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TNA was still over in England, this week. Lockdown is approaching quickly and more pieces of the puzzle were being placed. Plus, Aces and Eights were looking to go to war with a Hall of Fame quality team.

The flashback looked at Jeff Hardy being a target. Hulk Hogan also set four matches to determine the number one contender. The announcement of who would be the Number One Contender wasn’t made, because Aces and Eights came out to complain that they weren’t in the matches. Bully Ray is laid up with a quad injury.

Welcome back to London. There will be two title matches tonight: The X-Division Title and the Knockout Title.

Hulk Hogan came out to a wild pop from the Wembley Stadium crowd. Taz complained about Hulk’s political crap to deny the Aces and Eights a shot at the World title. Hulk said he felt at home, in London. Hulk wasn’t happy that Aces and Eights stuck their noses into TNA business. Hulk said he had come to a decision about who was the man to face Jeff Hardy…Bully Ray! Seriously? Taz was about to rupture a blood vessel in his anger over this choice. Ray stumbled over his words. Ray said he was injured and tore his quad muscle, partially, a couple weeks back. Ray said all he wanted to do was make Hulk proud of him. Ray also wanted to make Hulk and Brooke happy. Ray suggested to Hulk join Ray and Sting to battle three members of Aces and Eights. Hogan accepted as Taz had a serious meltdown.

Backstage, Robert Roode and Austin Aries were complaining about Chavo and Hernandez. Bad Influence came up and congratulated the new tag team champs. Superior Forces will band together with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to face James Storm, Joseph Park, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez.

Robert Roode, Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Hernandez, “Cowboy” James Storm and Joseph Park
8-Man Tag Team Match

Joseph Park now has his own music and it stinks. Daniels pushed Storm and then got smacked. Shoulder Tackle by Daniels. Back Body Drop by Storm. Kaz made the tag and threw Storm out to the floor. It broke down into a mosh pit. All the heels were pitched out to the floor. Impact went to break as the heels planned a new strategy.

Kaz and Chavo were in the ring. Headscissors Takeover by Chavo. Tag to Park. Park with a clubbing blow to Kaz’s back. Kaz went to the eyes. Park with a whip and stood firm as Kaz went for a Crossbody. Chop Block by Daniels, on Park. Park was taken into the enemy corner. Kaz slapped and threw Forearms into Park’s face. Roode and Aries both thought they had tagged in. They took turn kicking away. Park blocked the Double Suplex. While Roode and Aries argued, Daniels made the tag. Daniels kicked away on Park. Kaz with a Legdrop off the tag. Kaz stomped away and tagged Daniels. Daniels taunted the faces as he punched away at Park. Daniels with a straight fist to Park’s skull. Daniels wouldn’t tag out. Aries with a blind tag but Roode got one too. Kaz then tagged in. As the group argued, Park tried to reach his corner. Double Clothesline by Park. Roode and Aries refused to tag Daniels or Kaz. Storm finally got the tag and tore into Bad Influence. Inverted Atomic Drop into the Flying Reverse Neckbreaker to Daniels. Back Stabber to Kaz and Closing Time to Daniels. Tag to Hernandez. Pounce! Chavito with the Frog Splash. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Chavo on Kaz. Last Call to Kaz. Park got the tag and nailed the Banging the Gavel Frog Splash.

Your Winner: Joseph Park, “Cowboy” James Storm, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
Grade: B (84%)

Impact took another look at British Boot Camp. Rockstar Spud won the whole thing. Spud got into it with Robbie E

Robbie E (w/Robbie T) vs Rockstar Spud

Spud has some awesome music. The crowd popped huge for the homeland hero. Robbie backed up to the corner and then kicked away at Spud. Whip by Robbie into a Back Elbow. Spud slid under Robbie and then hit a Dropkick. Boot to Spud’s face. Robbie with an Elbow Drop onto Spud’s throat, from the middle rope. Robbie shoved Spud down. Spud started to punch and kick but a Kneelift stopped him. Robbie missed a Corner Splash. Running Clothesline. Round the World DDT by Spud. Spud went to the top rope but missed the Leg Drop. Robbie tried to get the clipboard from Robbie E. That led to a Roll Up by Spud for three.

