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The Balance of Power has definitely swung towards the Dark Side. There is a New World Champion and he is the Leader of Aces and Eights! Yes, you read that correctly.

Welcome to Chi Town! It’s the first of the On The Road series. This is the beginning of an all-new era, in more ways than one.

Lockdown Highlights showcased Bully Ray pulling a major swerve. He identified himself as the President of Aces and Eights! This came after he defeated Jeff Hardy to become the World Champ. He did have a bit of help from his brother, Devon. Devon gave Ray the hammer that he cracked Hardy with. Ray screamed at the Hogans that he used and screwed them.

The Sears Center was packed with wild fans. The announce team were back to ringside in an Old School style of announcing. Taz crowed about Bully Ray being the President and the World Champion.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerero, Jr and Hernandez
World Tag Team Title Match

Aces and Eights rushed the ring and beat down on Chavo and Hernandez. Seriously? D’Lo even got shots in.

Your Winners: No Match
Grade: N/A

Devon said the Chicago fans should sit down and shut the Hell up. Devon said he told everyone that Aces and Eights were taking over. Devon introduced the new World Champ and his brother, Bully Ray. Ray came out to Aces and Eights music. Taz just oozed about Bully Ray. Taz and Ray had time for a hug. D’Lo had Ray’s official Aces and Eights vest. Ray led the group in an Eights hand sign. Ray took the stick and the title belt. Ray wanted to know if the people knew who he is. Ray admitted that he used Sting, screwed Brooke (Hogan) and made a fool out of Hulk Hogan. Ray also felt he made a fool out of all the fans, as well. Ray said he manipulated everyone for nine months. Ray bragged about blasting Jeff Hardy in the back of the head. Ray said plans got changed, mid stream, due to Hulk Hogan. Ray mocked Hulk for the talk he gave him prior to the match. The fans chanted for “Hogan”. Ray said he couldn’t give a damn about Hulk’s advice. Ray put Aces and Eights above the n.W.o.. Ray dared Hulk to come out and fire him and Aces and Eights. Ray said with Aces and Eights, you never walk alone.

Sting was livid, backstage. Sting said Bully was digging TNA’s grave. Sting was ready to take care of Bully. He went to find Hulk.

Impact looked at Taryn Terrill getting into it with Gail Kim. Velvet Sky kept her Knockout Tag Title.

Gail Kim and Tara (w/Jessie) vs Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Gail said she was happy that Brooke Hogan put Taryn on probation for her actions, on Sunday. Tara was announced as being from Chi-Town. I have to think my “brother”, Rick, is one extremely happy camper, right now.

Sky spun Gail into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Gail. Trip by Sky into a Japanese Arm Drag. Clothesline by Sky. Sky almost went to the wrong corner. Tag to Mickie. Rolling Leg Slam by the faces. Mickie ran Gail into the corner and nailed a Body Kick. Mickie blasted Tara. Enziguri by Mickie for two. Whip reversed and Tara kicked Mickie in the back. Impact went o a break.

Tara took the tag and ran Mickie into the corner. Mickie punched and elbowed out of the Evil Zone. Tarantula by Tara. Taryn forced the break. Gail with a Cheap Shot as Taryn ws distracted. Gail rolled Mickie back into the ring. 2 count. Gail tagged in. Double Blanchard Slingshot Suplex for a two. Gail choked Mickie in the corner. Gail got in Taryn’s face. Mickie with a Hurancanrana. Nice. Double Clotheslines.

Velvet and Tara with tags. Sky went off on both Tara and Gail. Tilt-a-Whirl Side Russian Leg Sweep. Gail rushed into the ring. Gail got right in Taryn’s face. Gail shoved Taryn down with the Pie Face. Call for the Bell! Nope. Taryn slapped Gail. Mickie took down Gail. Widow’s Peak by Tara , on Mickie. In Your Face by Velvet to score the pin fall.

Your Winners: Velvet Sky and Mickie James
Grade: B- (81%)

Aces and Eights had a big time pow wow, in the back. Ray said he didn’t think Hogan had the B*lls to fire them. Ray toasted the crew. Ray called his wife, Brooke, and it went straight to Voice Mail. Yawn.

The first promo for Slammiversary, in Boston, ran. It will be on June 2nd. I will be in the Boston area, later that same month.

Hulk Hogan was asked for his thoughts. “Not right now”.

Robbie E vs Rob Terry

Rob came out to a Star Trekian type theme music. Robbie grabbed the microphone and told Rob to hang on. Robbie said Rob’s win, at Lockdown, was a fluke. Robbie tried to jump Rob but the man from the UK just stood his ground. Biel from Hell into a Lift Drop. Running Back Elbow by Rob. Stall Suplex into a Powerslam. Powerbomb off the Torture Rack position.

