw ADR back in. Cross Armbreaker! Tap Out!

Your Winner (and Still World Champion): Alberto Del Rio
Shannon Mania Meter Ranking: 4.25

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