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Aces and Eights has its newest member…Taz! All Hell broke out at last week’s wedding between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. The fallout would bring all kinds of chaos.

Obviously, the flashback segment was all about the wedding. It went South when Taz got in the middle of things and then announced himself as a member of the rogue group. The gang hit the ring and destroyed Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Spike Dudley and Hulk Hogan! After the show, bodies were laid out, everywhere. Ray was holding Hogan’s hand until he was helped to the back by various people. Joseph Park and Tommy Dreamer then helped Ray out of the arena.

Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay were at the announce desk but Taz was a no show. Mike said he was so shocked by Taz’s actions. Taz said he would explain, later in the night.

Outside, the motorcycles wsere revved up and Aces and Eights were having a nice big party.

Roll the updated intro montage. It is just so cool.

Taz led the troops to the ring. Tenay really went off on Taz for being a back stabber and traitor. Taz took the stick and got ready to speak. Taz looked like a midget compared to Knox, DOC, Devon, etc… Taz knew people wanted answers. “Life is about opportunities”. Taz agreed with Aces and Eights’ ideals. Taz mentioned a “Higher Power” behind Aces and Eights. Taz went off about the wedding. Taz said it was an opportunity to take Aces and Eights to another level. Taz then sent a message to Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter. Taz said if anyone puts a hand on him, he will own TNA. He called himself “Teflon Taz”. There were a dozen guys in the irng and they were all ready to party.

Jessie talked with Tara about her title match against Velvet Sky. Jessie tried to motivated Tara. Jessie had Velvet’s action figure.

Impact focused on Christopher Daniels’ history with TNA. Daniels has never won the singles World title in TNA. Kaz and Daniels were interviews. Kaz said he would be Daniels’ manager, tonight. Daniels said this would be a turning point for TNA. He wasn’t a Creature…he was a Feature.

Taz was at the announce table as the first match got rolling.

Velvet Sky vs Tara
Knockout Championship Match

Velvet was back in her skimpies, tonight. Yeah! Taz urged Todd and Tenay to throw their questions at him. Tenay told Taz to wait until the entrances were done. Tenay wanted to know who the “Higher Power” is. Taz and Tenay bickered as Taryn held up the Knockout title. Velvet took Tara down and almost got an instant win. Rollup by Sky for two, twice. Clothesline by Tara. Sky with a Japanese Arm Drag and Clotheslines. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Sky. Tara went to the floor. Taz and Todd got into it when Todd called Taz a “Turncoat”. Sky with a Running Boot that sent Tara to the floor. Impact went to break.

Velvet with a kick. Tara reversed a Whip but Sky with a kick to the skull. Flying Crossbody by Sky for two, off the ropes. Knife Edge Chops and Shoulder Thrusts and Kicks by Sky. Whip by Sky. Tara blocked the Monkey Flip and got a two count. Tara slammed Sky’s face into the canvas. Taz kept avoiding answering questions. Snap Suplex by Tara for two. Standing Moonsault, by Tara, for two. Rear Chin Lock by Tara. Tara threw Sky down, by the hair, as Sky tried to break free. Hair Toss by Tara. Tara climbed the ropes but got Rocket Launchered to the canvas. The two threw fists as they got to their feet. Whip by Sky into a set of Flying Clotheslines. Head Scissors by Sky. Sky Flowers by Sky but Jessie was a distraction. Tara rushed Sky and nailed Jessie. Roll Up by Sky for two. Jessie tripped Sky, on an Implant DDT, and allowed Tara to land on Sky’s chest.

Your Winner: Tara
Grade: B (84%)

Next week, Open Fight Night will be in England! Cool.

Sting was asked who was responsible for the wedding disaster. Sting said he would say what he had to say, in the Impact Zone, a little later on.

Zema Ion and Kenny King talked, in the locker room. King had been talking to himself. King and Ion were going to tag against RVD and Christian York. King taunted Ion that it was RVD that took the X-Title off him (Ion). Ion came back that he was the best X-Champ of all time.

Joseph Park came down to the ring. Park was all smiles. Park knew he wasn’t graceful. Park realized he was meant to be on the active roster in TNA. Park lost his debut match but he fought hard. Park may not have won but he now understood that he was there to be the best tht he can be. Park knew that it was Open Fight Night from Manchester, England. Park said he was ready with his passport. Who would Park chose to fight, next week? Park said he would think it over and make his decision when he got to England. Park said the world would see the debut of Joseph Park, next week. Park was certain that he would get his “W” on next week’s Impact
. Taz said Park was out of his mind.

