Posted April 7th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Amazing entrance by Undertaker (as always) but this one with the NYC skyline and Brooklyn Bridge is just awesome.

Punk outside the ring tossing the Urn up and down … Punk slaps ‘Taker in the face after an exchange of punches … Punk with a series of  forearms, he big kicks Punk and tosses him out of the ring and beats him with punches and into the broadcast area.

‘Taker bashes Punk back fist into the steel post … With Punk on the apron ‘Taker does a legdrop on him … In the ring ‘Taker works on Punk’s left leg .. .Taker climbs the ropes but Punk pulls him down…Punk walks the ropes holding ‘Takers arm … A Russian leg sweep and pin attempt but only gets a “two.”

‘Taker goes for a dive onto Punk in the corner  and is now outside the ring and Punk dives onto him …  In the ring a neck-breaker by Punk … Punk walks the ropes again and pushed by ‘ Taker onto the ropes … ‘Taker ready to fly ouver the ropes but Paul Heyman interferes allowing Punk to get the advantage … Punk off the ropes with an elbow to the heart and a pin attempt but only gets a two count.

Punk goes for the “go to sleep” but ‘Taker clokeslams him but Punk kicks out… Punk clotheslines Undertaker over the ropes but Undertaker makes a comeback and beaks up one of the announcer tables … He tries a “last ride” but Punk gets out and kicks ‘Taker to the head and ‘Taker in on the table … Punk with an elbow from the top of the ring post area…Punk rolls back into the ring and he is hurt.

‘Taker gets back in before the 10 count (he can lose by countout or disqualification) … ‘Taker tries the Hell’s Gate but Punk flips out and gets ‘Taker in the Anaconda Vice …  ’Taker gets out  reverses a “go to sleep” and  slams on a  Tombstone but Punk kicks out! …  Referee is knocked out  … Taker goes for the “Last ride” … Heyman tosses the Urn to Punk who beats him down with it … Punk goes for the pin as the referee gets back … Only a two count!

‘Taker finally gets him in the Tombstone  after another “go to sleep” attempt and it’s over!

Very hot, incredible match!

Undertaker gets the urn bacK!

APTER ‘MANIA METER (scale of 1-to-5 with 5 being best).

5 plus!

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