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Brock Lesnar had an answer for Triple H’s challenge. Would he face The Game or wimp out? Plus, the WWE paid tribute to one of their own with a night filled with memories of the late, great Paul Bearer.

A Respect Tribute ran for Paul Bearer (William Moody). I was ready to cry from the moment they mentioned that they were going to pay tribute to him. Of all the unique characters to ever step through a curtain, he will always be my favorite. God Bless you, Paul/Percy. May your rest be peaceful. The Gong sounded as both a Tribute to Paul and to herald the arrival of his most famous charge, The Undertaker. The infamous Urn was placed on a pedestal in the center of the ring. Taker knelt before the urn as the “In Memory Of” graphic went up on the Tron.

Are You Kidding Me? Punk interrupted this? Seriously? This is just beyond wrong. The fans exploded with their hatred towards the disrespectful jerk. Punk said people misunderstood his actions. Punk sent out his condolences…to Taker’s loss…at Wrestlemania. Punk said Paul will always remember Taker as being undefeated at Wrestlemania. Punk was certain he would be making the record 20-1. The crowd was ballistic on Punk. That was the most ridiculous thing that I have ever seen. If it weren’t for doing this recap, I would turn off Raw…right now.

During the break, Kane’s fire went off. Kane rushed out and went for a Chokeslam. Punk got free and ran off as Kane went for revenge for his late “father”. Kane exploded through the backstage area. Kane demanded to see Punk. Kane threw one guy over a table and stormed off.

Big Show came out for the first match of the night. Show has shaved off most of his mustache and most of his goatee. Last Monday, The Shield attacked Big Show, after Raw went off the air. Face Turn for The Giant?

Big Show vs Seth Rollins

Roman and Dean were at ringside as Big Show threw Seth into the corner and kicked away. Seth dodged a charging Show and tried to punch away. Show threw Seth out to the floor. Show then went out and threw Roman into the barricade. It became a 3-on-1 beat down, both outside and inside the ring.

Your Winner (by DQ): The Big Show
Grade: D (64%)

Sword of Justice Triple Powerbomb to Big Show!

Vickie and Brad were in their office as C.M. Punk stormed in. Punk said he didn’t know why Kane attacked him. Vickie said Punk disrespected the memory of Paul Bearer. Vickie put Punk in a No DQ match against Kane. Yeah! Kick his tattooed tushie, Kane.

2/16/1991: The Debut of Paul Bearer. Brother Love brought in Paul Bearer to guide The Undertaker.

Raw is going to look back at several Paul moments.

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph went after Daniel’s arm. Underhook Throw by Daniel. Shoulder Tackle by Daniel. Flying Surfboard by Daniel. Daniel slid back to almost pin Dolph. European Uppercut by Bryan. Dolph with a Dropkick. Daniel with hard kicks, in the corner. Whip by Daniel into a Running Dropkick. 1-2-no. Daniel snapped the arm, several times. Daniel stomped on Dolph’s twisted arm. Daniel flipped Dolph over the ropes and to the floor. Big E got on the apron to prevent a Daniel Suicide Dive. Raw went to break.

Dolph with the Headstand Rear Chin Lock. Daniel with a Slingshot to send Dolph crashing into the corner. Daniel with brutal kicks and a Turnbuckle Run. Flying Clothesline by Daniel. Big Boot by Doph. Dolph kicked out of a Roll Out at two. Daniel with a flurry of incredible kicks to garner a two count. Daniel climbed to the top turnbuckle but Dolph tripped him. Daniel slid off the ropes and Crotched Dolph on the top turnbuckle. Daniel went for a Back Drop Superplex but Dolph turned, in mid air! 2 count. Daniel went for a Hurancanrana but Dolph with the Famouser after dropping Daniel onto the top rope. Another fantastic match.

Crossfaces by Dolph. Daniel went for the No Lock. Big E pulled Dolph to the ropes as A.J. distracted the ref. Daniel went after Big E. Dolph tried for the sneak attack. No Lock, again! Dolph spun out and hit the Zig Zag to take the win.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Grade: A (95%)

After the match, A.J. gave Big E a look and he picked up Daniel for the Big Finish!

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler took a long look at the Triple H vs Brock Lesnar feud.

The WWE Slam of the Week was Honky Tonk Man dancing with the Monster Dance Factory. Heath Slater also took a guitar shot to the skull from HTM.

Sweet T vs Fandango (maybe)

The former Tensai screamed for Fanny to bring his Fanny out to battle him. Again, Fanny refused to come to the ring. Fanny said Tensai was a disgrace to the world of dance. He called Brodus and Tensai an abomination. Again he pulled the name thing. Fanny demanded that Naomi introduce him. Naomi took the microphone but Tensai cut her off. Fanny danced with his female sidekick to the back.