Your Winner: Rockstar Spud
Grade: B- (81%)

Robbie E yelled at Robbie T and then grabbed R-T by the face, twice. Robbie E slapped Rob Terry. Bad move, Skippy. Robbie E backed off, huge, as Rob Terry tore off the pink sweater and went after Robbie E. Rob Terry so looked like Davey Boy Smith, just then.

Jessie coached Tara, backstage. Her title would be up for grabs, next.

Tara vs Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher
TNA Knockout Championship Match, Elimination Rules

Brooke Hogan came to ringside to watch the match.

The women tore into each other like brides at the Wedding Dress Sale. Velvet went after Tara and Gail blasted Tess. Jessie was banished from ringside. Several pin attempts but no eliminations. Tara converted a Tess Victory Roll into an Electric Chair Drop. Gail and Tara with the double team on Velvet. Velvet fought back against Gail and Tara. Velvet sent to the corner. Crossbody by Tara. Drive-By by Gail. Spider’s Web Slam by Tara. Gail made the save. Why? That was dumb. Gail and Tara got into it. The two traded vicious shots. Back Body Drop by Tara. Gail dodged a Corner Splash. Tess pulled Gail off the apron. Stratisfaction-like Bulldog by Tess, on the floor.

Tess got back in and she and Velvet with the Pinball Punches on Tara. Tess flipped Tara into the ring. The crowd chanted for Velvet. Scoop Slam of Tess, by Tara. Tara with a wicked Top Rope Moonsault. Velvet slid in and hit the In Your Face. Gail pitched Velvet to the outside. Gail pinned Tara!

Tara — Eliminated.

We are guaranteed to get a new champion.

Tess with Flying Forearms on Gail. Diamond Cutter variation by Tess. Gail caught Tess on the top rope. Velvet with a Powerbomb on Gail, who Superplexed Tess. Velvet almost pinned Gail. There were several pin attempts. Velvet went for her In Your Face finisher but Tessmacher went for the Roll Up. Unfortunately, for Tessmacher, Velvet continued to roll and pinned Miss Tessmacher.

Miss Tessmacher – Eliminated.

Gail exploded on Velvet. Gail choked Velvet with the boot. Whip by Gail. Velvet got the boots up and hit a series of Clotheslines. Head Scissors Takedown by Velvet. Gail pushed out of the Bulldog. Running Dropkick by Gail for two. Taryn noticed that Gail was trying to use the ropes for an advantage. Velvet went for a Roll Up but Gail held the ropes. In Your Face!

Your Winner (and New Champion!): Velvet Sky
Grade: A- (90% — Thank you, TNA, for having women that can actually wrestle)

Impact flashed back to Bully Ray asking Hulk Hogan to get back in the ring with him and Sting.

Hulk said Sting needed to keep eyes in the back of his head to help the Old Man. Bully Ray then talked with Sting. Hulk is cool with all of this. Sting was ready to take out Aces and Eights.

Mike Tenay had an update on A. J. Styles. A camera crew were on their way to Georgia to talk with Styles. The film will run, next week.

From there, the Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle/Garett Bischoff/Wes Brisco storyline was highlighted. Bischoff and Brisco stabbed Kurt in the back, a few weeks back.

Garett Bischoff vs Samoa Joe

Tenay and Taz got into a war of words. Todd jumped behind Tenay on this one. Taz knew Joe was in a violent mood. The crowd was solidly behind Joe, in this one. Joe stared daggers at Garett. Bischoff begged off. Joe missed a kick and Clothesline. Garrett bailed out to the floor. Garett tried to recruit Joe into the Aces and Eights group. Joe went to the floor to go after Bischoff. Garett attacked Joe as they got in the ring. Chops, like crazy, by Joe. Garett went after Joe’s legs. Garett punched the knee. Corner Kicks by Garett. Joe with evil punches but Garett kicked the knee. Garett choked Joe. Garett kicked away on Joe, in the corner. Joe with a series of Headbutts. Garett went to Joe’s eyes. Flying Shoulder Tackle by Bischoff.

