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Match starts off very fast in the ring and quickly goes outside by the broadcast booth … The fight viciously … Paul Heyman strikes The Rock giving Punk time to attack him … Punk tosses Rock onto the barrier by the fans then tosses him into the ring and is in charge. It’s a fairly even match up thus far.

Punk lockes Rock into a cradle neck maneuver … Rock gets out and uses a series of punches but it is short lived as Punk takes charge again … Punk traps him on the ropes and punches at will … Ten minutes in and Punk has the upper hand … Heyman once again punches Rock … Punk dropkicks Rock who is now on the ring floor … Punk dives onto him with an elbosmash but Punk seems to be favoring his self leg a bit.

Rock goes for the attack on the leg and is now in charge but Punk is able to trip him out and Rock rolls out of the ring … Punk with a suicide dive taht connects on Rock … He rolls Rock back in and dives off the ropes and misses…Rock attacks him, injuring the leg even more … Rock goes for Rock Bottom but Punk elbows out … Rock with a DDT … Rock with a Sharpshooter! … Punk gets to the ropes for a break!

Punk rolls out of the ring and Rock follows … Rock dismantles the Spanish Announcer table, bashes Punk’s head into it … Punk kicks Rock and the table gives way and they both fall through! Rock Bottom on the floor! … They get back into the ring Rock tries a pin but Punk kicks out … Punk with an astonishing kick in the ring that kayos Rock … Both are nearly out cold as the referee counts … Now both are up and they exchange kicks and punches.

Rock goes for People’s Elbow … Lights go out as he is about to come down with the Elbow … It’s The Shield .. Lights on and both Rock (outside the ring) and Punk (inside the ring) are both down. Punk has a wide smile on his face … Punk goes over to the fallen Rock and drags him into the ring … Punk goes for the pin and he gets it!!!

PUNK RETAINS! VINCE McMAHON COMES OUT and says CM Punk’s celebration is over. The lights were off and McMahon says he knows it was The Shield. Just before he is about to strip Punk, Rock says, “no we don’t end like this. You don’t take it from him — I do — restart the match now!”

Vince approves it!

Punk attacks Rock in the corner … Punk to the rop rope for a elbow dive and pin attempt .. Rock kicks out … Punk gives the “go to sleep” slignal but Rock gets out — it’s the People’s Elbow and THE ROCK WINS THE WWE TITLE!!!

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