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So, TNA is off to England. Aces and Eights had a huge surprise for everyone. Welcome to Open Fight Night–UK!

Previously, Huilk Hogan suspended Bully Ray when he found out about the relationship between Ray and Brooke Hogan. There was a wedding that went south when Taz announced he was a member of Aces and Eights. Taz said there was a “Higher Power” behind all this. Jeff Hardy got cracked in the knee by an Aces and Eights member. Sting and Bully Ray begged Hogan for the suspension to be lifted.

Welcome to Manchester, England. The announce team talked about he night’s main event. Also, Dixie Carter had a major announcement about the future of TNA.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian did their best Bravehart (or maybe it was a Headbangers tribute). Kaz took the stick and addressed the crowd. He said Bad Influence were there for an International Incident. “You Suck!” rang out. Kaz said it was “Throwback Thursday” and they were going back to the 13th century. Funny, seeing Daniels and Kazarian made me suddenly this of the “Let this be our last battlefield” episode of Star Trek. Daniels took the stick and said he knew that everyone was disappointed that Jeff was still champ. Daniels said Hardy’s facepaint was toxic. Daniels said he knew he would get another shot at the World title, somewhere. Daniels talked about beating the English.

Daniels was cut off by the returning…Magnus! Magnus got a huge pop from the homeland crowd. Taz threw out veiled threats at Magnus. Magnus said the reason why Daniels wasn’t champ was that Hardy beat Daniels like he owed him money. He called Bad Influence a “couple of disrespectful Muppets that needed a good slap”. Magnus said Daniels and/or Kaz could fight him, an Englishman.

Magnus vs Daniels and Kazarian.

It ended up a two-on-one Beat Down, at first. Magnus cleared the ring of both members of Bad Influence. Magnus then took back the stick and said it was an honor to do this for the fans.

Your Winner: N/A
Grade: N/A

Magnus said Aces and Eights sidelined him. Magnus then called out Devon, as part of Open Fight Night. Devon strolled from the back, alone.

Magnus vs Devon
Non-Title Match

Magnus tore into Devon with wicked Elbow Smashes. Clothesline by Magnus. Whip; by Magnus. Magnus threw Devon over the top rope. The fight went to the floor and Magnus kicked the daylights out of the TV Champ. Magnus rammed Devon into several section of the ring barricade. Magnus blasted Devon with a water bottle.

They went to get back into the ring and Devon kicked the rope up into Magnus’ crotch. Running Clothesline by Devon. Deevon choked Magnus on the middle rope. Devon pounded away and choked Magnus with the knee. Magnus started to punch away. Devon went to the eyes. Snap Mare by Devon into a Legdrop. Devon mocked Hulk Hogan’s ear cup. Magnus started to punch away but an Amazing Grace Flying Elbow stopped Magnus. Snap Mare into a Neck Pinch by Devon.

Magnus got to his feet and punched free. Clothesline by Devon. Scoop Slam by Devon. Devon missed the Flying Headbutt Dive. Running Clotheslines by Magnus. High Knee by Magnus. Devon with a kick byt Magnus with a Running Clothesline.Scoop Driver by Magnus. Aces and Eights hit the ring but Magnus cleaned house.

Your Winner (by DQ): Magnus
Grade: B- (82%)

TNA ran a profile of Joseph Park and his road to becoming a wrestler. This week, Joseph Park was determined to win his match, in Manchester. Park took all of last week to study everyone and then he would make his decision.

In the back, Bully Ray, Brooke Hogan and Sting talked about Hulk. Hulk texted Sting “I will be there”. They kept tyring to text and call Hogan.

Joseph Park’s Impact Wrestling Debut

Joseph talked about how loud and crazy the UK fans are. Park said he had a tough decision as to who his opponent would be. He was interrupted by The Robbies. Park said he didn’t pick Robbie E. R-E thought it was a joke. R-E said Joe Park was no wrestler. He called Joseph “a hamster like everyone else int he UK”. Robbie T didn’t like R-E’s insult of the British people.Robbie said it was time to give Joseph a real lesson in wreestling. Robbie E challenged Joseph.

Robbie E vs Joseph Park.

Joseph wrestled in his sweatsuit. Robbie ducked under Park and then kicked away. Whip bu Park. Robbie went for a Crossbody but Park didn’t move. Shot to Joe’s ribs and kicked by Robbie. Huge Hip Toss and Arm Drag by Park. Scoop Slam by Park. Park missed a Big Splash. Robbie kicked away at Park. Robbie punched Park in the face. Robbie went to the middle ropes nad hit a Flyying Clothesline. Robbie with an Elbow Drop off the middle turnbuckle. Joe kicked out at two. Robbie missed the Full Body Clothesline. Park shook the ropes and Shoulder Tackled Robbie. Clothesline by Park. He missed the Corner Splash. Belly to Belly Suplex by Park. Park climbed the ropes and waited. Bringing Down the Gavel (Huge Splash off the turnbuckles).

