Posted February 17th, 2013 by Bill Apter

Daniel Bryan, Kane, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Jack Swagger (with manager Zeb Colter), and Randy Orton. The winner faces the World champion at WrestleMania


Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho begins this match. Jericho goes for the “Walls Of Jericho” early on … Bryan with a dozen kicks to the cornered Jericho … Bryan tries the “no-lock” on the floor grating but is zoomed head-first into the chain links as Jericho takes charge … Suplex by Jericho and …

Swagger comes in and goes after Jericho … He is very aggressive and now goes after Bryan and smashes his back into the chamber several times … Swagger pushes Bryan’s face into the steel grating … Jericho stops Swagger with a dropkick … Jericho misses a dive and now on the grate with Swagger on the attack who pushes him shoulder first into the links … Swagger vicious on the attack of Jericho … Bryan with a flying knee knocks Swagger down and then Bryan goes after Jericho … Bryan misses a flying dive on Jericho and …

Kane comes in and attacks Jericho and then Swagger … He teams with Bryan to try to eliminate Jericho and Swagger … Bryan tries to pin Kane! … Asks for a hug and chops him after Bryan pushes him in the face … Bryan dropkicks Kane … Kane with a slidewalk slam and pin attempt and goes up the ropes … Kane flying clotheslines Bryan as Bryan was on Jericho’s shoulders … Swagger attacks Kane … Jericho dropkicks Swagger and …

Randy Orton in beats on Swagger, Jericho … Kane chops Orton … Orton droplicks Kane … Orton slingshot suplex on Bryan …Orton DDT’s Kane on the steel grating but hurt himself in the process … Orton gets up and attacks Swagger … Jericho superlexes Bryan while Orton does the same to Swagger from the other corner … All four down now and …

Mark Henry comes in … He headbutts Jericho twoce and then Orton … Slam and pin of Bryan–eliminated … Henry tosses Orton through the class of the pod of the chamber! … Henry slams and eliminates Kane! … Jericho is able to pair with Swagger to smash Henry into the chamber over and over … They double-suplex Henry! Everyone is down! Jericho turns against Swagger … Flying dive and pin attempt by Jericho on Swagger … Jericho for “lionsault” caught by Henry before he can do that and slams him into the cage and into Swagger … Henry to go up the ropes with Jerich- and Swagger down … They move — Swagger with a kick to Henry’s face — Jericho with Code Breaker … Orton with an RKO AND HENRY IS PINNED BY ORTON!

Henry leaves but goes back in and slams Swagger then Orton then Jericho … Booker T, Theodore Long, and referees in ordering Henry to leave and he does!

Orton and Jericho team with against Swagger and toss him into the chamber wall … Now they battle each other … Orton with a clothesline … Jericho off the ropes and dropkicked by Jericho … Orton slams both Jericho and Swagger … Goes for the DDT on Swagger but dropkicked off by Jericho … Swagger tries his “Patriot Act” on Orton but is knocked off by Jericho … Walls Of Jericho but Orton breaks it up … Orton double DDT’s them!

Orton RKO on Jericho and pin!

Swagger sneaks up behind Orton and pins him!


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