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TNA was still over in England, this week. The winner of TNA’s British Boot Camp was announced. Also, two titles were on the line. All this, plus Aces and Eights vs Bully Ray and Sting…in a Tables Match.

Impact showcased the whole Hulk Hogan/Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan situation. Bully Ray “married” Brooke, despite the attack by Aces and Eights. Aces and Eights have also attacked Jeff Hardy. Hulk suspended Bully but eventually lifted the suspension. Hulk set up a Tables Match for this week. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff stabbed Kurt Angle in the back, when they revealed themselves as members of Aces and Eights.

Welcome back to Manchester, England. The X-Title and Tag belts were both up for grabs, tonight. The music hit and the Aces and Eights squardon, minus Taz, strolled out to the ring. Taz took offense to Mike Tenay’s questioning. Tenay wanted to know why Bischoff and Brisco turned on Kurt Angle. Taz invited Tenay to come party with Aces and Eights. Mike declined.

Devon took the microphone and reminded everyone that he claimed, a few weeks back, that Aces and Eights would be taking over. Devon sent it to a video history lesson of the situation with Wes and Garett. Devon turned to Mr. Anderson and said he did have a plan. Ken nodded. Devon then introduced Wes and Garett as official members of the rogue group. Garett took the stick and absorbed the jeers from the fans. Garett did not appreciate the disrespect. Garett said Aces and Eights were his new family. Wes then took the microphone and said he did this because of Hulk Hogan. Hulk had ignored him for two years and then made “a Brisco climbed from the bottom up”. Wes said it was his dad that gave Hulk his first pair of wrestling boots. Wes said Aces and Eights would help him climb to the top. The crowd told Wes, in unison, “You can’t wrestle!” Devon then said he accepted the Tables Match. Devon reminded everyone, especially Hogan, that the group would always have “an Ace” up their sleeves.

Backstage, Tara and Jessie flirted with each other. They ran into Brooke Hogan.Tara whined about how cold it was and then grumbled about having to fly “coach”. Hey, I flew Coach to Poland and it was Awesome. Brooke made the match of Tara vs Tessmacher and Jessie is banned from ringside. Brooke then ordered Jessie to fetch her some coffee.

Kenny King vs Zema Ion vs Rob Van Dam
Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Title

The crowd was solidly behind RVD. It started as a Dobule Team on RVD. Double Whip to the corner. King then attacked Ion. Ion clubbed RVD. Ion and RVD ended on the floor. Corkscrew Plancha by King. Flip Dive by Ion. The crowd loved it. Missile Dropkick by Ion, on King, in the ring. King with the Twisting Float Over. Single Leg Crab by King, on Ion. RVD with a kick to King’s head. King came back with an Enziguri to RVD. Whip by King but RVD held the ropes. Ion tripped RVD to block Rolling Thunder. RVD reversed a Whip and Monkey Flipped Ion. Wheelhouse Kick by RVD on King. Wild Tornado DDT by Ion on RVD. Ion converted the Royal Flush into Small Package. 2 count. Flipping Proto-bomb by Ion. RVD pulled Ion off King. Ion missed a Baseball Slide and hit the floor. RVD with a Clothesline. RVD got back in and flew off thetop rope. Kicks by RVD. RVD went for a Flying Crossbody but Ion moved and RVD hit the floor. King went for a Splash but hit the ropes. Jumping Neckbreaker by Ion.

Uppercut by King on Ion. Flying Corner Butt Rush. RVD got back in the ring but got sent out by a King La Bandera Clothesline. Ion then attacked King. Ion stomped King’s chest and went to the corner. Moonsault, by Ion, into King’s knees. Shotgun Knees and Northern Lights Suplex by King. Springboard Frog Splash, by RVD, onto King. RVD then pinned Zema Ion while King was stunned.

Your Winner: Rob Van Dam
Grade: B+ (88%)

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode talked about their momentum, going into the tag team title match. They did agree to follow their own path to take all the gold.

Impact showcased the British Boot Camp. Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan put several people through the trials to become the next TNA star. Kurt Angle said the kids showed a lot of respect. There were two girls (Blossom Twins) and two guys (Rockstar Spud and Party Harty). Hogan and Dixie made the final choice. I like the girls. They are a British version of the Bellas. The final winner turned out to be: Rockstar Spud!

Impact looked back at the opening segment.

Bruce Prichard talked with D’Lo Brown about the Wes and Garett turn. Bruce knew that Kurt would raise Hell when he got back. Bruce said he and D’Lo were to blame for Wes getting his contract.

Jessie was in the ring, rambling. He complained about being banned from being at Tara’s side. Jessie was ready to fight and look like a Hollywood star.