Your Winner: Joseph Park
Grade: B (84%)

Hulk Hogan was walking the halls of the arena.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode were in the ring. Aries stated he and Roode were constantly being robbed. Aries said they were ready to usher in a new era. It was their goal to take all the gold. Their first target was the World tag belts. Bobby started to insult the English crowd. They were cut off by the tag champs.

Hernandez and Chavo came out and Chavo took exception to Aries nad Roode thinking they were easy marks. Chavo wondered if Aries and Roode were a team. Chavo challenged Roode and Aries. Aries said if they were to win, they get a shot at the tag belts.

Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

The two tore into each other. Back Drop Suplex by Aries. Aries dropped Chavo over the top rope. Aries with the Outside In but CHavo got the knees up. Chavo dropped Aries and then nailed a European Uppercut. Impact took a break.

Chavo with a Whip but Aries held the ropes. Roode ordered Aries to get back in the ring. Chavo flew out of the ring and took out Aries. Previously, he had kicked Aries into Roode. Aries slid in the ring and then hit a Suicide Dive. Back in the ring, Aries choked Chavo, in the corner. Snap Mare by Aries. into a Savage Elbow to Chavo’s neck, from the middle ropes. Aries with a hard punch and back rake. Chavo started to punch back. Kitchen Sink by Aries into a Buzzsaw Kick. 2 count. Bell Ringer by Aries. The two exchanged shots. Side Headlock Takeober by Aries.

Aries jabbed his thumb into Chavo’s throat. Chavo started to punch away but Aries with a Back Body Drop. Aries climbed the ropes and took forever before going for the Frog Splash. Aries missed. Chavo punched away but Aries to the eyes. Chavo with a Sky High Dropkick. Corner Punches by Chavo. Float Over into a Back Body Drop by Chavo. Three Amigos blocked. Rolling Heel Kick by Chavo. Chavo connected with the Three Amigos. Roode slammed the apron to motivate his partner. Frog Splash! Roode got in the ring and then Hernandez did. The ref shooed them both out. Running Dropkick into the Brainbuster by Aries.

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Grade: B+ (88%)

Aries and Roode argued up the ramp. In the back, Brooke told Bully that Hulk was there. Bully and Brooke headed to the ring for an answer about the suspension.

Kurt Angle was with Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. Joe promised that there would be a one-on-one between Kurt and Ken Anderson. Wes and Garett wanted to have Kurt’s back but Joe shut them down. Kurt told Wes and Garett to let him warm up.

Another look at the Bully/Brooke/Hulk relationship. Hulk felt “Mark” wasn’t for real. Hulk swore he would never trust Bully Ray. The wedding between Ray and Brooke broke down when Aces and Eights attacked and took out everyone in sight.

Bully Ray’s music hit and he came out with Brooke. Taz taunted the newest Power Couple of TNA. Taz said he didn’t sweat Bully Ray. Taz said he was totally protected from attack by anyone. Ray told Brooke his love for her got him suspended, by her dad. Ray told everyone that they are family and have a common enemy. Ray wanted to battle Aces and Eights. Ray asked for the suspension to be lifted. Ray said only Sting could convince Hulk to reinstate Ray. Ray got a chant going for Sting.

Sting came out in one of his classic jackets. Man, that makes my black duster jacket look so dull. The crowd chanted for Sting. Sting didn’t have the stroke to pull Hogan out, only the fans could. Sting got a “Hogan” chant going to bring out the Immortal One. Finally, the General Manager of TNA, Hulk Hogan, made his appearance. Hogan was in classic red and yellow. Taz said Ray was sucking up to Hulk to get reinstated. Taz warned Ray should stay suspended…for his health. Sting said there was a War Zone going now against Aces and Eights. Sting wanted Hulk to make things right, with Bully Ray. Hulk acknowledged the war, brother. Hulk reminded Sting that Hulk always did the right thing. Hulk said he did the right thing by walking Brooke down the aisle. Hulk said he always does the right thing by his family. Hulk reinstated Bully. HUlk said he was going to do the right thing for business. Bully Ray and Sting would face two members of Aces and Egihts, next week. Hulk said the tag match would be a Tables Match. Taz wasn’t happy to hear that. Tables Matches are Ray’s forte. Ray and Hulk shook hands.

Velvet Sky strutted backstage.

Dixie Carter had an announcemetn. Dixie Carter announced that the Impact tapings would be going on the road, starting in March, each and every week. March 14th’s show in Chacago would be the first under the new policy. Some have asked if TNA lost their arrangement with Universal Studios. The way I hear it, TNA wants to move to the next level. That will make them more competitive with WWE.

