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Genesis is this coming Sunday. The final pieces of the puzzle were placed. Plus, Gut Check returned with two potential roster members battling it out. Be sure to read the last paragraph of this one, you will NEVER believe it.

The Recap video focused on who got Wrestler of the Year. Jeff Hardy won it and Bobby Roode and Austin Aries took exception. They will both fight Jeff at Genesis. Hulk Hogan suspended Bully Ray for his relationship with Brooke Hogan. Sting returned and Aces and Eights turned to Mr. Anderson for help. Kurt Angle swore he would unmask all the Aces and Eights people. He revealed the former Mike Knox.

Sting’s music ripped through the Impact Zone and Sting, along with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, made their entrances. Todd, Taz and Tenay talked about how taking the masks of Aces and Eights decreased the power of the rogue group. Sting said he was just getting started. Sting will face DOC, on Sunday. Sting said he was “feeling a little bit frisky”. Sting said he brought his friends, Shooter (Kurt) and Killer (Joe). Sting invited Aces nad Eights to come get some.

Joe took the microphone as the crowd chanted his name. Joe said Aces and Eights didn’t have him out-done, last week. He said Joe will beat you down and choke you out. Kurt then took the stick and said he made a promise that all the masks would come off in 2013.Kurt was ready to expose another person. He called out Mr. Anderson to find out where he stands in this war.

Ken Anderson arrived to a pretty dead reaction. Ken said this was rich. Ken said Aces and Eights kicked his teeth in, a few months back, and none of the men in the ring came to help him. Ken said Sting threw him under the bus for Bully Ray. Kurt said Ken was either with them or they were going to fight. Ken got in the ring and got up in Kurt’s face. Ken told Kurt that he didn’t have to answer to Kurt and he wanted Kurt to know that he never liked him. Kurt said the feeling was mutual. Kurt then attacked Ken. Anderson bailed out of the ring and headed up the ramp.

The announcers talked about the night’s card. They sent it to a profile of Jay Bradley. He’s also worked as Bradley Jay. He talked about hard work and sacrifice. Brian Cage will be Bradley’s opponent. Bradley said he was going to make sure it was him.

Brooke Hogan was asked about dealing with her dad. She said they would air the dirty laundry, in public, and her dad would listen, this time. Her phone went off and it was “Mark” (Bully Ray).

Zema Ion vs Kenny King
X-Division Number One Contender Tournament, Semi Finals

King got a great pop from the crowd. The winner of this match will face Christian York, who advanced, last week. The two locked up and King kicked the ribs. Whip, reversed by Ion. Ion flipped onto the apron and was dropped with an Enziguri. King missed a Corkscrew, but landed on his feet. Ion with a Flip Dive. Springboard Back Roll by Ion. 2 count after King dropped Ion. It was announced that TNA will be cutting back to four pay-per-views per year. After doing a little research, I learned that it will be:

Genesis: January 13, 2013
Lockdown: March 10, 2013
Slammiversary: June 9, 2013
Bound For Glory: October 13, 2013

This is something that I have begged for, for years. Now TNA will have 4 full months to build the storylines going into B4G. Hey, WWE, take a look at this.

Back to the action. Rolling Snap Suplex by King. Punches by King. Fireman’s Carry by King but Ion got free. Ion reversed a Whip. Ion missed an Inverted Drive By. King missed a wild kick. Ion snapped the neck and then hit a Tornado DDT for two. Kneelift by King into the Fireman’s Carry. Ion converted the Royal Flush into a Small Package. Ion with a nastu looking Folding Suplex. King landed so badly. 1-2-no. Ion went for the 450 but King rolled under. Running Dropkick into the Royal Flush by King. Awesome.

Your Winner: Kenny King
Grade: A (95%)

King asked for the microphone. King said he was gong to have Christy Hemme announce him as the next X-Division champion.

In the back, Robbie E was grumbling about his favortie show getting cancelled and then having Robbie T showing him up. Jersey Shore was cancelled? Sweet! Robbie asked Miss Tessmacher to tag with him. She said she would tag with Robbie T, not E, to face Tara and Jesse. Bad times for Robbie E.

Joseph Park was back at the Impact Zone. He was excited about coming back to handle his business. Park said he was walking in, not as an attorney, but as a wrestler. Park couldn’t get the door open, as it was locked.

Tara and Jesse vs Robbie T and Miss Tessmacher
Mixed Tag Team Match

TNA looked back at the “Bro Off”, from 2 weeks back. Robbie T stole the show, that night. Jesse jumped Robbie T but it went nowhere. Biel by Robbie into a Walking Scoop Slam. Tag to Tara. Tess also came in. Flying Forearms by Tess. Whip by Tess into a Crotch Rub, X-Factor and Sweet Face (Rump Shaker). Sigh. Tag to Robbie and Jesse. Goozle by Robbie. He threw Jesse into the corner and then nailed a brutal Last Ride Powerbomb.

Your Winners: Miss Tessmacher and Robbie T
Grade: B (84%)

Robbie T started to Fist Bump. Tess with a dance thing that just made me look for another blood pressure pill. Robbie T with a major Lip Lock on Tess. She passed out as Robbie E looked shocked.