Jessie Godderz vs “Cowboy” James Storm

Taz was ticked that Storm crashed the party. Storm said he was listening to Jessie running off at the mouth. Storm said the fans wanted to drink some beer and see someone get beat up. Storm said he would take care of Jessie, kicking the crap out of him. Then Storm was going to drink some beer. Finally, he was going to show off a toothless Jessie. Storm ordered a ref.

Jessie tried to Pearl Harbor, but got popped. Uppercut by Storm. Jessie went to the eyes. Jessie with Uppercuts and a Knee Choke. Jessie choked Storm over the middle rope. Corner attack by Jessie, mostly with Back Elbows. Abdominal Stretch by Jessie. Storm with a kick into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Storm with hard punches. Flying Forearm by Storm into the Inverted Atomic Drop. Eye of the Storm! Storm was bleeding from the nose. Jumping Enziguri by Storm. Flying Reverse Neckbreaker by Storm. Closing Time (Code Breaker) by Storm. Storm psyched himself up and connected with the Last Call Superkick!

Your Winner: “Cowboy” James Storm
Grade: B (85%)

Storm mocked Jessie on the microphone. Storm then opened up some beer and sprayed the crowd.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode
TNA Tag Team Title Match

Roode and Chavo opened the contest. Side Headlock by Roode. Chavo tried to Shoulder Tackle Roode but Roode didn’t move. Whip by Roode. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors and Dropkick by Chavo. Aries with the Blind Tag. Roode and Aries yelled at each other. Hernandez made the tag and Aries backed down, big time. Go Behind by Aries into a Side Headlock. Hernandez lifted Aries and sat him on the top rope. Cartwheel by Aries. Steam Roller by Hernandez into the Stall Suplex. Roode pulled down Aries. Mongo Suplex by everyone sent the challengers flying. Springboard Senton by Chavo onto Aries. European Uppercut by Chavo on Aries. Roode tripped Chavo and pulled him outside. Suicide Dive by Aries misfired as Aries struck Roode. Impact took a break.

Hernandez got the tag and hit a Corner Splash on Aries for two. Roode made the save. Chavo with the tag and a Basement Dropkick to Aries. Chavo and Aries fought in the corner. Wicked European Uppercuts by Chavo. Tag to Hernandez. Hernandez Scoop Slammed Chavo onto Aries. Flying Splash by Hernandez. Roode made the save. Ax Bomber by Chavo, off the tag. Roode distracted Chavo. Burning Hammer by Aries to Chavo. Roode tagged in and stomped away. Running Back Elbow by Roode. Roode ran Chavo into Aries’ boot. Tag by Aries. Perfect Nack Snap by Roode. Aries started to open up on Chavo but Roode made the tag. Rear Chin Lock by Roode.

Headbutt by Roode. Aries tagged in and blasted Chavo’s ribs. Aries choked Roode on the ropes. Aries with an Ax Handle to the floor. Aries with the feet on the ropes but Brian Hebner caught him. Aries ran Chavo’s face along the top rope. Roode with the tag and a hard punch. Chavo fought out of the enemy corner. Roode with a Drop Toe Hold to stop the momentum. Rear Chin Lock by Roode. Roode spat at Hernandez. Phantom tag to Aries. Standing Chin Lock by Aries. Aries with a punch to the skull and then he went back to the same move as before. Chavo with a knee to the crotch. Roode got the tag and threw Chavo into the corner. Roode with the Mudhole Stomps. Whip by Roode but he ate n Elbow. Double Clotheslines. Both men were down and stunned.

Aries and Hernandez with the tags. Hernandez ran all over Aries. He threw Aries into Roode. Corner Splash by Hernandez. Torture Rack Backbreaker by Hernandez on Aries. Roode flipped Hernandez onto the apron. Roode pulled Aries into the path of Hernandez’s Springboard Shoulder. Pounce by Hernandez on Roode. Tag to Chavo. Chavo went for the Three Amigos but only got two. Aries went for the Brainbuster but Chavo pushed Aries into Roode. They had a huge meltdown. Roode looked to be leaving. Chavo connected with the Third Amigo. Border Toss by Hernandez was deflected. Low Blow by Aries. Double R Spinbuster on Chavo. 450 Splash by Aries. New Champs!

Your Winners (and new tag team champions): Bobby Roode and Austin Aries
Grade: A (94%)

Bully Ray and Sting talked strategy. Hulk Hogan came in to see the two of them and Brooke Hogan. Sting and Brooke left as Hulk talked with Bully. Hulk told his “son-in-law” that this was tailor-made for Bully. Ray explained to Hulk that he wasn’t a “good guy”. He simply wanted to get revenge for what Aces and Eights did to his wife and father-in-law.Ray said he was a very “bad guy”. Ray told “Dad” to consider it done. “Perfect” was Hogan’s comment. Interesting. Is Hulk the “Higher Power?”