Velvet Sky sasheyed out to the ring and did the Pigeon Shuffle. Damn, where di my blood pressure pills go? Grin. Sky had something to get off her chest. (slapping fingers) Sky called out Tara and Jessie. The Hollywood Power Couple slowly walked from the back. Velvet had someone to act as her tag partner…”Cowboy” James Storm

Velvet Sky and James Storm vs Tara and Jessie
Mixed Tag Team Match

The men opened up things. They moved to the corner and Jessie shoved Storm. Storm opened up on Jessie. Shoulder Tackle by Storm. Universal into a Hip Toss. Big fist by Storm. Tara distracted Storm. Jessie pounded away. Back Elbows by Jessie. Todd made fun of Taz’s small size. He asked if Taz rode a Big Wheel or tricycle, instead of a motorcycle. That was classic. Taz was ready to beat the stuffing out of the rookie announcer. Kneelift and Snap Mare by Jessie into a Leg Drop. Storm ramped up. Closing Time by Storm. Tag to the ladies.

Clotheslines by Sky. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors by Sky. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Sky. Kneelift by Tara. Sky threw Tara into Jessie and got a two count. Flying Face Plant by Sky. The men came in and Storm with another Closing Time (Code Breaker). Tara attacked Storm byt Sky with In Your Face. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Velvet Sky and James Storm
Grade: B (84%)

Impact looked backa t the post-match attack on Jeff Hardy, last week. Taz distracted Hardy and one of the goons slid in and cracked the knee of Hardy with the hammer. Tenay had an update on Hardy. Jeff had to go through an MRI and the results will be available, next week.

It was then flashback time. Hulk brought his “son-in-law” back into the fold as an active wrestlier. Hulk said Ray wasn’t a bad guy. Hulk knew Ray stood up for Hulk and Brooke when he took the beatdown for him and his daughter. Hulk felt he had given a wedding present to the son in law when he placed Ray in the Tables match.

Sting and Bully Ray will face DOC and Devon, next week. The steel cage was in place for the main event. Impact went back to Lockdown 2010. Kurt and Ken had a bloody war, on that night. Kurt hit a sick Moonsault off the top of the cage to take out Anderson. Things went back and forth. Kurt eventually wont he match.

Anderson said Aces and Eights has shown him more brotherhood than anyone else in TNA. Anderson said he thought about this match all the way over from the States. Anderson warned that Kurt would not leave as he came in. In the training area, Samoa Joe has been attacked. Wes and Garett were there to take care of Joe until the medics showed up. Hmmmm…..

Kurt Angle vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Steel Cage Match

Taz thought Anderson looked awesome in Aces nad Eights colors. Kurt then came out to a monster pop. Wes Brisco was with Kurt. Taz talked about beating Kurt, in the Garden. The bell soudned and Ken went to town on Kurt. Whip by Ken. 2 count. Ken punched the ribs and then slapped Kurt in the face. Kurt blocked the Suplexes by Ken. Back Elbow by Ken for a two. Ken pushed Kurt’s neck into the ropes. Kurt punched away but Ken with a Kneelift. Back Elbow and Missile Dropkick by Kurt. Tenay talked about how loyal Wes and Garett have been to Kurt. Kurt with a Clothesliens on Ken. Whip by Kurt intoa German Suplex. Ken reversed the Angle Slam into the Green Bay Plunge. 2 count.

Ken threw Kurt’s face into the mesh wall of the cage. Ken stomped on Kurt’s hand. Ken then threw Kurt into the cage wall, again. Kurt revered things and threw Ken into the wall and hit the AngleSlam. 1-2-no! Impact went to break.

The two men were still going hard and heavy. Kurt was in charge. Kurt stomped on Ken’s hand. Ken bit Kurt’s head and then nailed a Clothesline. Ken started to climb out of the cage as Kurt struggled to his feet. Kurt caught Ken, at the top. Kurt and Ken fought on the top rope. Ken jumped down and yanked Kurt down, crotch first, onto the top rope. 2 count by Ken. Kneedrop by Ken. Ken pounded on Kurt’s back, over and over. Ken punched and kicked, in the corner. Ken choked Kurt with the boot. Ken headed for the side of the cage. Kurt caught Ken and slammed the back of Ken’s head. AngleSlam off the top rope!

Kurt only got the two count. Low Blow by Ken into the Mic Check 2 count again. Ken Double Hooked the legs and tried for the pin. He only got a two. Ken started to climb the cage. Kurt with the Powerbomb for a two. AngleLock by Kurt. Ken refused to tap out. Kurt Grapevined the leg. Ken tapped out!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Grade: A- (92%)

After the match, an Acces and Eights member got in the ring. Wes opened the cage door. Kurt told Wes to close the door and lock it. Kurt went to attaack but the member pulled off his mask and it was…Garett Bischoff. Wes then clipped the knee. Wes opened up his hair and he has been the fuzzy headed Aces member. all along. Wes and Garett are both members of Aces and Eights. Wes and Garrett annihilated Kurt. They stomped away on Kurt. I knew it! Taz cackled as Kurt was taken apart. Garett with his Forward Cutter.


–Jay Shannon

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