Posted February 17th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Big Show vs. Champion Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez).


Both come out quickly but Show with huge resounding chops to Del Rio’s chest … Show chokes the champion on the ropes and more chops by the huge man … Kicks and a headbutt by Alberto and he inures Show’s left leg and kicks him in the chin an tries a pin but is tossed right off … Show with a “spear” and pin attempt.

Show with a “big slash” off the ropes, pin attempt but Alberto kicks out … Del Rio has his armbreaker on but Show makes it to the ropes for the break … Show tossed out with a “hurricanrana” and a “Suicide Dive” onto the floor by the champion and both are on the floor … In the ring again Del Rio with a dive onto Show … Show with a Chokeslam and pin attempt but only two … Enzuigiri kick takes Show down and into armbreaker again … Show gets up and lifts the champion and drops down with him breaking the grip.

Ricardo kicked off the ring apron … Alberto connects with Enzuigiri and gets Show in Armbreaker again … SHOW TAPS OUT!

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