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I am writing to tell you about an awesome event I will be co-hosting with a friend of mine, Richard Parker, on Thursday, April 18th at Videology in Brooklyn.

A lifelong cinephile and wrestling fan, I wanted to go about programming a fun monthly event centered around feature films starring professional wrestlers, i.e. No Holds Barred, Ready to Rumble, Beyond the Mat, They Live, and many more. Rich and I will be featuring a brief discussion/video trivia round (related to matches, feuds, etc.) before each film, along with much more fun stuff still in the works.

I feel like these events could prove to be a nice outlet for children of the the 80s and early 90s to look back at some of the wrestling-approved movies we grew up with. Some of the films are somewhat serious while others are downright laughable in their strained seriousness. Many of these films, now viewed by people alone in their homes, are meant to be watched in a light group setting; there aren’t many NYC venues in which to connect with others about pure wrestling nostalgia. Right now, this is a one night only event. We are hoping, however, to turn it into a monthly series. That all depends on if we can show Videology that there is an interest in it. Anything you could do to help is greatly appreciated, and if you can make your presence known on 4/18, it would certainly mean a lot, whether that be via sponsoring the event, putting up an event link on your website, mentioning the event through social media (Facebook, Twitter), telling other NY-based wrestling fans, or coming to the event yourselves.

Here is a link to the event page (CLICK HERE)

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