Zema Iona nd Kenny King vs Christopher York and Rob Van Dam

RVD and Ion to open. Side Headlock by Ion. Push Off by RVD but Ion with a kick. Kneelift by Ion. Lift into a Dropkick by RVD. Tag to York. Whip by York into a Kitchen Sink. Tag to RVD. York threw Ion into the corner. Monster Monkey Flip by RVD. Ion landed bad on his leg. Slider Dropkick to Ion’s face. King pulled RVD down by the ponytail. Flying Knee by Ion. King officially tagged in and hit a Float Over Snap Suplex. King punched away and tagged to Ion. Elbow Drop by Ion. Ion prevented the tag. Double Stomp to the chest. Ion went to the eyes. Whip by Ion. RVD collapsed. Ion went to the top. Ion missed the 450 Splash. Mule Kick by RVD.

Tags to York and King. York with Clotheslines and Side Russian Leg Sweep. Flying Knee by York for two. RVD with a Whip of Ion to the corner. Jawbreaker by King but York with the La Bandera Clothesline. King pulled York to the outside. RVD went up the ropes but King pushed RVD down. RVD with Back Elbows. Ion launched RVD off the top. King and Ion tried for the Double Team. Super Buffbuster by King. Ion covered York. Taz left the announce booth.

Your Winners; Zema Ion and Kenny King
Grade: B+ (87%)

Bully and Brooke showed up. Both looked hot and ready to destroy. Ray told the cameraman to get the camera out of his face.

Samoa Joe was in the locker room, talking with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. Wes and Garett wanted to know what was up with Kurt Angle. Joe told them to ask him. Kurt walked in and said he had something to say. Kurt said he wasn’t at 100% but he was readyt o kick butt. Wes and Garett said they had Kurt’s back. I so think Wes and/or Garett are members of Aces and Eights.

Impact looked at the wedding and the events leading up to it.

Bully Ray and Brooke were looking for Taz. Tenay explained that Taz had left, just moments earlier. The couple stormed down to the ring. Ray took the stick and got ready to unload. Ray said last week should have been the best night of their lives but it became a nightmare. Ray called Taz a “Scumbag” and “Nothing but a freakin’ coward”. Ray said the people around him got hurt…Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Brooke Hogan (the woman he loves). Ray said he was going to do horrible things to Taz, Devon and every member of Aces and Eights. Ray warned them to sleep with one eye open. Ray said he would not sleep until he kicked every single *ss in Aces and Eights. Ray begged Hulk to lift the suspension so he could get even…

Sting’s music went off and The Icon walked down to the ring. Sting said everyone knew that Hulk never does things, half way. Sting told Hulk to finish things with Bully Ray and Brooke. Sting said he, Brooke and Bully will be there to watch Hulk re-instate his new Son-in-law, Bully Ray…in England.

Impact then looked at the confrontation between Superior Forces (Bobby Roode and Austin Aries) and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Roode and Aries tried to figure out who was going to battle Hernandez, later. Roode thought Aries should fight. Aries felt it should be Roode. Aries tricked Roode into accepting the match.

A video about Jeff Hardy ran. Hardy talked about winning the title and then keeping it. Snippets of his Triple Threat match against Roode and Aries were shown. Hardy then challenged Christopher Daniels to bring his best.

Bobby Roode vs Hernandez

Taz found his way back to the announce table. Todd and Tenay blew off Taz’s return. Tenay said it was nice to be out there without Taz. Chavo was with Hernandez, for this one.

Collar and Elbow and Hernandez threw Roode into the corner. Go Behind by Roode into clubbing blows. Straight punches and kicks by the It Factor. Back Body Drop by Hernandez. Stall Suplex by Hernandez. Roode rolled out to the apron. Roode snapped Hernandez’s neck over the ropes and then hit the Funk Neckbreaker. Snap Mare into the Neck Snap by Roode. Roode raked the back. Hernandez blasted the ribs of Roode and then kicked away. Back Elbow by Roode for a two count. Elbow Drops by Roode. Rear Chin Lock by Roode.

