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Wrestlemania Free-For-All Pre-Show

It opened with a look at Brock Lesnar vs Triple H. This match is going to really go back to the “Old School” days before political correctness and before the ban on blood. They are going to half (or more) kill each other.

Next up, the backstage announce team looked at Jack Swagger. Flashback to Raw, where Alberto Del Rio was set to fight Zeb Colter. The match just didn’t happen. Alberto took a nasty beating from Colter and Swagger.

A commercial for “The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2012” ran.

Tony and Renee were back to discuss C.M. Punk. Punk is about to battle Undertaker. They worked into the video package about Punk v Taker. Punk really pushed the limit with his recent actions. Punk has played some seriously sick mind games with “The Phenom” in recent weeks. They even had a cool “20-1” graphic where Punk’s taped up arm was the “1”.

A promo for WWEShop.com aired.

Next it was time to look at the John Cena v The Rock scenario.

(Where is the Barrett vs Miz match?)

Sigh. The announcers were back to talk about The Shield.

(Seriously? No Miz vs Wade Barrett?)

Ok, I jumped around the net to find the info (since the Pre-Show didn’t show it…)

The Miz vs Wade Barrett
Intercontinental Title Match

The Finish:

Miz slaps on the Figure Four and Wade taps out.

Your Winner (and New I-C Champ): The Miz
Shannon Mania Meter Score: 3

–Jay Shannon

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