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Well, it took 20 years but Finally (no this is Not a Rock promo), the WWE got it right as far as the Hall of Fame. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time is going to get his place in the sun. I’m so happy about this big announcement that I won’t even give the WWE grief for taking so long to get it done.

The show opened with a replay of John Cena challenging the WWE Champ. He was then attacked by The Shield. Ryback and Sheamus came to help but it didn’t really stop the Shield. From there, Raw looked at Brock Lesnar breaking Vince McMahon’s hip with the F5. Paul Heyman was about to get fired but The Beast came out and destroyed the Chairman of the Board. I have to think Brock vs Triple H, Part II happens at Wrestlemania.

C.M. Punk then made an appearance, without Paul Heyman. Interesting.Punk forced Justin Roberts to get in the ring with him. He ordered Justin to announce Punk as “The People’s Champion”. Punk said he has had a week to think things over. Punk said he did not over-react to losing the WWE title.Punk felt he reacted like a normal person would react when they got screwed over. Punk didn’t think Rock deserved the title. Punk questioned the validity of the video concerning his and Heyman’s relationship with Brad Maddox and The Shield. Punk talked to the fans. directly, saying that Punk was not in the video. Punk then got in Michael Cole’s face. He said he was not in the video and he didn’t think it was Paul Heyman in the video, either. Punk couldn’t believe anyone would believe anything Vince McMahon was to present to the fans. Punk accused Vince of “Doctoring the video”. He then insulted the fans. Punk said Vince got what he deserved, hip surgery. Brock Lesnar broke Vince’s hip in the cowardly attack, last week. Punk went all Neidermeyer with the “Worhless and Weak” ramble. Punk let everyone know that he was still the champ. He said he was at day 442 of his title reign.

Enter Booker T. Why? Punk cut off Booker as he started to talk. Booker stumbled on his words, a bit. Vickie Guerrero let Booker decide Punk’s fate. Booker decided to let the fans decide. Booker wanted a Wrestlemania Flashback so he picked three men that Punk has faced at past Wrestlemanias. The choice for opponents were:

Rey Mysterio (Wrestlemania 26)
Randy Orton (Wrestlemania 27)
Chris Jericho (Wrestlemania 28)

Booker told the fans to download the WWE app and vote. Punk ridiculed the fans and Booker said the fans would make the decision…Sucka!

Michael Cole showed how to download the WWE app. If I ever get an updated cell, I will do that.

Randy Orton talked about why he should get the chance to fight Punk. He beat Punk, at Wrestlemania, in Atlanta. Orton was ready to shut up Punk with an RKO.

Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro
Non-Title Match

The two hooked up and then broke. Go Behind into a Kidney Shot by Antonio. Ryback is now from Las Vegas aka Sin City. Ryback with a Hip Toss and Legdrop. Sullivan Tree of Woe by Ryback. He stomped Antonio in sync with the “Feed Me More!” chant. Antonio tried to roll out but Ryback sent him back in. Antonio with repeated stomps to Ryback’s back. European Uppercut by Antonio. Thesz Press into Head Slams by Ryback. Clothesline to the back of Ryback’s head. Raw went to break.

Ryback Stone Walled Antonio and then hit a Spinebuster. The US champ rolled out to the floor. Cesaro started to take off but Ryback stopped him. Ryback pitched Cesaro back in. Cesato snapped Ryback’s neck on the ropes and then Dropkicked the knee. Cesaro ran Ryback into the post and then the steps. Cesaro rolled in to break the count. He then ordered the ref to count Ryback out.

Ryback slid in at 9. Cesaro attacked Ryback with punches, in the corner. Cesaro with an Inverted Koloff Kneedrop. Kneelift by Ryback and Back Elbow. Back Body Drop by Ryback. Meat Hook Clothesline. Ryback followed Cesaro out to prevent Cearo from escaping. Big Boot by Cesaro. Powerbomb by Ryback led to a second Meat Hook. Shell Shocked!

Your Winner: Ryback
Grade: B (85%)

Cole and Lawler showed Cena picking his choice, last week, for Wrestlemania. Cena wanted a shot at the WWE title. The Shield then arrived and took the fight to Cena. The Shield would make a statement, next.

Chilli was in the crowd. She did so well on the Rachael vs Guy Celebrity cooking show. Rey Mysterio did a video saying that he should fight C.M. Punk. Rey reminded everyone that he had taken Punk’s hair, in the past.

