Posted February 17th, 2013 by Bill Apter

The stipulation is that if The Rock is disqualified or counted out he will lose the title (or of course if he is pinned or submits).


Punk in charge early with shoulder blocks that floor The Rock … The challenger with a crushing headlock … Rcok with arm drags and that sends Punk scurrying out of the ring to talk to Paul Heyman … Punk slaps Rock while they are “trash-talking” each other and Rock attacks with punches as he is now furious … Punk spits in Punk’s face and tosses Punk outside the ring and bashes his head into the announcer’s table … Punk rakes Rock’s eyes … Back in the ring Punk with a clothesline into a chinlock.

Punk with a dropkick and pin attempt and gets a two count … Rock comes back with a series of punches … Punk with flying clothesline and pin attempt … Punk with a high knee kick on Rock in the corner … Another one and a clothesline floor Rock … Rock down Punk to the top ropes with the flying elbow and pin attempt but again only a two count.

Punk tosses Rock out of the ring and dismantles part of the announcer’s table … Rock reverses and bashes Punk’s head into the table and rolls him back in the ring … Rock tossed out again … Paul E. is arguing with the referee on the ring apron … CM Punk “rock-bottoms” the Rock into the announcer’s table … He beats the 10 count and Punk is all over him with punches.

Rock with a resounding punch on Punk … They are battling punch for punch and Rock off the ropes with a DDT … Rock goes for Rock Bottom but Punk with elbows breaks it … Rock Bottom finally and pin attempt but only a two count … Heyman argues with the referee who collides with the Rock and is kayoed … Punk with GTS (Go To Sleep) and pin attempt but no referee! … Punk tries again … Rock with People’s Elbow … Goes for pin a referee runs in to make the count but Punk kicks out!

Punk with a kick to the head and the other referee is injured! No referee again! Heyman gets the WWE belt. Heyamn holds Rock on the apron. Pnk goes to hit him with the belt but Rock ducks and Heyman is hit. Rock does the Rock Bottom and a new referee comes out and makes the count.


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