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Lilian Garcia introduced people from the Special Olympics. Stephanie McMahon and the New Jersey Governor were there, as well. The WWE is partnering with the Special Olympics.

You can got to WWE.com, after the show, and try to be one of 30 people that will win tickets to Wrestlemania 30.

Daniel Bryan and Kane (Team Hell No) vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (with A. J. Lee)
World Tag Team Title Match


This was Big E’s first WWE match. Mania showed how Team Hell No were laid out on last week’s Raw. Cole said 53% of defending champs retain their titles. However, the first title change at a Mania was for the tag titles. Dolph got a kiss from A.J. and Daniel with a vicious kick. Daniel darn near pinned Dolph. Suicide Dive by Daniel. Hard kicks by Daniel. Tag to Big E.

Kane also tagged in. Big E shoved Kane but Kane with hard punches. Standing Backbreakers by Big E. Big E did it 3 times! Kane with a Big Boot and the Goozle. Big E powered out. Uppercut by Kane. Steam Roller by Big E. Tag to Dolph. Dolph punched the skull nad hit a Dropkick for only a 1. Big E tagged back in and punched away. Big E worked over Kane’s ribs. Flying DDT by Kane off a Whip by Langston. Tag to Dolph.

Kane whipped Dolph to the corners and hit a Clothesline. Dolph missed a Corner Splash. Kane with the Side Slam for 2. Kane went to the Penthouse but missed the Kane Klothesline. Daniel made the save. Dolph with a monster Dropkick to neutralize Daniel. Dolph flew off the ropes and bot punched. Kane escaped the Big Finish. Flying Knee Trembler by Daniel to Big E. Dolph with the Zig Zag. 1—2—NO! Dolph waned the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Dolph missed and got Chokeslammed. Tag to Daniel. Kane took out Big E. Flying Benoit Headbutt!

Your Winners (and still Champions): Team Hell No
Shannon Mania Meter Ranking: 3.25

Daniel got the crowd into a “Yes” chant.

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