Cole and Lawler looked back at the birth and evolution of The Shield. It started at Survivor Series 2012.Shield has gone after just about everyone, face, in the company. Seth, Dean and Roman has demolished eveyone in their path, so far.

John Cena watched the video with Vickie Guerrero. She asked Cena if he really was going to call out The Shield. She brought up the movie, Death Wish (currently showing on Epix on Demand). Cena said it was time to stop The Shield, tonight.

Cole and Lawler sent it to a video package about Trish Stratus, who is going into the Hall of Fame. She earned the title of Diva of the Decade. I definitely agree that she is one of the Top 5 Divas of all time. I see her coming in 2nd, right behind Fabulous Moolah. This has to be the strongest Hall of Fame in the 20 year history of the Hall.

Chris Jericho pled his case for being picked to face C.M. Punk. Jericho wanted to determine who really is “The Best in the World”.

Santino Marella vs Jack Swagger

Booker T joined the announce team for this match. Swagger is bak on a positive push. Jack slamemd Santino down, face first. Collar and Elbow into a Kneelift by Swagger. Power Walk by Santino got stopped with the Kitchen Sink. Running Knees, by Swagger, in the corner. Jack punched away. Jack missed a Corner Rush. Santino punched away. Santino ducked a Clothesline. Kneelift by Jack. Swaggerbomb! AnkleLock by Swager. Tap out! Cole said Swagger wants the move to now be called the Patriot Act. Really?

Your Winner: Jack Swagger
Grade: B- (81%)

The voting for the main event began.

And the system crashed! They had to open up WWE.com for the voting.

Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes
Non-Title Match

I miss the cars! Raw showed how Big SHow destroyed Ricardo Rodriguez, last week. The fight continued on Smackdown. Del Rio went after Show with a pipe. Show came back and attacked Ricardo, again.

So, Team Rhodes Scholars is a done deal. Both men have decided to do their own things. Cody now has a stupid t-shirt with a mustache on it. The logo said “Groomed for Greatness”.

Cody tried to jump Del Rio, right at the bell. Del Rio with a Back Elbow and Reverse Hurancanrana. (That was spiffy). Front Drop Suplex and kick to the head by ADR. Cody slapped ADR and the World Champ exploded with punches and kicks. Step-up Enziguri to Cody’s shoulder. Cody attacked Del Rio’s knee. Kneebreaker by Cody. Cody stomped away on the champ. Measured punches and kicks by Cody. Headbutt by Cody. Cody missed a Corner Splash. Clotheslines into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker, by ADR. Superkick by Del RIo for a two. Del RIo got the “Si!” chant going. Beautiful Disaster Kick by Cody for two plus. Del RIo with the Cross Armbreaker. Cody tapped out at warp speed.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: B (85%)

Del Rio took the microphone and addressed the crowd. He admitted that he used to look down on people but now he has changed. Alberto didn’t like to see people being bullied (even though he used to do it). Alberto said the fans helped him open his eyes. “Campeon del gente?” Alberto said there would be no more bullying by monsters. Alberto wanted revenge for what happened to Ricardo.

Big Show cut off Alberto, from the Tron. Show was in a local hotel, a secured location. Alberto said Show had no “Cajones”. (B*lls) Show said he was at the hotel to protect Alberto, not because he was a coward. Show wanted to fight Del Rio, for the title, at Elimination Chamber. Show wanted a contract brought to him to sign. Show threatened Del Rio to stay away or else.

It was time to announce Punk’s opponent. The winner, with 57% of the votes, was…Chris Jericho. Orton came in 2nd with 30% and Rey only got 13%.

MizTV will have Paul Heyman as its guest. I love that graphic of Miz in front of the monitor. It so reminds me of an early scene in Shock Treatment, the sorta-sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Raw looked back at Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara beating Kane and Daniel Bryan, last week. Bryan was pinned. That led to a major breakdown between the tag champs. Kane and Daniel were still grumbling at each other, in the back. Daniel said Kane wasn’t doing his part for the team. Kane said Daniel couldn’t hold up his end of things. Daniel ordered Kane to stay in the back, no matter what happens.

Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan

The two circled and went into the Colalr and Elbow. Kneelift and kicks by Daniel. Daniel tried to hold Rey down. Wheelbarrow Arm Drag and Dropkick by Rey. Knee Strikes by Rey. Daniel Bryan borrowed Teddy Hart “Hart Breaker” move (Powerbomb mixed with an Inverted Code Breaker). Strangely enough, my buddy, Scooter (a pro wrestler), and I were just talking about that move the other day. Scooter is training both locally and with some fantastic ladies and gentlemen at two different Northern California organizations. You definitely will be hearing the name Tyson Raines, soon.

Back to the action, Rey barely kicked out. Booker T and Teddy Long were watching the match. Daniel worked over Rey’s arm. Daniel flipped Rey to the apron. Rey with Shoulders. Daniel tripped Rey, on the top rope. Rey fell into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Rey pulled up as Daniel charged. Daniel struck the ring post. Raw went to break.

Daniel twistd Rey’s arm. Rey with punches. Impressive throw by Daniel. Daniel stomped on Rey’s elbow. Daniel snapped Rey’s arm over his shoulder. Daniel exploded with vicious kicks and then threw Rey to the outside. Slider Dropkick kept Rey on the floor. Rey smacked Daniel with a Forearm Shot. Seated Senton and Hurancanrana by Rey. Roll Through Hurancanrana into a Crescent Kick by Rey. 1-2-no.

Rey pushed Daniel into the ropes and went for the 619.. Daniel countered it into the No Lock. Rey rolled back and almost pinned Daniel. Rey sent Daniel into the ropes and nailed the 619. Rey missed the Benoit Diving Headbutt. No Lock by Daniel for the submission.

Your Winner: Daniel Bryan
Grade: B+ (88%)

Suddenly, Mark Henry made his return to WWE. Mark threw Daniel into the barricade. Daniel, foolishly, had come out to face Mark. Mark got in the ring and picked up Rey. Running Powerslam by Mark. Mark then pulled Rey to the corner for a Banzai Drop. He didn’t connect. Sin Cara rushed in and flew off the ropes…right into a World’s Strongest Slam! Mark then climbed the ropes but Rey got up and took the fight to Mark. World’s Strongest Slam on Rey. “That ain’t enough!” Mark with his version of the Swagger/Vaderbomb. “That’s what I do” was the screech that came out from Mark. Mark then pitched Sin Cara to the outside.

Kane walked backstage. Daniel Bryan came up and went off on Kane for not helping him. Kane reminded Daniel that he asked Kane to stay in the back. Kane said their friendship was all powerful. Daniel wondered if Kane meant it. “Hell No!” was Kane’s response.

Raw took, yet another, look at the return of Brock Lesnar. I’m not impressed.

Big Show was on his cell. He was talking to Booker T. He told Booker that he wasn’t waiting all night for the contract. Someone knocked on the door. It was Room Service. Show stiffed the delivery guy.

Sheamus vs Kane

The two locked up and danced around. Sheamus with a shove. Sheamus punched away on the Big Red Monster. Sheamus tore into Kane with more punches. Kane reversed a Whip and dropped Sheamus with a punch. Uppercut and kicks by Kane, in the corner. Kneelift by Sheamus but Kane with a Sidewalk Slam. Kane punched the Irishman. Sheamus kicked Kane into the barricade Clubbing blows by Sheamus. The two got back into the ring and Kane with an Uppdercut.

Sheamus began to punch away. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Million Dollar Kneelift and Double Ax to send Kane to the floor. Kane climbed back up and Shemaus started with the Crossfaces. Kane actually blocked part of the Crossfaces. Kane went up top but missed the Kane Klothesline. Kane blocked the Brogue Kick. Sheams blocked the Chokeslam. White Noise and Tombstone blocked. Jumping DDT by Kane. Daniel Bryan ran down and argued with Daniel. Kane turned around and ate a Brogue Kick.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Grade: B (84%)

Daniel Bryan grinned at the carnage that he caused. He then apologized for what happened.


Miz started to talk about how Paul Heyman brought in Brock Lesnar to attack Vince McMahon. Paul stopped “Mr. Mizanin”, cold. Paul said he was there to clear his name. Paul said he wouldn’t allow MIz to soil his name and reputation. Paul accused Miz of slandering him. Paul sent his best wishes to Mr. McMahon. Paul told Miz to change the look on his face. MIz cut Paul off. That set off Heyman. Paul swore he didn’t know Brock was in Las Vegas, nor did he know that Lesnar was going to attack Vince. Paul said he tried to back Lesnar down, last week. Miz brought up Paul’s payoffs to Brad Maddox and The Shield. Miz admired Paul for being the most committed liar that Miz had ever met in his life. Paul was livid that Miz would insult him like this. Paul said he wondered if MIz agreed that Punk got screwed out of his title. Paul ranted about how Punk was going to mop up the floor with The Rock. Paul had one question for Miz to answer. Miz told Paul not to crowd him…