Your Winner: Sweet T (because Fanny is a coward)
Grade: N/A

A trailer/inside look at the new G.I. Joe movie ran. I’m sure my grandsons will be wanting to see that action flick. I’m more into Zombies than tanks.

Wrestlemania XX (2004): The Return of Paul Bearer!

Team Rhodes Scholars vs The New Age Outlaws

Damien did a horrible imitation of the New Age Outlaws. Cody screwed it up, as well. Their two words were “You’re Welcome!” Road Dogg then showed them how it’s done! Dogg even dedicated it to Percy (Paul). Yeah, Baby!

Cody and Dogg to start. Dogg went after the arm. Kneelift by Cody into a Whip. Dogg with the Flip, Flop and Fly! Dogg popped Damien. Disaster Kick by Cody…

Brock Lesnar interrupted the match! Crap! Billy Gunn stood over his stunned partner. Billy tore into Brock but took several Kneelifts. F5! F5 to Road Dogg, as well.

Your Winners: No Contest
Grade: N/A

Paul Heyman took the microphone and said Brock doesn’t play Games. Brock hurts people. Paul ran down the list of victims of Brockie. After Wrestlemania, I think there will be able to change his name to Broke(n) Lesnar. Paul said Brock destroyed all of D-X. Paul said everyone wanted to know if Brock would fight. “Yes!” was Paul shriek. Paul said Brock would only fight HHH…if they get to name the stipulations. Paul said HHH would have to sign the contract before the stipulations were announced. Paul taunted HHH, saying if he doesn’t accept, he will disappoint everyone including himself. Paul had two words for ya…Brock Lesnar!

Cole and Lawler thanked everyone for making Old School Raw so special.

Kofi Kingston vs Mark Henry

Kofi punched away but Mark with a Headbutt. Corner Splash on Kofi’s back. Bearhug by Mark. Kofi tried to punch free. Mark ran Kofi into the corner. Kofi slipped free but Mark kicked Kofi to the outside! Mark went to the floor and stalked his victim. Kofi dodged a Charge and Mark hit the post. Kofi flew off the steps and took down Mark. Wow! Kofi climbed the ropes and waited. Mark caught a Flying Kofi and planted him with the World’s Strongest Slam!

Your Winner: Mark Henry
Grade: B (84%)

Jerry Lawler talked about being Mark Henry’s first opponent in the WWE, over 15 years ago.

Kaitlyn and Cody talked over the bottled water bin. Cody went to joke with Kaitlyn but Damien spoiled everything. Damien brought in…Brie and Nikki Bella! They are back? Vickie Guerrero came in and said the girls will have to delay their return to the ring. She said Damien Sandow fill have to fight Sheamus and Randy Orton, later.

A sneak peak of Big Show on Psych ran. Big Show is supposedly Bigfoot. The show is done, for a big part, in that darn annoying Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity video shoot. Heck, even the legendary George A Romero (one of my heroes) butchered one of his Dead movies with that crappy first person-look through the lens viewpoint.

Ryback vs Heath Slater

These two used to be partners in Nexus. Mark Henry watched from the top of the ramp. Gorilla Press Drop by Ryback. Clothesline by Ryback. Heath did get a few pathetic punches in. Meat Hook into Shell Shocked!

Your Winner: Ryback
Grade: C (74%)

Drew McIntyre rushed the ring and got Shell Shocked. Mark Henry walked into the right and nailed Drew. Ryback with another Shell Shocked on Drew. Mark with a World’s Strongest Slam on Drew. The two stared icily at each other over the nearly-lifeless form of McIntyre. Medics and other assorted personnel rushed down to usher out the destroyed Scotsman.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez walked backstage. There is a Champion vs Champion match, on deck.

I so hope they end tonight’s show by announcing that Paul Bearer is going into the Hall of Fame.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talked about the various WWE films. That led to the trailer for The Call. It has a feel of Taken. I reallyt want to see this one. It looks like the best thing that WWE films has done.

Antonio Cesaro vs Alberto Del Rio
Champion vs Champion

Ricardo did a great introduction of his amigo, Alberto. Alberto Del Rio is ready to kick the stuffing out Jack Swagger. “Born in Mexico, Made in America”. I like it. The two locked up and Antonio went after the arm. Cesaro kicked and Headbutted ADR. Boots Up into a Hurancanrana by ADR. Forearm Shot by ADR into a Flying Crossbody, from the top. ADR with a hard kick. Cesaro pulled ADR off the ropes. ADR struck his head, on the fall. Cesaro only got a two count. ADR got up but took Kneelifts. Running European Uppercut for a two, by Cesaro. Cesaro blasted ADR in the side of the head. ADR fought out of a Side Headlock. Cesaro with a European Uppercut…to the corner. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Alberto. Superkick by Alberto. 1-2-no. Cesaro got the Si chant going. Cesaro fought out of the Cross Armbreaker. Alberto attacked the kidney and hit the Back Stabber off the ropes, for only two. Alberto went to the top rope and flew…into the European Uppercut. Alberto barely kicked out in time. Antonio lifted Alberto but Alberto slapped on the Cross Armbreaker. Antonio tapped out almost before the move was locked in.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: B+ (87%)

Kane seethed in the interview area. Josh Mathews wanted to discuss Kane’s mindset. Kane held the urn close to his heart. Huge cheers from the fans. Kane was silent as he looked lovingly at the golden urn. He walked off in a silent rage.

