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Gut Check was back, this week. Plus, things began to shape up for Slammiversary. All that, plus Aces and Eights.

The show did the flashback opening, talking about Bully Ray and Aces and Eights. Hulk Hogan and Sting are having major issues. Hulk kicked Sting out of the ring and the Impact Zone. Plus, A.J. Styles is acting really weird. Aces and Eights really would like to recruit Styles. Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson and told Bully Ray that they would face off in a Full Metal Mayhem (TLC) Match in Corpus Christi, TX..

Tonight, the show was in Arkansas. Aces and Eights made their way to the ring. D’Lo, Devon and Anderson got in the ring. The rest stayed on the floor. Anderson had a package for A.J. styles. Anderson mentioned how TNA turned its back on Styles, when he needed them the most. Devon had an envelope that would change the relationship between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. D’Lo then took the stick. D’Lo had a gift that he received. D’Lo said he got a letter from TNA Headquarters. D’Lo said he has been fired. “You Got Fired!” rang out. D’Lo was offended that he got fired by mail (Eric Bischoff’s back in charge?). D’Lo demanded that a TNA Official come out and talk to him.

Kurt Angle’s music went off and the Olumpian strolled out. He said he had something to say, in person, to D’Lo. Kurt attacked D’Lo but got taken down by the whole force. Several members of the TNA Roster hit the ring and destroyed Aces and Eights. Magnus, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park and Kurt stood tall.

In the back, Joey Ryan flirted with Brooke Hogan and tried to offer her a favor. Joey wanted to be a ref for the Knockout division. Brooke gave him the spot but he made it clear that he wasn’t allowed to touch the girls. This just can’t be good.

Tara (w/Jessie) and Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrill and Velvet Sky

Joey scoped out Velvet’s rather luscious backside. Joey really enjoyed searching the girls. He so creeped out the girls. Joey slapped Velvet on the tush. That allowed Tara to jump Velvet. Sky came back with a Side Headlock. Joey massaged Velvet’s shoulders. Tag to Gail and Taryn. Gail tagged right back out. Joey flirted with Taryn. Joey didn’t make the count, he just scoped out the girls. Taryn with an Arm Bad. Tag to Sky. Double Whip into a Double Shoulder and Double Elbow Drop. Joey still wouldn’t make the count. Sky got in Joey’s face. Sneak attack by Gail. Double Team on Sky, in the corner. Gail with an Up and Over Drop. Joey still wouldn’t count. Tag to Tara. Tara through Sky into the corner and Shouldered her. Joey pulled Tara back and got up close nad personal. Jessie had a fit. Roll Up by Sky. Clothesline by Tara. Tara missed the Standing Moonsault, thanks to Joey. Tag to Gail and Taryn. Clotheslines by Taryn. Back Elbow into a Snap Suplex by the TNA Rookie. Flying Crossbody by Taryn. Taryn rammed Gail’s head into the mat, over and over. Tara with the Pearl Harbor. Sky Dropkicked Tara to the outside. Gail blasted Sky. Gail flirted with Joey. Taryn with a Roll Up but Joey was distracted. Gail finally reversed the Roll Up and Joey with a Warp Speed Count.

Your Winners: Tara and Gail Kim
Grade: C- (70%)

Joey then tried to kiss up to Sky and Taryn. He suggested that the three of them have some fun. Low Blow by Taryn.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Also in the ring, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.. Aries claimed that he and Roode were “a team of World Champions”. Roode reminded Chavo and Hernandez that neither had been World Champions, unlike Roode and Aries. Chavo reminded Roode that he was a Guerrero. Aries wanted to “up the ante” on the World tag title match. Chavo thought Aries was scared. Aries wanted green M&Ms, a fruit basket and more money for the winners. Chavo added his own stipulation. They didn’t reveal what that stipulation was. Aries had another stipulation to add. Chavo was cool with it. JB let everyone know it would be a 2 out of 3 match. If Chavo and Hernandez don’t win, they will never be allowed to team, again, in TNA. Both teams signed and made it official.

A profile of “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce ran. He is one of my favorite modern day wrestlers. Adam said people are wanting to put him out to pasture but he wasn’t ready to go, just yet. Adam said he just needed the door open…just a crack. He was doing this for himself and for his family.

It was time to learn about Magno. He talked almost completely in Spanish, until the very end of the segment. He then said like him or not, he is Magno.