Your Winner: Rob Terry
Grade: B (84%)

Rob Terry danced to music that sounded like it was taken from a 70s edition of Benny Hill.

In the back, Sting walked up to Hulk’s office and knocked. Nothing was said as Impact went to break.

Aces and Eights looked over all the Impact merchandise. They opened a program to find their next victim.

Sting wanted to talk to Hulk. Hogan blamed Sting for the whole Bully Ray thing. Sting begged Hulk not to fire Aces and Eights. Sting wanted to face Bully Ray. Hulk said he trusted Sting and things have fallen apart. Hulk said the movie was over and so was Sting. He ordered Sting to get out of his office. Hogan said Sting makes him sick.

Taz was tickled pink about the trouble in Paradise. It was time to look at the troubled A.J. Styles. Styles would make a statement, next.

Todd got several Blues Brothers quotes in.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries came up and continued to blame Sting for the Bully Ray/Aces and Eights thing. They kept pushing Sting’s buttons. Aries blamed Sting for them not being able to wrestle. Sting was ready to face either Roode or Austin. Roode took off and Aries both put in the match with Sting.

Christy Hemme welcomed back A.J. Styles. She was wearing a ultra skimpy top that just countered my blood pressure meds. Sigh. Music rang out but Styles was a No Show. Instead, Kazarian and Daniels came out in Road Warriors outfits. I love it. Kaz was Animal and Daniels was Hawk. Too cool. Kaz said it was Throwback Thursday. Daniels did a fantastic Hawk imitation. Daniels said the original Hawk and Animal were fake tough guys. He called himself and Kaz the Ring Warriors and the Legion of Boom. ..Oh What a Tush. (Are they talking about Christy?)

Enter James Storm. Storm said he was tire dof listening to them running their mouths. Storm said the LoD were a lot more over than B-I would ever be. Storm said he wanted one of Bad Influence and he didn’t care which one.

“Cowboy” James Storm vs Christopher Daniels

Hip Toss by Storm. Whip by Storm into a Back Body Drop. Daniels went for a kick but took a shot ot the face. Storm ran Daniels into Kaz and almost got the pin. Kaz tripped Storm. Kick by Daniels. Daniels stomped down on Storm, in the corner. Hammer Throw by Daniels. Daniels jumped on Storm’s back. Kneelifts by Daniels Inverted Bear Hug by Daniels.

Storm with Back Elbows. Snap Mare by Daniels into a Springboard Moonsault. 1-2-no. Daniels punched away on Storm who threw back. Daniels whipped Storm but got an Inverted Atomic Drop delivered to him. Eye of the Storm but Daniels escaped. Uranage Slam by Daniels. BME missed. Closing Time (Code Breaker). Storm went after Kaz. Back Stabber by Storm for the win.

Your Winner: “Cowboy” James Storm
Grade: B (84%)

Daniels and Kazarian double teamed Storm until A.J. Styles rushed the ring and went to town on Kaz. Kaz and Daniels took off like scalded dogs. Daniels and Kaz looked like they saw a ghost. Styles then took out Storm with a Clothesline! What the Heck?

Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco was then profiled. It was a top tier match. Kurt seemed to have won the match, twice, but got disqualified for attacking Brian Hebner. In the hallway, Aces and Eights mugged Kurt Angle.

Joseph ark came out in a suit. Park was in his hometown. Park has new music and graphics. Taz didn’t feel that Joseph belonged in wrestling. Taz made fun of Park’s large head. Park was thrilled to be home. Park couldn’t believe that he won at Lockdown. Park reflected on the highlights of his life. Park brought up the Cubs (huge round the boos). He also brought up the Blackhawks (Hockey). Park said he couldn’t wait for what was next…

Matt Morgan stormed from the back. Be careful what you ask for. Morgan stepped over the top rope and demanded a microphone. Morgan taunted Hulk for the Bully Ray mistake. Morgan said Joseph Park was Hulk’s biggest TNA mistake. Park looked ready to fight. Morgan called Park “a clown”. He called Park “An Abortion to the sport of wrestling”. Morgan said he was ready to start eliminating Hulk’s mistakes, staring with Joseph Park. Morgan ordered Park to get the Hell out of “His” ring. Park thought about it and started to leave. Morgan went a bit too far when he insulted Chicago. “Kick his *ss” was muffled by the censors but it was still pretty clearly heard. Park said people from Chicago don’t back down from a fight. Park said he was ready to fight.

