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While TNA took a working vacation in London, England, I took a couple days to go enjoy Valentine’s Day with the wife. Now that I’m back in the office, let’s see what happened, this week…

The show opened with a look at the turns by Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff against Kurt Angle. Bischoff and Brisco joined Aces and Eights. They did it because Hulk Hogan didn’t respect them. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries took the tag team titles. Taz talked about a “Higher Power” in Aces and Eights. I’m thinking the “Higher Power” is one of four people: Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, Sting or Hulk Hogan. There was a wild rumor it might be Vince McMahon but I seriously doubt it.

The old nWo instrumental theme ran. Hulk Hogan strolled out to greet hte fans. Mike Tenay compared Hogan to The Rolling Stones and the Beatles. (No age jokes from me, I promise). Hulk seriously revved up the crowd. Hulk said the level of noise from the crowd was “pretty damn sweet”. Hulk found 8 guys that he wanted to watch to find the number one contender for the World Title: RVD, “Cowboy” James Storm, Christopher Daniels, Magnus, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Hulk was going to determine the number one contender, to face Jeff Hardy at Lockdown, based on the crowd reaction.

Hulk then switched to talking about Aces and Eights. Aces and Eights want a full war at Lockdown. Hulk brought out the leader of Team TNA…Sting. Sting would be the last guy to expect as the “Higher Power”. He is definitely the “Dark Horse” in the Greater Power race. Taz grumbled that not a single member of Aces and Eights were in contention to go after Jeff Hardy. Sting accepted Aces and Eights’ challenge. Sting said he would find 3 monsters to join him against Aces and Eights. Sting did his version of the Hogan “Whatcha gonna do?” spiel.

Christopher Daniels (w/Kazarian) vs Magnus
Contender’s Challenge Match #1

The fans were 100% behind the hometown hero, Magnus. Taz was still whining about no Aces and Eights members in these matches. Daniels worked over the arm of Magnus but Magnus reversed it. Side Headlock by Daniels but Shoulder Tackle by Magnus, on the Push Off. Daniels ran Magnus to the corner. Magnus with a couple of hard shots. Daniels ducked a pair of Clotheslines. Magnus with a wicked Vertical Suplex. Magnus ran Daniels into a couple of corners. Back Elbow by Magnus. Kazarian snapped Magnus’ neck on the ropes and Daniels hit the STO. Inverted Diamond Cutter by Daniels. Europen Uppercut by Magnus. Kaz with a trip. Clubbing Clothesline by Daniels. Daniels with the Two Finger Salute.

Magnus began to fight back but Daniels with a Uranage. Daniels missed the BME and Megnus nailed a Big Boot. Hard punches to both members of Bad Influence. The ref banished Kazarian, even though he has a manger’s license. Magnus Suplexed Daniels back into the ring. Kick by Daniels. Magnus with a big Clothesline after several ducks and dodges. Michinoku Driver by Magnus. Magnus climbed to the top and nailed the Savage Elbow.

Your Winner: Magnus
Grade: B+ (87%)

Brooke and Bully Ray talked, in the back. Bully is now dealing with an injury. Hmm…could Brooke Hogan be the Higher Power? Ray wanted to take “his bride” to dinner and then to dancing. Brooke grumbled that Ray wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

Magnus was interviewed. He knew he was “a pup”, at 26, but it has always been his dream to be World Champion. Magnus said the attack from Aces and Eights just fueled him to keep going. Magnus said he just proved that he has what it takes to be World Champ. Yeppers.

Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle
Contender’s Challenge Match #2

They ran an audio commentary from Kurt Angle about the Olympics pulling wrestling from the Olympics. I agree completely with Kurt that it needs to be there.

On to the action, Side Headlock by Joe. Shoulder Tackle sent Kurt to the floor. Kurt got in and punched away on Joe. Joe answered with vicious punches of his own. Corner Rush and Jumping Enziguri by Joe. Snap Mare and Chop/Kick combo by Joe. Flying Kneedrop, by Joe, for a two count. European Uppercut by Joe. Overhead Belly to Belly by Kurt. Man, that was impressive. Kurt stomped at Joe’s mid-section, over and over. Suplex by Kurt. Snap Mare by Kurt into a Rear Chin Lock. Kurt got free and nailed a Running Back Elbow. Break time.