“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs Magno
Gut Check Match

Go Behind and Ride by Adam. Wrist Lock by Magno. Adam reversed it. Magno with a Deep Arm Drag after escaping Adam’s grip. Side Headlock into a Hammerlock by Adam. Head Scissors by Magno, from his back. Forearm Shot by Adam and a Stomp. Whip by Adam but he ate a boot. Back Body Drop by Adam for a two. Clubbing blow by Adam. Whip by Adam. Magno tripped coming off the ropes. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Magno. Magno butchered a Springboard Lionsault and drove his knee into Adam’s face. That was ridiculously sloppy. Magno with hard punches. Adam with a Spinebuster off a blocked Springboard Crossbody. Head Scissors and Clotheslines by Magno. Enziguri by Magno. La Bandera Clothesline by Magno.

Magno went to the top and hit a monster Moonsault, to the floor. Magno threw Adam back in the ring. Adam with an Ankle Pick. Adam hooked the ropes for the cheap win.

Your Winner: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce
Grade: B (84%)

Impact looked at Sting going off on Hulk Hogan. Hogan responded by ordering Sting out of the ring. Sting’s response “Make Me!”

A.J. Styles walked backstage. Mr. Anderson and Knox came up to recruit him. Anderson handed the Aces and Eights vest made for Styles to him to check out.

Impact then looked at the whole Sting/Hulk Hogan/Bully Ray issue. Sting pushed Hulk to trust Bully Ray. Hulk knew something was wrong with Bully but Sting convinced Hulk to give Bully a chance. Hulk was stunned when he learned Bully Ray was the President of Aces and Eights.

Hulk was asked if there was an update on Sting. Hulk told him he sent the politicians home and kept the warriors on board. Hulk said he was ready to figure out just where Sting is at.

Joseph Park and Kurt Angle talked in the locker room. Joseph said he was there for a fight. Park said he wanted revenge against Aces and Eights. Kurt asked Park to follow his lead and do damage. He told Park to take advantage of any openings. Hmm…

Hulk Hogan headed out to the ring for the Hour Turner Segment. Hogan actually got a mixed reaction from the Razorbacks. Hulk talked about past mistakes. He said he was done making them. Hulk said his “gut” told him to call out A.J. Styles. Styles, looking very Raven-ish, came out with the Aces and Eights “cut”. Hulk wanted to know if Styles was really holding the Aces and Eights “cut”. Hulk said he understood the pressure that Styles was under. Hulk said TNA was like Family to Styles. Hulk said Styles was different than he used to be. Hulk asked Styles to help TNA. He thought Styles was dangerous and that was the version of Styles that he was asking to help TNA. Styles looked at “The Cut” in his hands as the crowd chanted for Styles.

“Cowboy” James Storm came out, just as Styles was about to speak. Storm reminded Styles that he was the one who beat Styles and kept him from getting a title shot until, at least, Bound for Glory. Storm reminded Styles that it was their backs that built TNA. Storm yelled that performing for the people was what they liked to do. Storm wondered if Styles really wanted to join Aces and Eights. Storm also felt that Styles wasn’t the same guy as before. Storm warned Styles to “Clock Out before you get Knocked Out”. Styles left the ring without making a decision. He stared at “The Cut” as he walked up the ramp.

The announcers talked about One Night Only X-Travaganze. It’s a complete X-Division PPV.

Sonjay Dutt vs Mason Andrews vs Petey Williams
X-Division Qualifying Match, Triple Threat Rules

Sonjay has never been X-Division Champion. Fantastic to see Petey Williams return. The crowd was totally behind Petey. All three went for quick pin attempts. Mason begged off. Dutt with a Dropkick to Petey. Petey with a Drop Toe Hold to send Dutt into the ropes. Dropkick. Suicide Dive by Petey onto Mason. All three ended up on the floor. Mason and Petey back in the ring and Mason got a two count. Side Backbreaker by Mason to Petey. Mason took out Dutt, who was on the apron. Petey and Mason traded hard blows. Shoulder Thrusts by Mason to Petey. Mason gnawed on Petey’s forehead. Snap Mare by Mason into an Elbow Drop off the ropes. Dutt with a kick to Mason and slapped on the Octopus on Petey. Mason went for a Driver but Dutt took them both out with a Springboard Dropkick. Mason reversed a whip but ate a Pendulum Kick. Benoit Drop from the top rope for a two count.

Side Russian Leg Sweep after blocking the Tilt-a-Whirl. Petey called for his favorite finisher. Dutt blocked it. Kick to Petey’s inner thigh. Dutt slipped off the ropes. Mason with a Top Rope Jumping Hurancanrana. Standing Sliced Bread by Dutt to Mason. Bicycle Knee by Mason to Dutt. Canadian Destroyer!

