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TNA crossed back over to the States, this week. More pieces of the upcoming Lockdown puzzle were placed.

The show opened with the Flashback segment. Aces and Eights were highly profiled. Sting will pick several partners to face Aces and Eights. Bully Ray got the Number One Contender spot given to him by his “Father-in-Law” (Hulk Hogan). Ray and Sting were supposed to team with Hulk, but Aces and Eights took out Hulk’s knee.

Brooke and Bully showed up but wouldn’t talk much. Brooke said Hulk was doing better but he was, at home, healing. Ray was done talking.

Gut Check returned to the Impact Zone, this week.

Bully Ray stormed from the back. Taz was nowhere to be found. Ray took the microphone and said it was pretty damn cool to be back in the Impact Zone. Ray was also very p*ssed off. Ray talked about all the people that Aces and Eights have taken out and how they ruined the Wedding. Ray swore to God that he was going to get Devon and the rest of Aces and Eights.

Ray then wanted to speak to Jeff Hardy. He introduced Hardy, which got a huge pop. Jeff gets weirder looking, each and every week. Hardy took forever to get in the ring. He bumped fists with Ray. Hardy got a deafening pop. Ray never thought they would be fighting over the World Title. Ray said he didn’t feel right about this title shot. He didn’t want to get the nod, just because he is Hulk’s son-in-law. Ray wasn’t sure this was the way he wanted to get a title shot. He wasn’t sure he was the right guy to face Hardy. “You deserve it!” rang out from some guy in the crowd. Hardy said it felt good to be back in the Zone. Hardy said he was glad that Hogan chose Ray to face him.

Hardy was cut off by the arrival of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Kaz said Ray shouldn’t feel good about getting the title shot. Kaz said “Thunderlips” gave this to Ray. Kaz took shots at Brooke Hogan. Daniels said the only person who doesn’t deserve to be in the title match more than Ray was Jeff. Daniels ordered Jeff and Ray to get out of the ring. Ray snatched the mike out of Daniels’ hand. He also took the Appletini and chugged it. . He didn’t swallow it. He just spit it back in the glass and then threw it into Daniels’ face. The fight was on. Ray said he had an idea: Bad Influence vs Hardy and Ray, tonight.

Sting was in the office, going over names. Magnus said one of the names on the list should be his. Magnus said he was a mentee, under Sting. Magnus wanted to be a part of both Team TNA and Team Sting. Magnus wanted to know why the Hell not, as it relates to him being on Sting’s team.

Gail Kim watched the next match. She will get the winner of this battle, at Lockdown.

Velvet Sky vs Tara (w/Jessie)
Knockout Title Match

Impact showed Gail eliminating Tara, last week, in the Knockout title match. They then showed Velvet pinning Gail.

Taryn called for the bell. Shoulder Thrusts by Tara. Hair Toss by Tara. 2 count, several times, by Tara. Sky with a Leg Shot and Big Boot. Flying Clotheslines and a Back Elbow by Sky. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors by Velvet. Velvet got in Jessie’s face. Spear by Sky 1-2—Jessie pulled Sky out. Taryn ejected him as Tara with a shot on Sky. In all the chaos, Velvet nailed the In Your Face!

Your Winner: Velvet Sky
Grade: C (74%)

Austin Aries wondered where Bobby Roode was. Aries said they would face Chavo/Hernandez and Daniels/Kazarian, at Lockdown. Chavo came in and challenged Aries…to face Hernandez.

Kenny King was interviewed. King was asked where he goes from here (after losing to RVD, recently). King wanted to talk with RVD. King told RVD that he was better than him. RVD said he would give King another shot. If King loses, he’s gone from the X-Division. King agreed with the idea.

Austin Aries vs Hernandez

The two locked up and went to the corner. Aries flipped up onto the ropes to show off. Hernandez pulled Aries down. Aries clubbed the back. Taz had finally decided to show up. Hernandez blocked a Hip Toss. Hernandez hit one of his own and then a La Bandera Clothesline. Aries blocked the Suicide Dive. Aries tried for a Sunset Flip but Hernandez stood firm. Shoulder Tackle by Hernandez. Aries flew off the ropes and ended up in Hernandez’ arms. Aries fought out of a Powerbomb. Suicide Dive by Aries. Aries went back in and hit an Ax Bomber off the top to the floor. Snap Mare by Aries into a Double Stomp. Aries danced on the ropes and went for a Frog Splash. He missed, big time. Hernandez kicked Aries away and hit the Springboard Shoulder. Gorilla Press Drop by Hernandez. Aries escaped the Border Toss and hit the Discus Forearm. Pounce by Hernandez. Aries ended up on the floor.