Joe punched at Kurt’s ribs. Kurt had Joe in a Front Face Lock. Joe blocked a German Suplex. Roaring Elbow by Joe. Kurt charged Joe and ended up on the floor. Suicide Dive Elbow by Joe. Inverted Atomic Drop and Backsplash Senton by Joe for two. It was announced that Bully Ray got his quad injury during the Tables Match, last week. Hat Trick Germans by Kurt. Joe avoided the AngleSlam. Kurt reversed a Whip but got planted by the S-T-Joe (One Arm Uranage). Joe put Kurt on the ropes but Kurt fought back and nailed a Missile Dropkick. AngleSlam by Kurt. Kokina Clutch after the AngleSlam. Kurt clamped on the AngleLock. Joe was tempted to tap out but he decided to roll under to toss Kurt into the corner. Double Clotheslines took each man out.

Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco hit the ring and attacked both Kurt and Joe. Kurt and Joe began to fight back and the Aces and Eights members headed for higher ground.

Your Winner: No Contest
Grade: A (94%)

It was time for another look at the finalists of British Boot Camp. The three runners-up were given their chance to shine. Cool.

The Blossom Twins and Party Marty Harty (from British Boot Camp) vs Gail Kim, Tara and Jessie
Mixed Six-Person Tag Team Match

The guys started. Shoulder Tackle by Jessie. Party with a hard run, only to deliver a slap. Back Elbow by Party into a Springboard Moonsault. Impact went to break.

Tara took the tag, not that she wanted it. BT1 tagged in. Dropkick to Tara. The girls are Hannah and Holly. Double Sidewalk Slam by the twins. Tag to Gail. BT2 threw hard Elbow Smashes on Gail and nailed a Flying Back Elbow. Gail with a kick and clubbing blow. Gail went for a Scoop Slam but BT2 shifted her weight. Taryn was distracted , so no count. Gail dropped BT2 and threw her into the corner. Tara tagged back in and stomped away on Miss Blossom. Hair Toss by Tara. Tag back to Gail. Stomps in the corner by Gail. Side Backbreaker by Gail for a two. Gail with a hard Forearm. Whip to the corner into the Drive By by Gail. 1-2-no.

Tara tagged back in and stomped away. BT2 has been in there for a long time. Hangman’s by Tara. Scoop Slam by Tara into the Standing Moonsault. BT2 got the knees up. Tag to BT1. Flying Clothesline on Gail. Big Boot to Tara. Double Flapjack dropped Gail onto Tara. Blossom Drop. Party with a Missile Dropkick into a wicked Suicide Dive. Eat da Feet by Gail for three.

Your Winners: Gail Kim, Tara and Jessie
Grade: B (84%)

Gail took the microphone and stated she was the most dominant female in the company. Gail then went off on Taryn. Gail also let it be known that she wanted the TNA Knockout Title back. Gail asked Brooke Hogan to give her the title shot against Tara, next week.

Brooke came out in her ultra tight silver mini dress. Brooke said she would give Gail a title match. Miss Tessmacher amd Velvet Sky will also be involved in the Femme Fatale Four Way Elimination Match.

Impact took it to Dixie Carter’s announcement about going on the road, every week. She announced several upcoming dates. She also mentioned signing Jeff Hardy to a long-term deal. Jeff will be back on February 28th.

Impact then looked at the knee attack by Aces and Eights on Jeff Hardy. The announcers then ran down the earlier matches on the show.

Roode and Aries felt that Hulk Hogan and “the boys” were nervous about the rising force of the new tag team champs.

Rob Van Dam vs “Cowboy” James Storm
Contender’s Challenge Match #3
Non-X-Division Title Match

Taz didn’t like it that Storm was wearing “Aces and Eights colors”. The two men locked up but broke clean. Weird lighting blitch threw both men off their game for a moment. Storm sent RVD to the ropes but RVD hit a Shoulder Tackle. RVD Roll by RVD. Hip Toss into the Jumping Enziguri by Storm. Roundhouse Kick by RVD. Rolling Monkey Flip by RVD. Spinning Kick and Springbaord Thrust Kick. Rolling Thunder. RVD was on a serious roll. Kicks by RVD intoa Backbreaker. Split-Legged Moonsault by RVD. 1-2-no.

