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Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Live (TV Taping)
Saturday, February 16, 2013
The Monster Factory (Paulsboro Wrestling Club)
Paulsboro, NJ.

The stars of Monster Factory Pro Wrestling descended upon Paulsboro, NJ. this weekend to deliver another exciting, action-packed and family-friendly wrestling event that also doubled as the promotion’s now-monthly TV taping. Starting last month, the legendary Monster Factory began taping its own internet TV show and can easily be found by searching “Monster Factory TV” on YouTube. Some of the names that have come out of the storied Factory include Bam Bam Bigelow, the Headbangers, The Pitbulls, Big Show, and Sheamus…and today’s crop of students and established talent are on coarse to not only continue the rich legacy of “The Monster”, but write their own chapter in history as they take the company to another level. If you live in the Pennsylvania Tri-State area, make sure you check out Monster Factory Pro Wrestling in Paulsboro, NJ. You won’t be disappointed! You can keep up to date with all of the happenings at The Monster Factory by joining them on social media.

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Referees: Ref Rich Patterson Jr., Referee Jimmy Dylan, Referee Steve Chaz

Joey Janela def. Alex Kasady
A great opening match between two bright stars from the region, although Kasady is from closer to the area and Janela comes down from the New York area. Janela was thrown off his game in the opening moments by the comments and body language of Kasady, which were questionable to say the least. The distracting tactic seemed to work momentarily, but once these two locked horns, it was off to the races. They proved to be evenly matched in skill and unleashed their arsenals on each other. In a losing effort, Alex Kasady showed that he has arrived on the scene at the Monster and may be bringing a different approach to the competition that they are definitely going to have to adjust to. A turning point in the match may have come when Joey Janela springboarded off of the second rope and caught Kasady off guard with a missile dropkick as he tried to pull himself off the canvas. Soon after that, Janela returned to the High Rent District and dropped a devastating senton splash onto AK for the three count. It was an impressive debut for Janela and we’ll have to see what’s in store for both moving forward at Monster Factory Pro Wrestling.

“Trademark” Tommy Maclin def. Mike Burke
Fresh off a controversial victory over Anthony Bennett at last month’s show, Tommy Maclin was all business coming out of the gate this month as he and his partner Mike Spanos continue their mission to put “Flex Appeal” on the map. Mike Burke had a lot to contend with in this one, and in the end, Maclin proved to be too much for him as he finished him off with his patented Trademark Plex.

At this time, ring announcer, Stephon Benson, took a moment to inform the fans about next month’s show (March 9)…featuring the Tag Team Gauntlet to crown the 1st-ever Monster Factory Pro Wrestling World Tag Team Champions! The announcement revealed that the Gauntlet would comprise of four teams and the last team standing when it’s all said and done will be christened the NEW Tag Team Champs. Benson then called out AC Roc and the fan favorite’s music hit. The crowd knew it was party time as World Champion Marc Cruz and the “Absolute Athlete” Shaheem Ali made their way to the ring. With the intriguing World Title match looming large later in the afternoon, Benson asked the team for their comments on the match. It was apparent that AC Roc had clear minds and were only concerned with partying with their fans. They then answered the questions, but before they could finish, the music of Wild Bill cut them off in mid sentence. The crowd booed Wild Bill as he made his way down the aisle. Chants of “party pooper” rang out as he gave AC Roc a piece of his mind, then called out Dr. Richard Hurtz, an ally in his campaign. After more words were exchanged, Bill and Hurtz went after Cruz and Shaheem with evil intentions and total disregard for their upcoming match. The crowd quickly rallied behind their heroes, willing AC Roc back into the fight. The popular duo eventually were able to fend their attackers off…but they weren’t out of the woods yet. As they jaw-jacked backed and forth with Bill and Hurtz, inviting them to come get some more, the mammoth GREY WOLF emerged from under the ring with “animalistic” rage written all over his face! Wielding a steel chair, the massive Grey Wolf entered the ring behind AC Roc’s backs and cracked Shaheem with his weapon of choice. Cruz fought back in defense of his partner and seemed to stun Grey Wolf, only to fall victim to a huge power slam when he attempted to speed up the counter-attack. The crowd let Wolf have it in protest, which only seemed to fuel the monster’s anger as he struck both Cruz and Shaheem with multiple chairshots. He was also uttering something about “QT sending him”. We can only speculate that this had something to do with the cryptic message sent to MFPW last week from ROH star “God’s Gift” QT Marshall, threatening the destruction of AC Roc. (as seen on Monster Factory TV Ep1) After several moments, Monster Factory Co-Owner Danny Cage sprinted to the ring, followed by the officials in an effort to stop the sneak attack. Referees Jimmy Dylan and Rich Patterson, Jr. quickly slid in the ring trying to get Grey Wolf under control, and vacated just as fast when the beast turned the chair on them. Cage and the officials then decided it would be better to get AC Roc out of there as fast as possible. Their efforts were increasingly compromised as Grey Wolf exited the ring and continued to threaten with the chair. Only when he was good and ready to back off were the officials able to rush AC Roc out of the arena through a side entrance to safety.