Hernandez rushed Roode, backwards, into the corner. Shoulder Block into the Springboard Spear by Hernandez. Torture Rack Backbreaker by Hernandez. Knife Edge Chops by Roode. Pounce by Hernandez. Aries rushed down to push Roode out of the path of Hernandez. Chavo attacked Aries. Roode with a Bulldog on a distracted Hernandez.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Grade: B (84%)

Roode and Aries argued up the ramp. In the back, Kurt Angle walked towards the entrance way.

The issues between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson was highlighted. There is question as to whether Ken is a member of Aces and Eights or not. Kurt knew what he had to do. Kurt thought Aces and Eights were going to be a temporary thing but he was wrong. Kurt said he was tired of the attacks. Kurt told Taz “You don’t even know what revenge is”. Kurt said he was going to challenge Ken Anderson, next week. Kurt then asked Ken to come out and join him.

After a long delay, Ken’s music hit. Anderson slowly walked out…from the Aces and Eights entrance area…wearing Aces and Eights gear! Ken wanted to confirm that Kurt wanted to fight, next week. Kurt nodded that he did. Ken said he didn’t want to fight, next week. Ken then jumped Kurt and started pounding away. Kurt exploded with a Clothesline and went for the AngleLock. Ken bailed out. Kurt said it would be Angle vs Anderson…in a Steel Cage! Taz couldn’t believe that Kurt was allowed to set a Steel Cage Match.

In the back, Kaz and Daniels talked strategy.

Aces and Eights were throwing a party. Ken wanted the “hookers” to shut up. Devon told Ken that he would have Ken’s back, in England. Devon told Ken to relax. Is Ken a Mole for TNA?

Jeff Hardy vs Christopher Daniels (w/Kazarian)
TNA World Title Match

Daniels has beaten two former World Champs, recently (A.J. Styles and James Storm). Hardy was wearing his Power Rangers belt and had the real title belt slung over his shoulder. Taz hoped Hardy would lose the belt, soon. Jeremy Borash did the Buffer-esque intros. Brian Hebner was the Zebra-in-Charge.

Collar and Elbow and a move to the corner. Clean break. Hardy clapped his hands and then took the Side Headlock. Shoulder Thrusts by Hardy. Flying Head Scissors and Clotheline by Hardy. Hardy missed a Backsplash on Daniels. Daniels pitched Hardy to the outside. Taz talked trash about the World Champion. Impact took a break.

Clothesline by Daniels and a two count. Daniels took over, during the break, with a little help from Kaz. Back Drop Suplex by Daniels. Running Clothesline to the back of Hardy’s neck. Full Mount and punches by Daniels. Daniels stomped away. Hardy crawled to the corner. Taz really ragged on Hardy. Headbutt by Daniels. Taz called Hardy’s fans “Puppets”. Daniels drove Hardy down into the canvas. Crossface with the Arm Extender.

Hardy Elbowed free but Daniels pulled Hardy down, by the hair. Daniels stomped Hardy’s back. Kaz screamed at Hardy. Hardy reversed a Whip into a Short Arm Clothesline. The two traded hard punches. Hardy went for a Whip but Daniels reversed it. Flying Forearm, Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drop. Spinning Dropkick by Hardy. Hardy got the boots up and hit he Frog Splash for two. Daniels with a Whip and Running Spicoli Driver. Daniels with a modified Triangle Choke. Hardy got his foot on the ropes. Punch by Daniels. Daniels sat Hardy on the top rope and went up. Hardy blocked the Superplex. Super X-Factor by Hardy! Daniels got his foot on the ropes to break the count.

Twist of Fate blocked. Angel’s Wings by Daniels. 1—2–no! Daniels was shocked that Hardy kicked out. BME missed. Hardy missed Whisper in the Wind. 2 count for Daniels. Hardy countered the Double Underhook Bomb. Twist of Fate that sent Daniels into Kaz (who was on the apron) and knocked Kaz to the floor. A second Twist of Fate. Sling Dropkick to Kaz. Swanton!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Grade: A (95%)

Taz took the house microphone and decided to interview Jeff Hardy.Taz was spouting sarcasm, left and right. One of the Aces and Eights goons slid in the ring and cracked Hardy’s knee with the hammer.


–Jay Shannon

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