Aries started to take off but Hernandez caught him and brought him back. Hernandez took the World Tag Title belt. Aries had something in his Forearm Pas and used it to knock out Hernandez.

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Grade: B (84%)

Joseph Park now knew what a rib was. Park had a big pan of ribs. Park demanded to be on the team. Sting saw Matt Morgan and asked him to join Team TNA. Morgan thought maybe Hogan was behind this. Morgan flatly refused to be a part of Team TNA.

Rob Van Dam vs Kenny King
X-Division Title Match

Side Headlock by King. Push Off by RVD. King with RVD’s Back Roll. Side Headlock Takedown by RVD. RVD went back to the Side Headlock. RVD stopped a Universal and hit a Bridging German Suplex that was off the charts. King Dropkicked RVD, in the back, when RVD showed off. King missed a Corkscrew Plancha and RVD nailed a Thrust Kick. RVD rammed King into the ring apron. RVD placed King on the barricade and hit the Legdrop. Both men were down and stunned. Break time.

Jawbreaker by RVD. Back Roll by RVD. King went for a pin but only got two. Snap Rolling Suplex by King for two. King stomped RVD and then Kneed him. Whip by King. Big Boot and Rolling Body Scissors, by RVD, for a two count. Rolling Monkey Flip but King landed on his feet. Rolling Heel Kick by RVD. Rolling Thunder! RVD took way too long on the top and missed the 450 Splash. King thought he got the pin but RVD got out at the last moment. RVD was so out of it. Royal Flush by King. 1-2—3!

Your Winner (and New X-Division Champ): Kenny King
Grade: A- (91%)

Sting and Kurt Angle talked, backstage. Kurt wanted to see the list of potential Team TNA members. Kurt couldn’t believe one of Sting’s choices. Sting said he needed to take a chance.

Todd sent it to a replay of the injured Hulk Hogan being brought out by Aces and Eights. Sting was then decimated by Aces and Eights. Hulk Hogan had to have knee surgery, after the attack. Taz just mocked the nasty scar on the leg.

The majority of Aces and Eights strolled out to the ring. Devon had the microphone. He addressed Sting. Devon didn’t believe Sting could put together a team to face Aces and Eights. Devon accused Sting of drinking Hogan’s Kool-aid. Devon insulted the fans. Typical Heel Crap. Devon said he and his “brothers” would dominate TNA. Knox, DOC, Anderson and Bischoff would join Devon at Lockdown. The crowd busted into a “You Suck” chant. Devon said Sting’s team would be slaughtered…

Enter The Icon, Sting. Sting said he was ready to Testify. The first Team TNA member was Samoa Joe. The next teammate was “Cowboy” James Storm. Member three was Sting. Number Four was…Magnus. I really like Magnus’ new “Victory” shirt. The final member of the quintet was an out of the box choice. Anderson wanted to know who it was. The fifth person was “Showtime”…”Showtime” Eric Young! EY hit the ring and started kicking butt, left and right. Yeah! This match is going to be awesome!

Ivelisse Velez, formerly from WWE, was this month’s Gut Check contestant. She is from Puerto Rico. Ivelisse has adopted a more MMA style. Ivelisse talked about losing her relationship with her mother, due to wrestling. She has since rebuilt her relationship with her mom. Ivelisse was extremely confident. She will get her shot, next.

Aces and Eights had a meltdown, in the parking lot. Kurt decided to follow the renegade group.

Lei’d Tapa was profiled. She is the niece of The Barbarian. She trained with her uncle. Tapa talked about her desire. Tapa wanted to share her dream with others.

Lei’D Tapa vs Ivelisse Velez
Gut Check Challenge

Velez cancelled an MMA fight to be available for this match. I have to say that I prefer Tapa in this one. She has the energy and look of a vicious lady wrestler. To Hell with the terms Knockout and Diva, this is a Woman Wrestler. Velez tried some early offense but it fell short. Velez with an Arm Drag off a Flying Goozle. Guillotine Choke by Velez but Tapa threw her off. Velez went into a modified Rear Naked Choke. Tapa powered out. Velez with hard kicks. Thrust Kick by Tapa. Tapa threw Velez into the ropes and nailed a Clothesline. Scoop Slam by Tapa. Velez punched away but a Headbutt laid Velez out. Whip by Tapa to the corner. A second Whip by Tapa. Velez slid out of the path of the Charge. Slider DDT by Velez. Clotheslines by Velez. Hurancanrana by Velez. Tapa with a Samoan Drop. 2 count only. Tapa was careless with her cover. Triangle Choke by Velez. Tapa tried to stand up to break the grip. Tap Out!