Speaking of Robbies, I want to send special birthday wishes out to my nephew, Robbie. He turned 12, a few days back.

Brian Cage did a promo. After a false start, Brian decided to give wrestling another shot. Cage said there was only one contract and it would be his. Cage did spend some time in the WWE Developmental system under Brian Cage and Kris Logan.

Brian Cage vs Jay Bradley
Gut Check Match

I have to admit that I’m a bit biased in this one. I have family in and around Chico, CA (where Brian is from), so he’s kind of a hometown kid. Collar and Elbow to the corner. It led to a shoving match and another Collar and Elbow. Jay with the Go Behind. Standing Switch into an Amateur Takedown by Jay. Jay with a Front Face Lock. Brian spun around and rolled up Jay. The two got into a Forearm War. Kneelift by Jay. Back Elbow by Brian. Jay avoided the Discus Clothesline. Big Boot by Jay. Jay with an Elbow Drop. Scoop Slam by Jay. Flying Kneedrop by Jay. Brian surprised Jay with a Running Dropkick. Brian with a funky Springboard Suplex. Spinning Savage Elbow, by Brian, for a two. Jay ducked the Discus Clothesline. Boomstick (Clothesline from Hell) by Bradley Jay.

Your Winner: Bradley Jay
Grade: B+ (88%)

Aces and EIghts were having a meeting with Mr. Anderson. Ken was not in a happy place. Ken said something had to be done about Angle. The VP said it was time to take care of business. They dismissed the bimbos and headed into the conference room. They focused on Mike Knox, who lost his mask, last week. He was asked if he had something to say. The VP cut off the excuses. Knox was given the chance to “make it right or make it gone”.

Joseph Park was ready to talk to Hulk Hogan.

The crowd cheered Park for surviving wrestling camp. Joseph asked Hulk Hogan to please join him in the ring. There was a distinctive “Bully Ray” chant as Hogan came out. Hogan congratulated Park for making it through wrestling camp. Hogan was proud of Joseph. Park thanked Hogan for inspiring him. He also thanked “Nightmare” Danny Davis. Joseph asked Hogan…no begged Hogan…as a wrestler…for a shot at Aces and Eights. Hogan gave him the match. Hogan wasn’t sure what the heck Park really wanted.

Brooke Hogan came on the Tron. She said she has tried to talk to her dad but he has been avoiding him. She told Hulk to stay in the ring and wait to talk to her.

After a quick break, Brooke entered the Impact Zone. Brooke was upset that her dad has been ignoring her. She had a question for her dad. Hulk said to go ahead and ask the all-mighty question. She asked Hulk to reinstate “Mark”. “We Want Bully!” rang out from the crowd. Hulk said he would not reinstate Bully. Brooke started to cry as Hulk left the ring. Brooke was torn on her next action.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries chatted in the back. Aries and Roode were ready to wear their new shirts, cape and robe. Aries said they needed to stay focused on their opponents, tonight. Aries brought up the title change between Roode and Aries. They sounded like an old married couple as they bickered.

A Genesis promo about Austin Aries ran.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy and James Storm

Hardy started against Roode. Hammerlock by Roode. Push Off by Hardy but Foode with a Shoulder Tackle. Tenay talked about Hardy’s success in the WWE. Shoulder Tackle by Hardy. Roode and Aries grumbled at each other. Roode forced the tag. Drop Toe Hold and Double Ride by Aries. Hardy took Aries to the corner and punched away. Head Scissors by Hardy and Inverted Atomic Drops on both opponents. Tag To Storm. Double Team on both Roode and Aries. Poetry in Motion on Aries. Roode was ready to walk away. That led to another shoving match. Staredown as Impact took a break.

Hardy kicked away on Roode, in the corner. Bobby reversed a Whip but Hardy with the Back Elbow. Aries tried to hold Jeff’s leg but Jeff kicked away. Roode caused Hardy to tumbled down, hard. Roode stomped on Hardy. Aries tagged himself in, with a wicked slap. Aries smacked Hardy and then argued with Roode. Aries dropped his weight on Hardy’s ankle. Front Face Lock by Aries. Knee Strike to the skull of Hardy. Tag to Roode. Sunset Flip by Hardy but the ref was out of position. Roode with a shot and pin attempt. Aries tagged back in and kept Hardy in their half of the ring. Tag to Roode. Kick by Roode. Scoop Slam by Roode into an Avalanche Splash. Storm made the save. Fake tag to Aries.

Double Stomp to the face of Hardy, by Aries. Corkscrew Avalanche by Aries. Bell Ringers by Aries. Tag to Roode. Roode cracked the ribs and hit a Suplex. Flying Kneedrop by Roode. Aries wanted the tag. Aries with a Close Quarters Backdrop Suplex and Flying Knee, off the ropes. Roode took the tag and jumped up on the turnbuckles. Roode flew and Hardy got the boots up. Hardy crawled to the corner. Spinning Mule Kick by Hardy.

