Posted January 17th, 2013 by Bill Apter

The wedding commences:

First down the aisle, the Groom — Bully Ray.

He is followed by Tommy Dreamer and Brooke Tessmacher

Next down the aisle is Mickie James on the arm of Spike Dudley.

Finally down the aisle comes Taz with Christie Hemme.

Here comes the Bride, Brooke Hogan, she is alone and all of a sudden her father comes from the sidelines — wearing a Tuxedo.

All appears serene ..

Fans are chanting “shake his hand” to Hogan (regarding Bully Ray).

The Clergyman asks, “Who presents this woman?” Hulk answers (not very happily) “I do!”

The Clergyman asks them to express their love with their vows. Brooke goes first and says she can’t believe this and she feels she can trust him and he is her best friend and he makes her laugh and says she loves him.

Bully (Mark) says he will speak from the heart. He said from the moment he laid eyes on her he knew she was the right one and wants to make her the happiest girl in the world and “I freakin’ love you!”

Clergyman asks if anyone has any reasons they should not be married. No one objects. They now have the rings and the Clergyman asks Brooke if she takes Mark to be her husband and she says “I do.” Mark is asked and says “I do!” They are about to be officially married and Taz breaks in asking Bully if he is sure he wants to do this and then asks, “Is it just me or is it hot in here?” Next he takes off his jacket and reveals an ACES & 8s” vest! He is one of them. They attack the entire wedding party and Devon attacks Bully! Brooke goes to aid her father who says “Go check on Bully!” It’s over!


  1. By Sid Justice, posted

    Who didn’t see this coming? Is Vince Russo writing for TNA again?

  2. By madd, posted

    I thought I was watching a WWE Segment ! I have to chuckle to myself for all those WWE Haters who slammed WWE and How much better TNA Had been preferring TNA Brand because it had “more Wrestling” than wwe and not as PG as WWE , Do not get me Wrong I watch Both and proably lean more toward WWe side But I just think it is Funny How TNA is Emulating some of the Qualities that SOME ppl who are TNA fans Hated it is to Chuckle !!

  3. By Ken Becker, posted

    WOW! Really? Taz in an angle again? Wasn’t the Main Event Mafia enough? And why, dear wrestling gods, why does EVERY company try to rehash the old nWo bit? Yay! Not Aces and 8′s have an announcer on their payroll. Who’s next, Hebner? After all, the nWo had Nick Patrick as their ref.

    This whole story line is becoming boring. They have been around for months and only 2 have been unmasked? Mike Knox and Drew Hankinson. Don’t get me wrong, I love Drew. He’s a hometown boy from Cumberland, MD, but come on! Great, they reduced the PPV schedule to build up more on the matches, but stretching out the whole invasion angle is killing the fans already short attention span. They need at least one unmasking a month, if not every two weeks or so.

    And don’t even get me started on the wedding angle. Really? Has any “In Ring Wedding” ever actually gone right? (With the exception of Randy Savage and Liz) And the groomsmen… I get Spike. I even get Tommy and Taz. But where was Sign Guy Dudley? Where was Big Dick Dudley? ‘splain that to me, Lucy.

    TNA is still a better product than the crap Vince has been stuffing down our throats for the last decade or so, but it is getting worse. Angles like these (and the AJ/Dixie love fest) are beneath TNA creative. When are they actually going to start hiring fans as consultants? This tired nonsense is why they bombed on Monday night during the head-to-head with WWE. This rehashed garbage is why the Indy promotions are looking better and better to people. And, why ROH should have a damn TV deal.

    TNA, get your heads on straight. You are supposed to be an alternative to Vinnie Mac’s “family entertainment” crap. BE the great alternative again, NOT a rebirth of WCW or ECW (because no one will EVER match that…it cannot be redone). Hire some old school fans who have watched rasslin for 30 years to give you insight into what the fans want. Take a look at the old storylines from the late 70′s and early 80′s from Crockett, World Class, UWF, USWA, AWA, and yes, even Global.

    And go back to the 6 sided ring. THAT is where your product began to suck on par with WWE, when you went to the standard ring. Standard ring=standard (read: Boring!) product. 6 sided UNIQUE ring=Unique (exciting) product.

    But that’s just one man’s opinion.

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