Joseph Park vs Matt Morgan

Morgan was surprised that Park would step up. Morgan said they would fight…on his time. Morgan then started to leave. Carbon Footprint!

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Grade: N/A

Morgan blew his nose on Joseph Park. Morgan said they would fight…next week.

Aces and Eights felt good about taking out Kurt Angle. Bully Ray talked about taking out three guys. Ray urged Hulk to fire them, if he had the b*lls. Ray said it was time to take out everyone.

Impact had a meltdown after Lockdown. Ray said he never loved Brooke or Hulk, he just used them.

Sting vs Austin Aries

Aries and Roode know wear shirts that read “Dirty Heels”. The crowd exploded as Sting arrived for the match.

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Aries shoved Sting, who shoved back. Hammerlock by Aries into a Back Heel Trip and Ride. Aries hopped up on the top rope to pose. Aries with a Side Headlock. Sting lifted Aries and placed Aries on the top rope. Aries tried to pose but got kicked in the ribs, several times. Stinger Splash only partially connected. Aries went to the floor.

Sting caught Aries’ foot and hit an Inverted Atomic Drop. Roode tripped Sting and brought him to the floor. Sting took out Roode and hit the Stinger Splash on the railing. Aries flew off the top turnbuckle, only to crash into Roode. Sting threw Aries into the steel barricade. Impact took a break.

Sting repeatedly beat on Aries. Taz complained that Sting has been breaking the rules. Tenay gave him grief about his words. Sting with hard punches and a La Bandera Clothesline. Sting went after Roode, as well. Roode was ejected from the ringside area. Roode was ready to fight the ref. Aries kicked the ropes up into Sting’s nether regions. Suicide Dive by Aries. Aries rolled Sting back into the ring. Jumping Elbow Drop by Aries. 1-2-no.

Aries kicked Sting in the ribs. Aries boxed Sting and then Snap Mared the Icon. Missile Dropkick to the back of Sting’s head. 2 count, again. Yakuza Kick to Sting’s back. 2 count. Aries punched away at Sting’s ribs. Sting began to fight back with chops and kicks. Aries with a Dropkick to Sting’s knee. Aries dropped his weight on Stng’s injured leg. Single Leg Crab Stomp by Aries. Bell Ringer by Aries but Sing went wild on Aries. Sting missed a Dropkick. Aries went for the Sharpshooter but couldn’t figure out how to apply it. Sting kicked Aries away. Sting opened up on Aries with more hard shots. Discus Clothesline that 360’d Aries. Sting then went to show Aries how to apply the Deathlock/Sharpshooter. Aries snapped Sting on the ropes and hit a Missile Dropkick> Sting completely No Sold it. Aries mocked Sting and then freaked when he saw Sting. Gorilla Press Slam by The Stinger. Stinger Splash missed. Running Corner Dropkick by Aries did connect. Aries with a Stinger Splash. Aries wanted the Brainbuster but Sting countered it into the Scorpions Death Drop. 1—2—Seriously? Stinger Splash. Scorpion Deathlock!

Aces and Eights rushed the ring and attacked Sting. Bully Ray told the boys to hold up Sting. Bully Ray told Sting that he used Sting. Ray then taunted his father-in-law, Hulk Hogan. Ray waned to know if the people would remember them. Ray wanted to know where Hulk was. Impact went to break…

Your Winner (by DQ): Sting
Grade: A- (90%)

Ray was still bellowing for Hulk Hogan. Suddenly, Hogan’s music went off and the Immortal One arrived on the scene. The crowd went nuts for Hulk. Hulk was on crutches. Hulk said firing Aces and Eights would be the coward’s way out. Hulk said Hogan would get his revenge, sooner or later. Hulk called for the TNA Roster to ban together to take on Aces and Eights. The Locker Room cleared out and all Hell Broke Loose. Just about everyone possible was in the ring. Rob Terry, Joseph Park, Samoa Joe, RVD, Magnus, and so many others were throwing big bombs. Kurt Angle was getting beaten down, on the outside. Bully went after Kurt. Jeff Hardy was laid out. THE TNA Team was getting pretty much decimated by Aces and Eights. The TNA people began to rally and went after the outlaw gang. Hernandez was taken down. Ray cracked Rob Terry with a microphone and threw him out. Ray screamed at Hogan and then whipped everyone with a steel chain. Ray then started moving towards his father-in-law. Ray said they just took out Hogan’s troops. Ray wanted to know what Hogan was going to do…now. It went to black.


–Jay Shannon

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