Tag to Storm. The Cowboy with a Flyingg Forearm and Inverted Atomic Drop on Aries. Storm with an Inverted Atomic Drop and Back Body Drop on Roode. Tennessee SLam (Alabama Slam) on Aries. Enziguri and Flying Neckbreaker, by Storm, on Roode. Aries with an Elbow Drop ion his own partner. Storm with Closing Time to send Aries out to the floor. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian rushed out. Storm took out Kaz and then went after Daniels. Hardy with a Twsit of Fate on Roode. As Hardy went for a second one, Aries blasted Hardy with the two World Title Belts.

Your Winners (by DQ): “Cowboy” James Storm and Jeff Hardy
Grade: B (84%)

Roode and Aries fought over the twin belts, as well as attacking Hardy.

Elsewhere, Brooke talked with “Mark”. He wanted to come to the arena but Brooke didn’t think it was a good idea. She agreed to let him pick her up outside the office.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan were interviewed. Hernandez and Guerrero attacked the challengers. It broke down into a vicious locker room brawl. Guerrero pulled Hernandez back. That led to a rundown of the upcoming Pay-Per-View. Several new matches were added.

As it stands, now:

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
World Tag Team Title Match

Gail Kim vs ODB vs Miss Tessmacher vs Mickie James vs Velvet Sky
Gauntlet Match to determine Number One Contender to Knockout Title

Kenny King vs Christian York
Winner gets an X-Division title shot against RVD, later in the night.

RVD vs Winner of Above Match
X-Division Title Match

Joseph Park vs Devon

Christopher Daniels vs “Cowboy” James Storm

DOC vs Sting

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode
Triple Threat, Elimination Match for the World Title

The led to a Jeff Hardy promotional video.

Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle
Special Challenge Match

Anderson took forever to make his way to the ring. An “*ss*ole” chanted started. Ken then did his introo schtick. He psyched out the audience with the second “Anderson”. Kurt then rose from the depths. The two could barely contain themselves until the bell rang. The two had a Mexican Standoff. Anderson scooted out of the ring to avoid contact. Anderson strolled around the ring, for quite awhile. Kurt took the house mic and asked “When did you turn into a b*tch?” Kurt said if Ken ran off again, he would come after his *ss. Knox slid in the ring and attacked Kurt with the Ballpeen Hammer. Garett Bischoff, Samoa Joe and Wes Brisco rushed out to help Kurt.

Your Winner: No Contest
Grade: N/A

Kurt’s neck had been struck by the hammer and the medics rushed out to help Kurt. The announcers talked about the history of neck injuries that Kurt has had. Kurt was stretchered out. Aces and Eights taunted the men in the ring. Sting stormed from the back and talked with the good guys. He got in the ring, with his bat. Sting told Devon to give him Knox, now. Devon ordered Knox to get in the irng.

Sting vs (Hard) Knox

Sting waited for Knox to get in the ring. Sting had his bat. Knox had his hammer. Sting cracked Knox with the bat. Knox with a hard kick. Earl Hebner got the weapons away. Knos with hard punches. Short Arm Clothesline by Knox. Knox ran Sting into the corner and then choked Sting on the ropes. Running Leg to Sting’s neck. The two ended up on the floor. The two traded punches and kicks, on the floor. Sting threw Knox into the ring steps.

Sting whipped Knox into the steps, a second time. Sting wasn’t done and threw Knox into the steps, once again. Sting then ran Knox into the ring barrier. Stinger Splash. Sting rolled Knox back in the ring. Sting kicked the ribs. Knox crawled towards the bat. Sting went for the Scorpion Deathlock but Knox kicked free. Splash by Knox had no effect. Stinger Splash, off the whip. Scorpion Death Drop.

Your Winner: Sting
Grade: B- (82%)

Sting picked up the hammer and attacked Knox with it. Devon told Sting to stop. He had Brooke Hogan as a prisoner. Devon threatened to disfigure Brooke. Devon told Brooke “Shut Up, B*tch!” Devon reminded Sting that 2013 will be the year of Aces and Eights. Bully Ray rushed down and attacked the various members of Aces and Eights. They let her go. Bully Ray was ready to fight. Hulk Hogan came out and watched the carnage. He did nothing.

After a quick break, the Hogans, Sting and Bully Ray were in the ring. Hulk accused Ray of putting Brookoe’s life in danger. Hulk said it was all Ray’s fault. Hulk said Ray wasn’t the man for his daughter. Sting tried to talk to Hulk. Ray accused Hulk of being crazy. Ray said wrestling is his life and has been for 20 years. Ray always wanted to be as good as Sting or Hulk. Ray said he never thought he would love anything as much as wrestling, until he met Brooke. Ray said Brooke came to him to apologize for her dad. Hulk threw down his microphone. Ray said he wasn’t all that good with feelings stuff. Ray knew he was a hard *ss but Brooke makes him laugh and lighten up. Ray got down on one knee and popped the question after telling Brooke that he loves her! Yeah! Brooke said yes as Hulk had a serious meltdown. Hulk stormed out of the ring as Brooke kissed Ray. Ray wanted to marry her, on next week’s Impact. Really? Has an in-ring wedding EVER gone right? Hulk Hogan fumed as he stormed up the ramp. The happy couple kissed, again.


–Jay Shannon

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