1997: Paul Bearer brings out…Kane!

Jerry Lawler said he never heard anyone say a bad word about Paul. I know he was highly respected within the industry. I’ve heard both Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan both speak highly of the man.

A profile piece about The Rock vs John Cena aired.

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Cody Rhoes and Damien Sandow

Damien and Randy to start. Side Headlock by Damien. Universal into a Back Elbow by Orton. European Uppercut by Orton into a Suplex. Tag to Sheamus. Battering Ram by Sheamus. Sheamus clubbed the arm but Damien punched Sheamus to the corner. Tag to Cody. Cody with hard kicks. Measured Punch by Sheamus. Rolling Senton by Sheamus for two. Sheamus pulled the nose of Cody. Low Bridge by Damien to send Sheamus to the floor. Running Clothesline, on the floor, by Damien. Cody threw Sheamus back in the ring but couldn’t get the pin. Damien with the tag. Elbow and Knee Drops by Damien. Cody with the tag. Cody with a kick to Sheamus’ face. Knee Strike by Cody. 2 count. Half Shinu Numaki by Cody. Randy yelled for a tag. Kneelift by Cody but Sheamus with a brutal Clothesline. Tag to Orton. Clotheslines by Orton into the Snap Powerslam. Orton with a T Bone Suplex on his former Legacy tag partner. Damien pulled Cody out of the Rope Assisted DDT. Orton attacked Damien, on the floor. Cody sent Orton into the ring post. Cody punched Orton and threw him in. Tag to Damien. Damien brutalized Orton. Side Russian Leg Sweep into the Elbow of Distain. 2 count.

Cody with a tag. Cody stomped Orton’s ribs. Front Drop Suplex by Cody. Again, only a two count. Cody climbed the corner and waited. Orton tripped Cody and then climbed the ropes. Superplex! Both men were hurt on that one. Tag to Sheamus and Daien. Running Shoulder Tackle and Crossfaces. Cody rushed in and got KRO’d. Brogue Kick to Damien!

Your Winners: Randy Orton and Sheamus
Grade: B (84#)

Some fan called this team the Celtic Cobras. I like it.

Chris Jericho will be doing a Highlight Reel with The Miz and Wade Barrett, next.

During the break, The Shield attacked Sheamus and Randy Orton. Seth hit an insane Knee to the Head of Orton. Roman Speared Sheamus. Cole and Lawler wondered if anyone could stop The Shield.

Cole and Lawler sent it to some Touts from the fans about Paul Bearer.

Chris Jericho then came out for the Highlight Reel. If you haven’t checked out Robot Combat League, over on SyFy, you should. It’s just a lot of fun. Jericho ran a clip of Marine 3. Jericho then brought out Miz. Miz shook hands with a fellow host. The two joked about the lack of furniture on the set. Wade Barrett stopped them cold. Wade said Miz wasn’t a real actor. Wade ran a clip of Dead Man Down. Miz mocked Wades accent. Wade bragged about rejecting dozens of offers from Hollywood. Miz wasn’t impressed. Miz talked about how many matches Wade has lost. Miz said Wade was close to losing the Intercontinental title. Wade threatened to take out Jericho when he opened his mouth. Jericho took off his Lite Bite Jacket and reminded Wade that Jericho helped Wade win the first NXT Championship. He also brought it up that he has held the I-C strap on 9 occasions. Jericho said he was ready to make it 10.

Brad Maddox came out and told them to behave. Brad introduced himself and said he had an important announcement. Darn it, I’m out of soda and this segment is putting me to sleep. I need caffeine in the worst way. Brad said Miz and Jericho would fight and the winner gets Wade, next week.

Chris Jericho vs The Miz
Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Title Match

The early moments of the match saw things go back and forth. Miz with a wicked Boot to the skull. Jericho with Knife Edge Chops. Reality Check blocked by Y2J. Running Bulldog by Jericho. Lionsault…into Miz’s knees. Full Body Clothesline blocked. Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho but Miz blocked it. Jericho fought out of the Figure Four nad went after the Walls. Small Package by Miz for two. Jericho applied the Walls in the center of the ring. Miz crawled to wards the ropes and forced the break. Miz fell out of the ring.

Jericho went out and attacked Miz. Jericho threw Miz into Wade! Jericho punched Miz. Wade attacked both men.

