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Welcome to Open Fight Night. Aces and Eights are ready to kick the daylights out of everyone in sight. Kurt Angle and Sting were both ready to be Game Changers. Sting is Super-Ticked that Hulk Hogan has been ignoring him.

The Flashback Segment started by looking at Bully Ray’s turn. Ray wanted Hulk Hogan to fire Aces and Eights. Hogan wanted Team TNA to destroy all of the rogue group. Jeff Hardy won a Four Way Match against Kurt Angle, Magnus and Samoa Joe to become the next challenger to Bully Ray’s new World title reign.

TNA was in Arkansas, this week. Jeff Hardy came out to a huge pop from the Jonesboro crowd. Hardy definitely had a Juggalo look, this week. Jeff took the microphone to make his Call Out. Jeff admitted he still wasn’t at 100%. Hardy revved up the crowd when he talked about being the Number One Contender. Hardy needed to call someone out…

Bully Ray cut off Hardy. Ray told the crowd to sit down and shut up. Ray was sick of hearing Hardy’s voice. Ray wondered if Hardy knew who they are. (Aces and Eights). Ray actually had a few fans. Ray reminded Hardy that if he called out Ray, the title would not be on the line and Hardy might get hurt. Anderson got up on the apron and complained about Hardy getting another second chance. Anderson really tore into Hardy with ridiculing comments. “Please Shut Up!” rang out from the crowd. Hardy took out Anderson but the rest of Aces and Eights jumped Hardy. They took turns beating on Hardy, until the troops hit the ring. Aces and Eights scattered like cockroaches when the lights get turned on. Hardy called out Ken Anderson to fight him, later on.

Impact looked at how Bad Influence cost Chavo and Hernandez the tag belts and then attacked Roode and Aries. Chavo and Hernandez talked backstage. Chavo remembered that it was Open Fight Night. The former tag champs then strolled down to call out someone. Time to pitch burgers and car parts and such before the next match.

After the break, Chavo got the crowd to their feet. Chavo felt they were robbed, last week. Chavo said it was cool because tonight was all about Payback. Chavo said the winner of the next match would become the number one contender to the tag titles. Chavo called out Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
Number One Contender Match

Chavo and Kaz to start. Chavo with a Hip Toss and Arm Drag. Tag to Hernandez. Scoop Slam by Chavo. Hernandez Scoop Slammed Chavo into Kaz. Kaz went to the eyes and tagged out. Hernandez with a Overhead Throw and tag to Chavo. Double Team series of moves to rock Daniels. Chavo with kick, punches and European Uppercut. Chavo flipped Daniels over the ropes and to the floor. Low Bridge by Kaz to send Chavo to the floor. Double Team on Hernandez. Hernandez rolled up and over the ropes. . Chavo and Hernandez with Double Air Mexico-s to Bad Influence. Chavo with a Three Amigos attempt but Kaz blocked the second one for his partner. Kaz twisted Chavo’s arm around the middle ropes. Stunner by Daniels as Impact took another break.

Kaz danced over Chavo. Tag to Daniels. Bad Influence Double Team Springboards. Kaz tagged himself back in. Keylock by Kaz. Chavo fought out but Kaz with a Whip. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Chavo. Tag to Daniels. Daniels knocked Hernandez off the apron. Miscommunication led to Hernandez getting the tag. He exploded on both members of B-I. Hernandez with the Torture Breaker on BOTH members of Bad Influence. Kaz tripped Hernandez and tried to hold Hernandez down. The ref saw it, just in time. Double Flying Clotheslines by Hernandez. Daniels with a boot . He tried for a pin but the ref saw Daniels’ legs on the ropes. Crossbody by Daniels led to a Sit Out Powerbomb. Tag to Chavo. Kaz pushed Chavo off the top ropes. Roll Up by Daniels but he only got two. Hernandez Pounced Kaz off the ramp. Daniels called for the Angel’s Wings but Chavo blocked it. Springboard Spear by Hernandez and Chavo with the Frog Splash!

Your Winners: Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez
Grade: B+ (89%)

Taryn was ready to call out someone. She was almost dressed. Yummy.

Impact is now running Insta-Facts. Direct lift from the WWE. Impact then looked at Taryn’s termination as a ref. However, she has been signed to the active Knockout (Wrestling) roster.

Holy Crap! Taryn came out in a blue and pink bikini that just melted my bowl of ice cream. Taryn wanted her shot at the woman who cost her the ref job. Taryn called out Gail Kim. Gail took forever to come from the back

Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell.