The backlash from this assault is already being felt as it has compromised the Tag Team Championship Gauntlet set for March 9. has reported that the team of AC Roc will no longer be able to compete for the titles due to injuries suffered at the hands of Grey Wolf this past Saturday. As it stands now, the Gauntlet will feature the teams of Legion of Anarchy (Punisher & Brolly), Highly Entertaining Wrestlers (Drew Blood & Xavier Cross), Flex Appeal (Maclin & Spanos), and a 4th team to be determined at a later date that will replace AC Roc. Stay tuned to for updates and details on this situation.

Legion of Anarchy def. Highly Entertaining Wrestlers (H.E.W.) w/”The Financial Miracle” Loudy
This was an incredible tag team match as the flashy manager known as “The Financial Miracle” presented Drew Blood and Xavier Cross, collectively known as the Highly Entertaining Wrestlers. The tandem has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, albeit a sneaky one due their managerial influence at times. This past Saturday was no different as H.E.W. looked to navigate through the choppy waters that comes with facing a formidable tag team in the LOA. They also bring a unique offense to the table, and were able to stay on top of their game and a step ahead of their opponents en route to notching another win under their belt. LOA looked very strong as they built momentum heading into the Tag Team Championship Gauntlet, but H.E.W. isn’t out of the hunt yet and you can bet Loudy will do everything in his power to make the adjustments needed by the time his charges vie for the titles.

“The Pride of Paulsboro” Anthony Bennett def. “Amazing” Mike Spanos w/Tommy Maclin
Last month’s taping saw Anthony Bennett take on Maclin in what was supposed to be 1-on-1 action, but constant interference and distractions from partner Mike Spanos allowed Maclin to pick up the victory using some very under-handed tactics. No doubt bent on returning the favor for his buddy, the “Trademark” came back out to “support” Spanos in his match against Bennett. The 19-year-old upstart dubbed the “Pride of Paulsboro” knew he would have an uphill battle like last month, and that is a position he is certain to become accustomed to; given his 140-lb. frame and proportionate height. Then again, we are talking about the same youngster that won the 2012 Turkey Slam Battle Royal at the Monster Factory…besting several towering opponents such as “The Monster” Ahtu, Southern Justice, and others. Bennett started off hot with a nice display of his noted amateur and technical background, taking Spanos off his feet with a sudden series of deep arm drags, drop toe holds, and dropkicks. It wasn’t long before the size and weight disadvantage came into play and the one who says he’s “Simply Amazing” took over on offense. It almost seemed as if he was toying with Bennett at one point as he tossed him around in fall-away slams and suplexes. The punishment was on, but Bennett time and again showed that fiery determination he’s becoming known for…denying victory repeatedly and striving to fight on. That fighting spirit coupled with the loving cheers of his hometown fans willed Bennett into his second wind, allowing him to counter a corner attack and surprise Spanos with a seated senton off the second turnbuckle. Sensing the tide may have been turning, Maclin hopped up on the ring apron and distracted the ref in the same fashion his partner had done for him last month. Meanwhile, behind the ref’s back, Bennett had come off the opposite corner with a second seated senton and had Spanos hooked for the pin. Fearing their hometown boy was on the verge of receiving the shaft for the second time from the same team, the crowd protested as they watched Bennett cover Spanos for more than a three count. Determined to not let history repeat itself, Bennett relinquished the hold and confronted Maclin, who still had the referee hemmed up at the apron. As the ref tried to regain control, Spanos launched another sneak attack, but Bennett felt it coming and moved out of the way just in the nick of time, forcing his opponent to collide with his own man. Bennett quickly capitalized on the situation with a timely huracanrana into a pinning combination for the three count…much to the delight of the Paulsboro faithful.

After a brief intermission, Co-Owner Danny Cage came back out to the ring to update the crowd on the situation surrounding the main event and AC Roc’s condition following the attack by Grey Wolf earlier on. He announced that the match between Shaheem Ali challenging Marc Cruz for the Monster Factory Heavyweight Championship would not happen as scheduled. Cage then stated that Cruz likely had broken ribs and that Shaheem may have torn an ACL as a result of the savage attack, and was en route to the hospital. The man in charge then went on to announce the replacement for the main event, but was interrupted by the sound of AC Roc’s music. The crowd cheered as Marc Cruz shockingly made his way out and went straight to the ring. The champ’s ribs were heavily taped and he was clearly in a lot of pain. That didn’t stop him from grabbing the mic and weighing in on the situation. He went off about the attack and defended his friend who was now in the hospital. Cruz went on to say he wanted QT Marshall’s henchmen. He made it clear he didn’t care if it was sanctioned or unsanctioned, title or non-title, with or without a referee…or even in a wrestling ring for that matter. The World Champion simply wanted Grey Wolf, and he wasn’t taking No for an answer. The crowd voiced their approval in hopes of the match being signed, and after thinking it over, Cage made it official and gave Cruz his match. The cheers continued as the boss declared this match would indeed be non-title because he wasn’t in the business of rewarding guys with title shots just because they attack champions with weapons. The new main event had been set. Would the World Champion get revenge on the mighty Grey Wolf?