A profile of A.J. Styles’ bad experiences, in the last year, ran. Styles went through so much with Dixie Carter, the phony pregnant chick, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, and losing the chance to go after the World title for several more months. There is still one Aces and Eights member wearing a mask. I just wonder…

Miss Tessmacher vs Tara
Non-Title Match

Tara looked lost without her boy toy. Tara called for Jessie. Roll Up by Tess for two. Tara beged off. Kneelift by Tara into a punch. She kept yelling for Jessie. Side Headlock Takeover by Tara. Shoulder Tackle by Tara. Drop Toe Hold into a Dropkick by Tess. Tess with a Rolling Cover for two. Sweet Face by Tess. Yummy. Tess and Tara fought on the ramp and Tess pitched Tara back in. Tess went up the ropes but got caught. Spider’s Web Side Slam by Tara. Hair Toss by Tara. Tara with the Hangman’s. Tenay brought up a lot of old time Brit wrestlers, including Lord Alfred Hayes and “Exotic” Adrian Street. Alfred Hayes should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Tara with the choke on Tess. Taryn read Tara the riot act, over and over. Tara with the two count. Tara tried her own Sweet Face but Tess with a Roll Up. Tara laid out Tess and got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Tara. Tara with a Clothesline off a Push Off. Another Flying Hangman by Tara. Tess flipped over and then exploded on Tara. Flying Forearm by Tess. Hurancanrana by Tess. Tess rubbed her “Lady Parts” into Tara’s face. Tara dropped Tess. Tara kept looking for Jessie. That led to Tessmacher hitting the Tess Shot.

Your Winner: Miss Tessmacher
Grade: B (84%) — one of the better women’s matches in recent history

Jeremy Borash brought out Rockstar Spud. I like this kid. Reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels. JB talked with Spud. They were cut off by the arrival of Robbie E and Robbie T. Eobbie E got all mouthy and even insulted his own tag partner by saying Robbie T “had” to do what he said. Robbie T dropped the clipboard as Spud blasted Robbie E. Robbie T played totally clueless about what happened. Spud got Robbie T to change from Fist Pumping into a Metal Sign “Horns”. Robbie E screamed at his big partner to stop walking off. Robbie E looked stunned at Robbie T’s behavior.

Bully Ray and Sting talked. Ray said he would not let Sting down. Brooke ran into the duo. Sting told Ray to put his “game face” on. Ray said he would even don the war paint.

Impact looked at the injury to Jeff Hardy’s knee. The docs said there was no permanent damage to Hardy’s knee. The MRI was clear. Hardy would be back in a couple of weeks.

Sting and Bully Ray vs DOC and Devon
Tables Match

Ray had a Hawk-like paint job on his face. The fight exploded before the bell. Sting went after DOC. Ray took on Devon. Ray with clubbing blows. “We want Tables!” rang out. Meeting of the Minds on Aces and Eights. Double Clotheslines by Sting and Ray. Ray popped DOC in the skull, over and over. Ray ran DOC into the corners. Elbow Drop to DOC’s skull. Double Whip into a Double Clothesline to DOC. Ray and Sting then double teamed Devon. Ray punched DOC in the face. Ray screamed at Earl Hebner. Ray then asked for Sting to move. Stinger Splash by Ray! Taz was losing his mind. Sting with a Stinger Splash on Devon. Doc was Double Whipped into Devon. Sting then whipped Ray into Aces and Eights. Sting and Ray cleared the ring as Impact went to break.

DOC was beating on Ray but a Big Boot stopped the former Luke Gallows. DOC with his own Big Boot. They took the fight to the floor. DOC choked Ray with a spiked belt. Devon punched on Sting. Sting reversed a Whip into a Back Elbow and Clothesline. Scoop Slam by Sting. Wazzup! by Ray into Devon’s nethers. The crowd started chanteing for tables. “Sting! Bully! Get the Tables!” The crowd chanted in unison. Ray went and got the table. Taz whined and complained about Hulk doing this. Aces and Eights attacked Ray and Sting as the table was set up.

Devon directed traffic. Aces nad Eights were going for a Double Suplex but Ray moved the table. Ray was sent to the floor. DOC reset the table. Devon placed Sting on thetable. DOC nad Devon pounded on Sting’s chest. Ray pulled Devon to the outside. Double Clothesline on the floor. Sting got up and went for a Superplex. The table was moved by Knox, who had rushed the ring. Devon laid out Knox, by accident. Sting attacked DOC with the Scorpion DeathDrop. They went to the floor. Devon and Ray fought but Ray “Hulked Up!”. Ray did the “You!” thing. Ray with the Triple Punches and Hogan Boot. Uranage by Ray to send Devon through the table!

Your Winners: Sting and Bully Ray
Grade: B+ (88%)

Hulk and Brooke Hogan came out to party with the winners. The quartet celebrated the victory. Taz walked away from the announce table as the replay ran. Hulk and Sting did the nWo point to Ray.


–Jay Shannon

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