Your Winner: No Contest
Grade: B (84%)

It turned into a glorified double team on Wade. Skull Crushing Finale to Wade. Code Breaker to Wade.

Cole sent it to Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez making fun of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. It was just so silly.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter strolled through the back, bumping into people. They were not happy campers.

1995: The missing Yokozuna case. The lights went out and a dress moved from Paul Bearer to Mr. Fuji.

Jack Swagger vs Sin Cara

I so hate Swagger’s new “Patriot” theme. Zeb said he wasn’t in a good mood and neither was Swagger. Zeb said Sin was a problem. Oh,jeez, more racist crap. I’d love to teach Zeb a few words in Spanish…but this IS a family-oriented web site. Zeb called Sin Cara a “Thief”. Shut the Hell up and Wrestle, darn it! Where did I put my pillow and comfy blankie? This crap is putting me to sleep. The crowd agreed with a “Boring” Chant. Swagger lisped out his We The People hatred.

Sin with hard kicks on the Real America. Next week, there will be a Triple Threat Match for the I-C title. Sin with a Slider Dropkick. Sin Cara with a Crossbody, off the top turnbuckle…to the floor. Sin Cara landed badly. Sin with hard kicks, back in the ring. Jak reversed a reversal. Enziguri by Sin. Jack with a Zbig Boot to a Flying Sin Cara. Jack attacked Sin’s left leg. Patriot Lock.

Your Winner: Jack Swagger
Grade: B- (80%)

Alberto Del Rio ran down and attacked Swagger, when he wouldn’t release the move. Alberto trapped Jack in the Cross Armbreaker but Zeb pulled Jack to safety.

Halle Berry was being interviewed but she got a call. It was David Otunga. Halle said she was doing press for The Call. David said he shared the cell number with…Kane. Halle knew it was the crazy man from the Depths of Hell. Kane couldn’t believe that halle wouldn’t be gong on a picnic with him. Halle set off the pyro. Too funny.

The WWE Rewind went back to the opening of tonight’s show when C.M. Punk interrupted the Tribute Segment to Paul Bearer. Kane would come out and threatened to destroy Punk. Punk ran off like a scared rabbit.

Ryback will fight Mark Henry, on Smackdown. Darn it, they should have saved that for Wrestlemania.

C.M. Punk vs Kane
No-Disqualification Match

Kane had the mystical urn in his hands. Kane gently set the urn on a stand and got ready to kick Punk’s sorry butt. Punk with a Suicide Dive, before the bell. Knee Strikes by Punk. Kane with an Uppercut. Kane with Knee Strikes. Kane then threw Punk into the barrier. Kane ran Punk into the ring post. Kane dropped Punk over the barrier. The ref kept his distance. Kane with a hard punch. Kane pitched Punk into the Bullpen and took apart the announce table. Punk nailed Kane with the ring bell. Ax Bomber by Punk. Punk stared at the urn and backed off. Kane blasted Punk with a monitor. Some fan yelled to set Punk on fire. Jeez. Kane put Punk on the apron and beat on Punk, big time. Kneelift by Kane . Kane put Punk on the top rope and popped Punk in the jaw. Punk blocked the Superplex and shoved Kane off the ropes. Savage Elbow by Punk for two.

Punk with sharp kicks to The Big Red Monster. Elevator Knee by Punk. Punk wanted a second one. He got it. Kane pushed out of the Bulldog and threw Punk over the top rope and to the floor. Raw went to break.

Punk slid out of a Powerslam. There was a chair in the ring. Punk dropped Kane but couldn’t bet the pin. Punk wedged the chair between the top and middle rope. Punk punched away. Kane whipped Punk into the chair, back first. Kane with a Clothesline and Corner Whip. Corner Clotheslines into the Sidewalk Slam. La Bandera Clothesline by Punk. Kane came out after Punk. Kane whipped Punk into the barrier. Kane got a chair and then another and threw them into the ring. There were three chairs in the ring. Punk threw Punk back into the ring and picked up a chair. Goozle! Punk DDT’d Kane into the steel chair, off the Chokeslam reversal.1—2—Kick Out! Punk picked up a chair and cracked the ribs and back with it. Punk mocked the Undertaker with the Throat Slice. Goozle. Roundhouse Kick by Punk. Punk called for the GTS.

The Gong sounded and Punk freaked out. Goozle into the Chokeslam! 1—-2—-3!

Your Winner: Kane
Grade: A (94%)

Undertaker came out join his Step-Brother. Taker brought up the graphic. Punk came in, with the urn, and blasted Kane, over and over. Undertaker got in the ring and Punk ran off with the urn. Punk mocked Undertaker’s pose. Undertaker showed some serious anger towards C.M. Punk. Punk just messed up…huge!


–Jay Shannon

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