Your Winner: Petey Williams
Grade: B+ (88%)

Aces and Eights were talking. Bully Ray said Kurt Angle put him in a bad mood. Ray wanted the five men to “Represent”. Ray wanted Aces and Eights to take TNA’s souls. Devon wanted to know if Ray was ready to deal with the Brooke situation. Ray joked about “missing his wife”. Ray said the contents of the envelope would change everything.

A video piece about the upcoming Full Metal Mayhem match ran. Jeff Hardy felt the locker room was on his side.

Devon, DOC, Knox, Bischoff and Brisco (Aces and Eights) vs Kurt Angle, Magnus, Joseph Park, Samoa Joe and Eric Young
Ten-Man Tag Team Match

Kurt started off by flipped Brisco into the ring. Clotheslines by Kurt. Kurt punched Brisco, unmercifully. Snap Suplex by Kurt for two. Tag to Bischoff. Hip Toss by Kurt. Kurt punched Bischoff in the face. Kurt choked Bischoff with the knee. Tag to Magnus. Magnus with a Whip into the Magnus-Plex. Joe tagged in and the double team was on. Backsplash Senton by Joe. Bischoff went to the eyes and tagged Devon. Joe with hard punches. Whip by Joe into the Jumping Enziguri. Knife Edge Chop by Joe and Back Chop and Front Kick. Flying Kneedrop by Joe for two. Tag to Knox.

Knox clubbed away but Joe with a Flying Leg Lariat. Tag to Eric Young. Ax Bomber to Knox’s arm. EY with a series of hard punches. Kneelift and kick by Knox. Forearm Shot by Knox. Knox ran EY into the corner. EY dumped Knox over the ropes. Tope Con Hilo to Knox on the floor. Break time.

EY almost pinned Knox as the show returned. Knox ran EY into the corner. EY tried for a Float Over but Knox stopped short and then hit a Big Boot to send EY over the ropes and to the floor. Devon threw EY back in the ring. Legdrop by Knox and tag to DOC. DOC just beat the stuffing out of EY and hit a Big Splash for two. Tag to Devon. Devon with a solid punch to the face. Snap Mare into a Neck Pinch by Devon. Ey fought free but got nailed by the Amazing Grace Back Elbow. Spin-a-Rooni by Devon. Nod to Booker T?

DOC took the Jawbreaker by EY. Knox distracted the ref so DOC could blast Team TNA. DOC missed a Corner Rush. EY with a Jumping Enziguri. EY crawled toward Joseph Park.

Park with a Modified La Bandera on DOC. Park took out all the members. Scoop Slam to Brisco into the Big Splash. Mosh Pit time. Ey was tossed out to the floor. Everyone ended up on the floor. Devon snuck up behind Joe and punched him hard. Suicide Dive by Joe. Spinebuster, to Park, by Devon. Devon went to the top but missed the Flying Headbutt. Park climbed the ropes but came down to hit a Double Clothesline on Brisco and Bischoff. Low Blow by DOC. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Aces and Eights
Grade: B- (82%)

Hulk told Brooke that things just didn’t feel right. Brooke said she was tired of the drama and was ready to finish this. Brooke promised to take some big guys with her to ringside.

Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan Face to Face

The “romance” between Bully Ray and Brooke was profiled. Ray stabbed all the Hogans in the back, when he revealed he was the leader of Aces and Eights.

Ray came out with the manilla envelope. Ray ordered his music stopped. Ray talked about the huge up-coming rematch, next Thursday. Ray couldn’t believe that Hardy was stupid enough to bring Tables, Ladders and Chairs into this.

Ray then asked his “wife” to come to the ring. Brooke had two good-sized security guys with her. Ray grinned like a possum. Ray taunted Brooke. Ray wanted to know where Brooke’s wedding ring was. Brooke told Brooke she will start wearing her wedding ring, from now on. Ray wanted to know why there were security guards. Ray said Brooke was a lunatic, after Lockdown. Ray said he needed protection from her. Brooke called him a traitor. Ray called Brooke an “Insane Woman”. Ray forgave Brooke for her behavior. Brooke thought there were divorce papers in the envelope. Ray claimed that he loved Brooke and he couldn’t have won the World Title without her help. Ray gave her the envelope. Inside was a Front Row Ticket to the show at Corpus Christi. He waned his wife in the Front Row to watch him destroy Jeff Hardy. Ray then told Brooke that she has let herself go. Brooke tore up the ticket and slapped her hubby. Ray cackled as the crowd chanted against him. Ray told Brooke that she was pathetic. Ray said he has been inside Brookie since day one. Ray wondered if she wanted to smack him again. Jeff Hardy rushed down and did it for Brooke. The two tore into each other like wild men. Ray with a Groin Kick. Hardy No-Sold the move and continued to beat on the World Champ.


–Jay Shannon

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