Vickie Guerrero came down the ramp. She bellowed at the crowd and then got in the ring. Vickie said Paul was telling the truth. Vickie explained that Paul didn’t have anything to do with Brock’s return…she did. Vickie has been in secret negotiations with Brock, for some time. Vickie resigned Brock to impress Vince. She wanted a promotion to General Manager so she brought Lesnar to Vegas. Vickie faked a breakdown, in the ring. Miz wasn’t buying any of it. Paul played along, saying he believed Vickie. Paul called for a moment of silence for Vince. Vickie had a better idea. She wanted eveyone to pray for Vince’s well-being. “Really?” came from Miz’s microphone. He accused them both of lying through their teeth. Paul said Miz was offending him. Vickie screamed at Miz that she was his boss. “For how long?” Miz was certain that both Vickie and Paul would get ousted. Miz really ripped into Paul with insults.

Enter Brock Lesnar. Yawn. The big goof yelled like some kind of wounded animal and lumbered down to the ring. Miz didn’t back up a step. Paul screamed at Miz to back down. Miz shoved Brock. Clothesline by Lesnar. He then threw Miz to the outside. Lesnar tossed the chairs into MIz and then started to destroy the couches. Miz jumped Lesnar, from behind. Lesnar with the F5. Miz landed on the edge of the couch. Paul said Miz was sorry trying to bring Lesnar down to semi-normality.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
(Another) Non-Title Match

Michael Cole sent it to an insert video of Bo Dallas. The third generation star embarrassed Wade by eliminating him at Royal Rumble and then beating Wade, last week, on Raw. Wade actually chose to fight Bo. On Smackdown, Wade attacked Bo, backstage.

Wade punched and kicked on Orton. Whip reversed by Orton. Thesz Press and punches by Orton. European Uppercuts by Orton. Orton sent Wade to the floor and then slammed Wade’s face on the apron, a couple of times. Back Drop Suplex onto the barricade. Orton threw Wade back in and got a two count. Orton Stomp by Randy. Clothesline and Kneelifts by Wade. Snap Suplex by Wade into a La Bandera Clothesline.

Wade went to the floor and kicked Orton in the skull. Wade then ran Randy’s head into the apron. They got back in the ring and Wade got a two count. Cole talked about the foot-long scar on Wade’s back. Rear Chin Lock by Wade. Orton Elbowed his way free. Orton with a punch to the face. Orton blocked the Back Kick and hit a couple of Clotheslines and the Snap Powerslam. Rope Assisted DDT by Orton. Wade went to the floor to derail Orton’s momentum. WInds of Change (Black Hole Slam) by Wade when they got back in the ring. Wade set for Wasteland but Orton battled out. Wade blocked the first RKO but fell victim to the second one.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: B+ (87%)

They ran the new M&M/Meatloaf commercial. I love that one.

A promo for Fandango ran. Sigh. This is going to be another of those doofus characters that runs way too long. The only Fandango I want to see is the great movie with Kevin Costner and Judd Nelson.

Chris Jericho vs C.M. Punk
Raw Active Match

Punk mocked the fans for their “Y2J” chant. Collar and Elbow into a Kneelift and Chop by Punk. Jericho with Chops of his own. Back Elbow by Jericho. Knife Edge Chop by Jericho. Stall Suplex by Jericho. The crowd went back and forth with “Y2J/C.M. Punk” chants. Punk stomped on and chopped Jericho. Kitchen Sink by Punk for a two count. Keylock by Punk.

Jericho moved Punk to the corner and punched away. Another Knife Edge Chop by Jericho. Punk reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Punk with his own boot. Punk called for a Tornado DDT but Jericho pushed out. La Bandera CLothesline to send Punk to the floor. Baseball Slide Dropkick to Punk. Punk crashed into the announce desk. Punk snapped Jericho’s neck over the top rope. Raw took another break.

