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New Year, New Hope 2013


I have not written a column in awhile for the pure fact that the WWE product has been so bad I really have not enjoyed enough of anything to write about in a column. Now that we are on the road to WrestleMania and the Rock has returned, the product has picked up to an acceptable level and viewers seem to be returning to the product, for awhile anyway. Rock continuously shows what is lacking from almost every character in WWE not named CM Punk. Rock speaks and we care. Rock entertains in every capacity of the show and that is something that 90% of the current WWE roster fail to do and or are incapable of doing. WWE is not hopeless by a long shot, but the direction and writing of the programs continue to be below average at best, and that is being generous.

My biggest issue with WWE is that the company is far from a lost cause but continuously perform as if they are. All the pieces are there for WWE to be highly successful again but for whatever reason, Vince does not properly push the in ring and on air product in the right direction. There are some sports teams that are lost causes. They have neither the players nor the proper coaches/management to better the on field or ice product. As much as the team may try, the inefficiencies are overwhelmingly against them and the product suffers because of it. Poor decisions through the years have hurt the product beyond repair and only a major overhaul will fix what ails them.

WWE is not in that position whatsoever. All WWE needs is a few tweaks here and there and the product would once again reach greater heights. The ratings prior to Rock’s return were scary low in the 2’s.Now the ratings are up to a 3.4. The scarier part is that after Rock leaves who amongst us believe that the ratings will not shrink to those levels again immediately? WWE needs stronger writing right now to hopefully carry on through to when Rock is gone once again. I personally still cannot stand any segment with Cena or Orton in it and maybe I am alone but that is my personal feeling. Those two wrestlers are done as top stars, although WWE will try to convince us otherwise because of merchandise sales.WWE needs to build new stars right now while Rock is here distracting us or suffer quick ratings demise.

Push the young stars to the top. Talents like The Shield, Sandow, Cesaro, and Ziggler to name but a few. I love the idea of bringing back former midcard workers to help build talent in the midcard of the program. That is a tremendous idea and one that should be applauded by all fans. Let these strong workers know up front that they are not there to win titles or to be main event stars but to have strong technical matches with some of the greener rookies and help push them to the top of the card. Strong workers who are not superstars but are household names that fans can truly enjoy watching in ring is exactly what WWE needs right now. This is as solid of an idea as I have heard recently from WWE.

The role player is such a vital part of any team. These talents do the dirty work and may never get the credit as the marquee names, but are just as important to the overall success of the company or team. I also like the idea of signing more wrestlers from the Indy circuit. Talents like El Generico and the like are again what WWE needs at this very point in time. It is always nice to grow your own talents in the developmental system but having strong workers who already cut their respective teeth in the business years ago is essential. WWE needs more workers who already know how to work a match and work the crowd and mic without trying to learn it all on WWE’s dime and on a major program.

WWE has the potential to be great again if the decision making and creative process changes for the betterment of the overall product. The writing has become lazy and childish, much like Cena’s character, and that needs to be rectified right now while Rock is here to mask a lot of the problems plaguing WWE. Rock can mask the deficiencies but once Rock leaves those problems become glaring once again. HHH needs to convince Vince that age is not his friend and Vince is no longer helping the creative process for the younger and smarter audience of today. What worked even ten years ago will not necessarily work today.HHH needs to keep going in the direction HHH is taking the talent department, which fell apart with Johnny Ace in charge, but also push the creative direction into less toilet humor and onto a more realistic and adult product.

Bottom Line:

I have a lot of hope for WWE in the New Year but only if a change happens starting at the top. The philosophy of the company needs changing and the new core of top stars need to be created and used to full capacity. John Cena has been a loyal soldier and a great money maker for the company but it is 2013 now and Cena’s act is no longer fresh or interesting, unless of course you turn Cena heel then everything changes for the better. WWE has a three month Road to WrestleMania to change the product and keep growing the ratings for the remainder of the year, long after Rock is back in Hollywood. It is a new year and I have new hope for the product. You have just read another chapter of the Forzese Files and as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

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