Gail asked for a microphone. Gail accused Taryn of making a rookie mistake by calling out the greatest female wrestler who ever lived. Gail said there was someone else who wanted to call Taryn out. Gail asked Tara to join her in the ring.

Tara vs Taryn Terrell

Jessie was with her girl. Tara and Gail with a two-on-one beat down. They just beat the daylights out of Taryn. Velvet Sky then jogged to the ring and went to town on the evil Knockouts.

Your Winner: Well, not really a match
Grade: N/A

Velvet said she came out to help Taryn, who had been through so much. Taryn rushed over and attacked Tara and Gail. Taz called her a Wildcat.

Mike Tenay mentioned next week’s Gut Check. He sent it to a video presentation about it. Jeremy Borash said Adam Pearce and Magno will face off, next week. Scrap Iron? Seriously? He’s a former multi-time NWA World Champion! Magno is also a fantastic indy wrestler. Sorry, but I just can’t be impartial on that one. Scrap Iron has worked with several of my friends, in the business, and he is a gentleman and a scholar who is a shining example for the wrestlers of today and tomorrow. Expect an incredible match.

Sting screamed backstage.

Impact went back to the opening segment, when Jeff hardy got stomped down. Hardy called out Anderson.

Hulk Hogan talked with Jeff Hardy. April 11th is the night when Hardy will get his rematch. Hulk said he cost Hardy the World title with his choice of Bully Ray. Hardy was cool with it. Hardy said he will get the belt back, in Corpus Christi. Hulk told Hardy he could pick the stipulation for the World title match. Hulk heard Sting’s music go off and said Sting wasn’t supposed to be there.

Sting walked out to the ring. Sting took the stick and said Ray served the Whole World, including Sting. Sting admitted being wrong. Sting wanted to fix the problem but he had to be on the same page with Hulk Hogan. Sting called out Hulk…to discuss this.

Hulk came out to the old n-W-o theme music. He was still using a crutch for part of his walk. He eventually tossed it aside. Sting told Hulk that he has tried, twice before, to apologize. If Hulk didn’t accept, this time, Sting said things could get nuclear! Hulk said people talked Hulk into giving Ray a chance. It was Sting that forced Ray into the World Title picture. Sting told Hulk that it was Hogan that made the decision. Sting told Hulk to take responsibility for his decision. He ordered Hulk to “Man Up”. Hulk accepted what he did. Hulk told Sting to get the Hell out of his ring, brother. Sting started to leave but stopped. “Make Me!” was Sting’s comment. Several execs rushed in to keep them apart. I smell a Slammiversary Match, IF Hogan’s knee is healed up enough. Taz cackled at the chaos. Sting was escorted to the back and forced to leave the building.

During the break Matt Morgan applauded Sting as being another of Hulk Hogan’s mistakes. Taz laughed that Hogan’s world was crumbling around him. The Announce Team then switched gears and looked at the changed life of A.J. Styles. Taz offered Styles a spot inside Aces and Eights. Mole? James Storm and A.J. Styles are on the brink of a war.

“Cowboy” James Storm then came out to a deafening pop from the crowd. Storm talked about how Styles has been acting, lately. Storm officially called out A.J. Styles, as part of Open Fight Night. Styles didn’t show, at first. Styles walked up in the crowd. Storm said he understood how it feels to lose a big one. He told Styles to get it together and get back to business. Storm said they could drink and talk about it or they could fight it out. Storm gave Styles the choice. Styles didn’t move or even blink. Aces and Eights rushed the ring and attacked. It was a 3-on-1 beatdown by DOC, Brisco and Bischoff.

Eric Young rushed to the ring and got annihilated by DOC. They were joined by Kurt Angle. Kurt took out all three gang members. Kurt grabbed the house mic and told the group not to turn his back on Kurt Angle. Kurt called out Aces and Eights for a Six Man Match.

DOC, Bischoff and Brisco vs Kurt Angle, Eric Young and James Storm
Six Man Tag Team Match

Storm and Bischoff to open. Storm threw hard punches and rocked Bischoff. Full Mount Punches by The Cowboy. Storm ran Bischoff into the corner. Bischoff reversed a Whip but Storm with a Forearm. Tag to Eric. EY punched away Bischoff. Bischoff with a Clothesline to the Showboating Eric. Brisco took the tag and Corner Thrusted EY. Flair Flip by EY into a Slide under nad Punch. Flying Forearm by EY. 2 count. EY ran Brisco into the corner and tagged Kurt. Kurt punched away and then stomped Brisco. Kurt spat at DOC and Bischoff. Running Back Elbow by Kurt and tag to Eric. EY with a hard kick and punches. Brisco was rushed into the corner. Eric rallied the crowd and kicked away. Scoop Slam by EY into an Elbow Drop. 2 count, again. Brisco reversed a Whip. Clothesline by Brisco after a distraction from Bischoff. Tag to Garett. Bischoff ran EY into the corner and allowed DOC to tag in. Time for another break.