Your Winner: Ivelisse Velez
Grade: C+ (77%)

Austin Aries found Jeff Hardy, in the back. Aries said he was pulling for Jeff Hardy in the World Title Match. Aries tried to stir the pot by saying Bully Ray had Hogan in his pocket, like Jeff used to have him.

A.J. Styles Update

Wendy Jones (Styles’ wife) was interviewed. Jay Oliver, a friend, said the new A.J. is not the man he grew up with. Wendy wondered if the stories about Styles were true when she started to see the changes. Jay said Styles needed to be back with his family. A scruffy Styles walked into his house. He said “You guys just don’t get it, do you?” He took off on a Quad Runner.

The dissolution of Team Robbie was the next area to be focused on. Rob Terry broke free from Robbie E, in London. Robbie E was then standing in center ring. Robbie said that sometimes a Bro has to admit that there is a bigger and better Bro. Robbie asked Rob Terry to come to the ring. Rob came out to the Robbie music. Robbie E took the servant position for Rob Terry. Robbie said he crossed the line when he slapped Rob, last week. Robbie realized that he risked their friendship. Robbie wanted to show Rob how much Rob meant to him. Robbie said Rob was the Better Bro. Robbie wanted another Bro Off.

Robbie E vs Rob Terry
Bro Off

The music went and Robbie started his bizarre dance routine. Robbie said he would leave the ring to let Rob give the fans what they wanted. Rob peeled off his sweater and did a Flex Dance thing. Robbie slid in and cracked the VIP sign over Rob’s head. Rob freaked out and Robbie bailed. The VIP Sign was destroyed, as was the team of the Two Robbies.

Austin Aries said he was there to pull for Ray. Ray saw through the B.S.. Ray said he knew a lot about tag team wrestling so Aries should just stay in the tag division. “Wise *ss” was Ray’s final comment.

Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray both felt this might be the best Cage Match, ever.

Kurt Angle was ready to take the fight to Aces and Eights. He broke into the Clubhouse. Taz was tripping out.

Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Ray yelled at Taz, as he went past. Ray said he hasn’t forgotten about Taz. Taz still claimed that he was like Teflon. Ray and Daniels to start. Lock Up and a Kneelift and Knife Edge Chop by Daniels. Clothesline to a showboating Daniels. Headbutts to Daniels’ chest and a Gunshot Open Hand Slap. Ray with a second one. Back Body Drop on a charging Kaz. Tag to Kaz and Double Suplex. Gangham Style dance. Double Clothesline by Ray, who did his own little dance. Double Punches into Dual Bionic Elbows. Nice Double Team Neckbreaker by Jeff and Ray. Break time.

Hardy was in the ring and he flipped Kaz into the ring. Double team on Kaz. Whip Splash by Ray. Poetry in Motion. Daniels crashed into Kaz. Hardy then Whipped Ray into Daniels. Kaz pulled Jeff down to avoid a second Poetry in Motion. Daniels ran Jeff into Kaz’s boot. Daniels stomped away and then tagged in Kaz. Double Whip into some major Double Teaming by the former tag team champs. Kaz pulled back on Hardy’s arms. Hardy Elbowed loose but Kaz threw Hardy into the enemy corner. Daniels with a kick and Headbutt. Legdrop by Kaz. Kaz blasted Ray off the apron. Daniels with a Whip. Whisper in the Wind by Hardy. Ray rallied the crowd.

Ray got the tag and hit a pair of Clotheslines and a Back Body Drop. Hip Toss to Kaz. Uranage Slam to Daniels. Kaz went up top. Rocket Launcher to Kaz and Side Slam to Daniels. Kaz was thrown out. Tag to Hardy. Scoop Slam by Daniels. Kaz tripped Hardy on the top rope. Ray went after Kaz and got snapped on the ropes. Enzigri to Ray. STO on Hardy for two. Bad Influence attacked in the corner. Throw and Big Boot by Ray on Kaz. Electric Chair into the Swanton!

Your Winners: Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray
Grade: B+ (88%)

Elsewhere, Kurt Angle attacked Anderson. He then took a pipe to Devon. Kurt went to town on the V.P. Kurt blasted the V.P with a beer bottle. Kurt response was “Holy S**T, How Could You?”, when he pulled off the V.P.’s mask. We didn’t see who it was. Kurt was then jumped by the rest of Aces and Eights. Who was under that Hood? For some reason, I’m thinking A.J. Styles!


–Jay Shannon

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