Joe battled out of a Rear Chin Lock. Vicious Clotheslines and a n Inverted Atomic Drop. Big Boot into the Backsplash Senton. Joe with the Fae Wash. Joe with his version of the Broski Boot. Joe sat Garett on the top rope as the crowd chanted “Joe is gonna kill ya”. Wes Brischo rushed the ring and got laid out. Chop Block by Garett. It was a two on one beatdown. Kurt Angle rushed the ring to help Joe, as Wes and Garett made tracks.

Your Winner (by DQ): Samoa Joe
Grade: C+ (79%)

Kurt said he hasn’t forgotten about Wes and Garett. Kurt was glad he got Wes a contract. Kurt knew the pain he was going to unleash on Wes, at Lockdown, would be legal. So, Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco…inside the Lockdown Cage!

Rob Van Dam vs Kenny King
X-Division Title Match

Taz wanted to see RVD join A&8. King with a pre-bell Dropkick. King ran RVD into the ring post and then slammed RVD on the floor. King rolled in and out of the ring to break the count. King choked RVD on the metal barricade. King sent RVD back in and got a two count. Scoop Slam by King into a missed Springboard Legdrop. RVD with punches and a Jumping Spin Kick. Shoulder Thrusts by RVD. King reversed a Whip. Back Elbow by RVD. King yanked RVD off the ropes and mocked the RVD gesture. Spinning Leg Lariat by King for two. Rear Chin Lock by King. King threw RVD down by the head. 1-2-no.

Snap Suplex/Float Over by King. King punched away and then tried for the pin, which failed. King went to RVD’s eyes. Seated Abdominal Stretch by King. RVD twisted his body to get to his feet. King clubbed the back and sent RVD to the corner. Rolling Heel Strike by RVD. RVD with punches and kicks. He then ran King into a couple of corners and kicked King in the jaw. Running Clotheslines and a Thrust Kick by RVD. Monkey Flip by RVD but King with Shotgun Knees in the corner. Weak Royal Flush by King that only brought a two. King went for the DDE aka Shotgun Knees, again, but RVD moved. Rolling Thunder! RVD hopped up top and nailed the Five Star Frog Splash.

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Grade: A- (90%)

Hulk and Brooke chatted, backstage. Brooke tried to talk her dad out of getting in the ring. Hulk said he needed to do this for himself and family.

The attack on Jeff Hardy was shown, once again. Hardy said he would be back, next week. Hardy pushed how great Bully Ray is. Hardy said he and the Creatures would return, next week.

Devon, DOC and Anderson vs Bully Ray, Sting and Hulk Hogan
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Hulk’s music went off but Hulk didn’t show up. Everyone was confused. The crowd was ticked. Anderson, Devon and DOC jumped Sting and Bully Ray. Devon and Anderson double teamed Ray, for a moment. Sting sent DOC to the corner. Stinger Splash (Sting) into a Clothesline by Ray. Impact went to break.

It had returned into a regular tag match, as the show returned. Anderson kicked at Ray’s injured quad. Ray tried to fight out of the corner but the numbers were too strong. Tag to Devon. Snap Mare to send Ray over. Side Suplex by Ray. Anderson with the tag and an Elbow Drop. Anderson punched away at Ray’s face. Anderson spat at Sting. Ray was choked on the ropes. DOC got the tag and pounded away. Ray tried to fight back but his leg buckled. Ray with brutal punches. DOC held Ray in the enemy corner. Tag to Devon. Devon bounced off the ropes and got Speared.

Sting got the tag and went to town on all three members of Aces and Eights. Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop on DOC but Anderson made the save. Scoop Slam by Sting on Anderson. Wazup didn’t connect because Aces and Eights dragged out Brooke and Hulk Hogan. Hulk was laid out and yelled about his knee. Sting went for the Scorpion Deathlock. Big Boot by DOC.

Your Winners: Aces and Eights (DOC, Anderson and Devon)
Grade: B- (80%)

Aces and Eights went to Triple Team Sting. The rest of Aces and Eights got in the ring and celebrated the win.


–Jay Shannon

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