Posted March 6th, 2013 by Bill Apter

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  1. By Jim, posted

    Just went on the net and was greatly saddened by the news of Paul Bearer’s passing. He with the Undertaker were long time favorites of mine. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but wish I had. He truly seemed like a real genuine person to me. I am a longtime reader of his website and remember when he first started it, he had a ask Percy (his other persona) feature. Several times I asked him a question and each time he personally answered them. I was thrilled each time he did, like a kid in a candy shop even though I am a grown man.The manager of the Undertaker would actually take the time to answer my questions. WOW!!!! I was saddened when I would read his accounts of his wifes batlle and later loss to cancer on his website. He just seemed like such a genuine,caring person in the way he shared his loss with the world that it was heartbreaking. If any members of his family should happen to see this they have my deepest condolences and remember to take comfort in the fact he is with his beloved Dianna once again.RIP Paul/Percy You are true legend who will be greatly missed

  2. By Neil Raines, posted

    Bill, I mentioned this somewhere else , but if WWE does not bring out the Brothers of Destruction to salute Paul Monday, this whole thing will be a waste.

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