Punk with a Back Drop Suplex. Legdrop to the back of Jericho’s neck. Punk set Jericho and hit another Legdrop. 2 count. Cravat by Punk. Jericho got to his feet and Jericho with Knife Edge Chop. Jericho flipped Punk over the roeps. Punk went for a Springboard Clothesline, but missed. Shoulder Tackles by Jericho. Punk threw Jericho over th ropes. Jericho landed on the apron and hit an Ax Bomber from the ropes. Running Bulldog by Jericho. Jericho went for the Lionsault but Punk got the knees up. Punk barely avoided the Walls of Jericho. Jericho dodged the Elevator Knee. Top Rope Hurancanrana by Jericho.

Punk kicked out of the pin, at two. Punk caught Jericho on the Lionsault and moved him into position for the GTS. Jericho countered into an attempt at the Walls but Punk with a Small Package for a near fall. Rolling Neckbreaker by Punk for two. Elevator Knee by Punk into a Short Arm Clothesline. Punk forced himself up the ropes and waited, way too long. Punk missed the Savage Elbow. Lionsault by Jericho. 1-2-no. Jericho seemed to hurt his ribs on the landing of the Lionsault. Punk with a Rifle Shot Crescent Kick to Jericho’s face. 1-2-kick out. Anaconda Vise by Punk. Jericho inched his way around to reach the ropes and force the break. Punk broke on the count of four.

Punk screamed at the “Marks”. “This is Awesome!” rang out. Jericho went up top but Punk tripped him. Punk had Jericho set for the GTS. Jericho caught the knee and slapped on the Walls of Jericho! Punk crawled to the ropes. I’ve been in that move and it is miserable. (Thanks Vinny Poochanelli). Punk wanted the GTS but his back wouldn’t allow it. Punk used his legs to send Jericho into the corner. Punk ran Jericho into the steel post and then connected with the Go To Sleep!

Your Winner: C.M. Punk
Grade: A (95%)

Fanfare Please! Ladies and Gentlemen, on the 20th anniversary of the creation of the WWE Hall of Fame and the 50th anniversary of the WWE, the WWE finally inducts…BRUNO SAMMARTINO! I could cry. He had the longest run of any male champion, ever. Bruno came to the states from Italy. He bonded with the fans, almost from day one. Bruno had a role in both Wrestlemania I and II. Bruno survived a broken neck, from Stan Hansen, to retain his title. Thank you, WWE, for finally making things right and putting “The Living Legend” into the Hall of Fame. He should have the highest pedestal in the building.

I can only hope for a few other names to go in with the current four. William Regal, Ivan Koloff, Cyndi Lauper, Randy Savage and either the Fabulous Freebirds or The Bushwackers/Sheepherders should round out the class. I’ve heard rumors that “Diamond” Dallas Page might go. I’d be okay with that.

Way to go, Bruno!

C.M. Punk was interviewed, backstage. Punk was limping, badly. Matt Striker wanted to know where Punk’s head was at. Punk was mad that The Rock was a thief that took his title belt. Punk was sure he could prove things at Elimination Chamber, when he will defeat The Rock to take back the WWE title. That led to a video package of Rock’s win at Royal Rumble.

John Cena was interviewed, backstage, by Josh Mathews. Josh asked Cena why would he call out The Shield. Cena said it was time to do the impossible. Cena said the time to laugh was over. Cena said The Shield pushed him, last week. This week, Cena pushes back.

Big Show was on the phone, again. The contract still hadn’t shown up. There was a knock at the door and the kid was there with the contract. The kid tried to warn Big Show about something. Show blew him off to read the contract. Show signed the contract. Show thought the kid wanted a picture or autograph. What the kid was trying to say was that Alberto Del Rio was in the hallway. Show and Del Rio started blasting each other. Show looked to have the upper hand. That stopped when Del Rio used a fire extinguisher to throw Big Show off his game . Show was about to crack Del Rio with a table leg when he took a fire extinguisher to the face. Del Rio screamed at Big Show in Spanglish. Some people came out of the elevator. Del Rio said “his friend” had some bad Mexican food.

Brad Maddox was in the ring. He said Paul Heyman and C.M. Punk manipulated him. Brad was glad that everyone now knew he was an innocent victim, a wronged man. Brad said he provided the footage to Vince. He felt he was now the Hero of the story. Brad then called out The Shield. (How bad did The Shield beat down Brad?) Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came down and beat the snot out of Brad. Sword of Justice Triple Powerbomb!

John Cena then came out…of the crowd. He also brought Sheamus and Ryback, who came through the crowd, as well. The Shield, like most cowardly bullies, took off when the sides were even.


–Jay Shannon

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