Mozart Fontain def. “Reckless” Donnie Hart (via countout)
Great singles match to get the in-ring action going again. The bad blood between these two started flowing last month when Donnie Hart tried to come to the ring to stop the team of Flex Appeal from double teaming the “Nigerian Savage” Saifu. As Hart came through the curtain, he was blindsided from behind by Fontain, who cracked him over the head with a 10-lb dumbbell and left him laying in the aisle. Hart suffered a concussion as a result, but refused doctors orders and rushed back to the ring later on in an attempt to extract revenge during Fontain’s scheduled match. He was robbed of redemption as Mozart sprinted out the back door and fled from the arena. The 1-on-1 grudge match was signed for this past Saturday and Donnie Hart couldn’t wait to get his hands on his opponent. It was clear this wasn’t going to be much of a wrestling match, and Hart proved that by coming out like a house of fire. Fontain seemed to regret his prior actions at times, but had no choice but to face the music. After a heated exchange in the opening minutes, the fight spilled to the outside where things quickly took a turn for the worse. Donnie Hart was introduced to the ringpost the hard way, immediately raising new concerns about the severe concussion he suffered at the hands of Fontain on Monster Factory TV. In an unsettling development, Fontain quickly jumped in the ring when he saw his opponent down and demanded the ref to count. Fans let it be known how they felt about that while rallying behind Hart, but it was no use. He was unable to recover and the referee called for the bell after rendering the ten count. More officials were dispatched from the back to assist Donnie Hart, who appeared to be in a very bad way. Fontain took this opportunity to get on the mic and gloat about his victory over Hart. The “Reckless” one didn’t take too kindly to this as he broke away from the zebras and charged back to the ring…sending Mozart running away seeking safety. It would be an understatement to say this one isn’t over yet folks. I think it’s a LONG way from being over and done with.

“Mr. Upgrade” Mike Reed def. Cory Kastle
Solid wrestling match between these two that had the crowd into it. Matching styles made for a very entertaining match that was unclear how it would go until the final bell. Both competitors laid it all on the line and took it to each other with reckless abandon. A war of attrition ensued and arsenals were unleashed, but neither man was able to come up with the right formula for victory. The match spilled to the outside at one point and “Mr. Upgrade” showed he could also take to the air with the best of them as he took Kastle out with a hard springboard plancha on the floor. The match continued for several moments, but in the end, Mike Reed uncorked a modified sit-out Face Buster on Kastle in the middle of the ring for the three count.

“Party Rock” Marc Cruz def. Grey Wolf via DQ
The crowd was jakked for this one after the sneak attack and developments from earlier in the afternoon, and the same could be said for Marc Cruz. The World Champion was fired up with payback on his mind, but Grey Wolf was clearly on a mission as well…hellbent on continuing his path of destruction. Cruz’s ribs were still heavily taped from the earlier attack, and his 300-lb opponent showed no mercy for the injuries he caused. If anything, he was trying to finish “Party Rock” off once and for all. “God’s Gift” QT Marshall has gone on record stating his beef with AC Roc, and although QT wasn’t in Paulsboro this past Saturday, he told AC Roc to keep their heads on a swivel. Come to find out it was for good reason as Grey Wolf seems to be clearly aligned with the ROH star. Looking back on the match, Grey Wolf’s intentions were clear throughout the entire show. First he attacked the team with chairs, and during this main event match, he never covered Cruz or tried to make him submit. The brawl was on from the start and after while, Grey Wolf went back to how he started his day by attacking the champ with another steel chair in a fit of rage. This time it caused a disqualification and awarded the match to Marc Cruz, but Grey Wolf didn’t seem to care. As he looked to finish Cruz off, Party Roc’s music hit the speakers…much to the surprise of the crowd in attendance. They were shocked and elated at the same time as the “Absolute Athlete” Shaheem Ali stepped through the curtain in a world of pain, yet determined to return to the fight. Grey Wolf was as shocked as everyone, if not more, to see Shaheem back from the emergency room…and that opened the window for Cruz to dropkick the chair into Wolf’s face, leaving him not only stunned and stumbling, but unarmed. This allowed Shaheem to join his partner in the ring and the team of AC Roc took the opportunity to get a few shots in on Grey Wolf. When they got him where they wanted him, they hit him with their patented ROC OUT finisher to finally get him off of his feet. The big man knew the jig was up and rolled out of the ring, creating distance from himself and team AC Roc. The crowd voiced their approval as AC Roc’s music played back up and the team gave Grey Wolf a piece of their minds. They also checked on each other before making an exit, but they knew they had been in a fight. Possibly the first in a coming war. What will happen when QT Marshall confronts AC Roc in person and what are the extent of the team’s injuries?

As a reminder, please check out The Monster Factory on social media (as seen at top) to keep up to date on developments involving all of the matches and all info on upcoming show dates. NEXT SHOW – Saturday, March 9 in Paulsboro, NJ. at 2pm!!!!!!

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