Storm and RVD traded kicks and punches. Slider DDT by Storm. 2 count. The two men traded punches. Whip by Storm into a Tennessee Slam (Alabama Slam). RVD blocked a Lung Blower. RVD missed a Springboard Leg Drop. Closing Time by Storm. Storm warmed up the crowd. RVD caught the Superkick and hit a Rolling Crescent Kick. Storm knocked RVD off the top turnbuckle. Storm slammed RVD’s face into the metal turnbuckle. RVD with a sharp kick. RVD with a Coast to Coast…that missed. Last Call Superkick!

Your Winner: “Cowboy” James Storm
Grade: B+ (87%)

Joseph Park knocked on Hulk Hogan’s door. Park wanted to politic to get a chance to fight Jeff Hardy. Park was a bit confused about wrestling “politicking”. Hulk told Park to go ask the boys what “a rib” is. Hulk then went back to griping at Brooke for pushing, too hard, for what she wants…

Brooke was still pushing for Bully Ray. She wants Ray to get a title shot against Jeff Hardy. Brooke told Hulk that Ray got into the business because of and to be like Hulk. Hulk said he had to remain objective.

A promotional piece about Superior Forces (Bobby Roode and Austin Aries) ran. Their goal is to collect all the gold. The tag titles were their first targets.

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode
Contender Challenge Match #4

Bobby took the microphone. Bobby said Hulk Hogan was trying to screw with them. Bobby reminded everyone that he and Austin were going to win all the gold. Aries told Hulk to admit that he was scared. The people chanted for Aries but he dismissed them. Brian Hebner wsa the ref-in-charge.

The crowd was split. Btoth wrestlers did the Fingerpokes of Doom but neither would go down. Aries said he would not fall to the F-o-D. Aries said he would lie down for Bobby. Aries got down on the mat but then tried to Backslide Roode into a pin. Chest Bumps and Shoves. Impact took a break.

Lock up and a dance into the corner. More shoving between the two. They continued to grumble at each other. Collar and Elbow but a Cartwheel by Aries got a big round of cheers. Springboard Sunset Flip but Roode dropped down and grabbed the ropes. Aries read Bobby the riot act about cheating. Side Headlock and Float Over by Aries. Aries tried to use the ropes for the pin. This is getting so boring.

The two traded hard fists. Aries was getting the cheers in this one. Discus Forearm by Aries. Double R Spinebuster by Roode for two. Aries escaped a Running Powerslam. Roode struck the corner. Roode blocked the Running Dropkick and put Aries on the ropes. Aries blocked the Superplex. Bell Ringer by Aries sent Roode off the ropes. Aries missed the 450. Last Chancellory by Aries after blocking The Spear. Roode looked ready to tap but he went to the eyes, instead. Crippler Crossface by Roode. Aries didn’t want to tap, either.

Aries spun backwards to almost pin Roode. Aries blocked the Fisherman’s Suplex. Roode blocked the Brainbuster. The ref got laid out during a series of Standing Switches. Roode went out and got a chair. Roode pulled an “Eddie” (fake chair shot). Aries did the same as the “Eddie” chants rang out. This got all boring, as they did the “You hit me” grumble. Chavo and Hernandez came out to distract Roode and Aries. Chavo and Hernandez moved the tag champs back to the point that both men ended up counted out.

Your Winner: Double Count-out
Grade: C (75%)

Hulk was still confused about who should get the title shot. Sting said he was glad it wasn’t him that had to make the decision. Hulk almost went the wrong way to the ring.

Hulk Hogan came out to make his decision about the World title match at Lockdown. Hulk said it was energy crazy in the back. Hulk told the adoring crowd that it wasn’t about him, anymore. Hogan was about to make his decision, when Aces nad Eights jumped the rail and surrounded the ring. Bully Ray limped from the back, with his chain. Aces nad Eights backed off. Sting then came out to join the party. Sting had baseball bats and a cricket bat. Aces and Eights took off. There was still no Number One Contender.


–Jay Shannon

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