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Never in Puerto Rico have seen so many stars together!

World Wrestling League makes debut.

#WWL-WWL President Richard Negrin and and his Executive Producer, Former WWE Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich, made known through their television program “Champions of the Ring” which airs every Saturday at 2:00 pm at Tele Isla and the CW Network of Puerto Rico, The first event of the World Wrestling League will be take place at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico, the island most important Venue. The super card will be held on Sunday April 21 at 4:00 pm. For those who purchase tickets “Ring Side” and “Red Carpet”, the function will begin at 2:00 pm, and will include two “dark matches” and autograph signing with the wrestlers. Ticket sales will be announced soon.

Moreover Negrin, and Savinovich, recently concluded negotiations with the famous Mexican wrestling promotion, AAA. Its top executive gave the nod to allow two of its most famous stars to participate at the card of the World Wrestling League-Superstars of Wrestling mega event. One of them has been flaunted the Mega World Heavyweight Championship among other major titles, none other than “The Messiah” Ricky Banderas. The company will also release the second star to be treading AAA for Puerto Rican soil shortly. Also they have confirmed one of the most famous couples in Latin America, the World Champion from the WAR promotion in Ecuador, Megastar, and the World Champion from the promotion R.X.W located in Panama, none other than: Panama Jack Daniels they are both known as “The Mega 10″.
Both are super vain and have assure that they will be competition for Sexy Mr. E and Sexy Mr.B, “The Mamitos” who they will be facing the night of the event. They are also pleased to announce the participation of the famous Axel Nieto Del Santo, the grandson of the of mexican legend El Santo. They announced that for the event name : (Superstars of Wrestling), just added the hiring of a powerful pro wrestler named, Hercules Gomez, currently reigning the W.X.W Heavyweight Pennsylvania championship title. It comes highly recommended and the company informs that he is consider an idol in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, we are informed that the World League and Gabriel Ramirez, the famous promoter of the promotion Pro Wrestling Revolution of California, has allied to the W.W.L company, and will present together a super event in August of this year in the city of San Jose, California. It is also reported that the wrestling company in New York, Wrestling Fighting Spirit also has agreed to join, W.W.L and in the month of May will be performing a tremendous event wich will present talent of both promotions. Joel Maximo is the Associate promoter of the WWL, for events in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.Talent confirmed for Sunday, April 21, in the Choliseo of Puerto Rico: From AAA Mexico, Octagon Jr. (Known recently as El Samuray del Sol) El Hijo de Rey Mysterio, One of the most sought wrestlers in the independent scene is Puerto Rican, Lince Dorado, from Mexico and former NWA World Champion, Blue Demon Jr., World Champion Pro Wrestling Revolution (PWR) of California, John Oliver, Mr. E (Escobar) and Sexy B (Brian), “The Mamitos “;

From NWA On Fire, Ash Rubinsky; PRWA World Champion, Erik Scorpion, The Royal Air Force of AAA Mexico, Laredo Kid, Man Without Fear (Hombre Sin Miedo) and Estelaris, former WWE diva Ivelisse Velez; Mexican minis in action, Mini and Mini Chupa Cabra Mini Ultimo Dragon, The NWA World Champion, Toyo Monster Kahagas; The World Champion of DWE Dominican Republic, Rico Casanova; Former NWA World Champion and former WWE, Colt Cabana, former ECW World Champion, ROH and Universal, Steve Corino, a 7-foot giant, Colossus, a couple bloodthirsty as The Head Hunters, The Impact TNA superstar, Christopher Daniels, Big Vito, Monster Pain and many other superstars to confirmed.

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