Brisco had EY trapped in a Rear Chin Lock. Jawbreaker by EY and tag to Storm. Storm went after all three opponents. Flying Neckbreaker by Storm. DOC pulled Storm down by the hair. Brisco stomped away and tagged in DOC. Corner Splash by DOC. DOC choked Storm on the middle ropes. Cheap Shot by Bischoff. 2 count, one more time. Double Underhook Butterfly Suplex by DOC. 1-2-no. Tag to Bischoff. Storm started to fight back but took a hard Back Elbow. Bischoff clubbed the back and then face of Storm. Brisco tagged in and Double Teamed Storm. Taz said Bischoff and Brisco will soon be the Tag Team Champions. Brisco with a Snap Suplex for 2. Rear Chin Lock by Brisco. Storm got to his feet but Brisco threw him back down.

Tag by DOC. DOC with repeated body shots. He did learn a few things from the Undertaker, when he was Luke Gallows. Storm with a Flying Forearm. Both men were down and exhausted. Tags to Brisco and Kurt. Kurt went ballistic on everyone, including Supleex to all three opponents. AngleSlam on Brisco. D’Lo Brown came out to distract. Bischoff wrapped a chain around his fist but Kurt ducked and locked in the AngleLock. Brisco, who was the legal man, with the School Boy to pin a surprised Kurt Angle.

Your Winners: Aces and Eights (Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and DOC)
Grade: B- (80%)

Bully Ray led the team in a toast to the other members of Aces and Eights. Ra then talked with Mr. Anderson. He couldn’t believe that Jeff would have the b*lls to call out Ken. Ken told Ray that Jeff wouldn’t be wrestling in Corpus. Ken was ready to lose his freakin’ mind and destroy Jeff Hardy. Ray and Devon cackled as the Main Event was on deck.

Impact talked about X-Division Evolution. There is a 230 pound weight limit and all title matches are Triple Threat Battles. The loser is out of the title picture. One Night Only X-Travanganza…an all X-Division Pay Per View. Mason Andrew, Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams will battle to get in the X-Division title picture. Yes! Petey is back!

Taz said it wouldn’t matter what the stipulation was that Jeff Hardy picked. He was confident that Bully Ray would overcome. The announcers sent it back to Lockdown, where Bully Ray turned on everyone and “stole” the World title from Jeff Hardy, after a hammer shot.

Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy

Ken with a mouth full of water. He didn’t get to use it as Jeff kicked away. Ken came back with hard punches . Flying Head Scissors, out of the corner, by Hardy. Hardy with a Sling Through Dropkick.; Clothesline, off the apron. Hardy partied with the crowd. Ken and Jeff got on the ramp and Ken choked Jeff on the middle rope. Jeff Back Dropped Ken back into the ring as Impact took their last break of the night. (maybe).

Ken worked over Jeff’s arm. Ken used an Alabama Slam on Jeff, during the break. Anderson was determined to destroy the arm. Hardy with wild punches. Flying Armbreaker by Ken. 1-2-no. Stand Over Arm Bar by Ken. Jeff started punching away and used a Japanese Arm Drag to throw Ken across the ring. The twp traded punches. Hardy with the Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drop. Modified Frog Splash by Jeff for two. Green Bay Plunge by Ken for a two. Back Elbow by Hardy. Jeff missed the Whisper in the Wind. 2 counts only for Ken. The ref tried to pull Ken back. Ken got the hammer from Bischoff. Twist of Fate by Ken. Jeff had the hammer and cracked Ken in the ribs. He then blasted Garett Bischoff. Jeff then went and got some chairs. Hardy took one of the chairs and cracked Ken in the back with it.

Your Winner (by DQ): Mr. (Ken) Anderson.
Grade: B (84%)

Hardy vaulted off a chair to take out Ken. Hardy then went and got a table from under the ring. Hardy set up the table as the crowd went seriously wild. Hardy then found a ladder! Hardy set up the ladder as Earl Hebner begged Hardy to stop. Ken tried to fight back and Suplex Hardy through the table. Jeff with another Twist of Fate. Jeff put Ken on the table and went up the ladder. He screamed at the Creatures. Bully Ray slid in the ring to make the save. Jeff said that in Corpus Christi it would be a Full Metal Mayhem Match (Tables, Ladder and Chairs)!


–Jay Shannon

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