Posted April 7th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring first (to stop Paul Heyman if necessary). Next comes Lesnar with Paul Heyman. Lesnar is is wearing a cap on this head and MMA style gloves on his hands. He looks so intimidating–a monster!!!  Triple H comes down the aisle also looking threatening.

Within a few moments they are already outside the ring … Triple H smashes Lesnar into the announder’s table … Lesnar comes back smashing Triple H and sending him into the audience…Lesnar gets a chair but Triple H clotheslines him back over with the chair.

Lesnar bashed into the steps … On the floor Lesanr with a suplex on Triple H …  Lesnar tosses Triple H onto the announcer’s table totally breaking it … Again he tosses him into the broken table … Lesnar chased by Lesnar but gets away.

Triple H’s left arm is hurt as Lesnar continues to toss Triple H around at will …  He is tossed out of the ring again near Shawn …  He goes after Shawn but Triple H clotheslines him onto the announce area …  Triple H slams a chair on Lesnar’s back … Back in the ring Lesnar with another toss …  Shawn Michaels gets up on the ring and Lesnar elbows him off (Paul Heyman was on the other side of the apron) … Triple H with a spinebuster …  Pedigree try, Brock turns it into an F5 … Shawn comes in and is given the F5 … Triple H gets the sledghammer from outside the ring … Lesnar gets it away … F5 and pin attempt but only a two count!

Lesnaer smashes a chair into Triple H’s back  outside the ring and then into the steps …  Lesnar picks up the steps and smashes it into Triple H.  He takes the steps into the ring and brings Triple H into the ring s well … He smashes it into Triple H’s shoulder and goes for a pin but only a two count.

Lesaner grabs Triple H by the face and says it’s over now and Triple H slaps him … A Kimora Lock by Lesnar on that bad left arm (four times) … Triple H breaks it! … Lesnar dives at Triple H who moves and Lesnar crashes into the ring post … A low blow by Triple H and H smashes it onto Lesnar’s left arm that is on the ringpost and then again on the steps ..  Triple H uses the Kimora lock  .. Heyman in with a chair .. Superkicked by Michaels …  Lesnar gets up with Triple H and slams him into the steps and Triple H locks it in again and again is bashed into the steel steps … Again Triple H with the Kimora lock on the steps … He slams Triple H again into the steps but Triple H turns it into a DDT.

Triple H with he sledgehammer to the head of Lesnar … He pedigrees Lesnar on the steps and pins him!

APTER ‘MANIA METER (1-t-5 with 5 being the best).

5 plus-plus!

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