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“Another Chapter, Comes to A Close”

Happy New Year to all. The year has come to an end. It is usually during the week of Christmas, and New Years that I am the slowest. It gives me time to reflect, and take a look at the goals I set for this past year, to see how I did, and to look at adding any new goals for the up-coming year.

I Will No Longer Be Stepping Into the Cage as a Competitor

The number one goal that I set for myself in 2012 was to be finished with my Mix Martial Arts Competition career. I was attempting to do my own self-directed retirement tour in the last couple of years reaching out to only three people… Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock, and Royce Gracie. I spoke to two of them directly (Mark, and Ken), and through representative (MGR) for Royce. It seems as though these matches will not take place for whatever reasons and my life now goes on to the next chapter.
I will still be involved with MMA working with various companies to support the industry, and help to take it on to the next level in roles such as: Play by play color commentator, Commissioner, Goodwill Ambassador, doing appearances, etc, etc.. just no longer the competitor. The MMA workshops and seminars will continue. I have a lot of fun with them and enjoy the interaction with the young competitors as they are just commencing their careers especially when they learn a new technique, or a competition tactic, and seeing the excitement in their eyes, and hearing it in their voice.
2013 will be my final year in Professional Wrestling as a performer. So Promoters be warned. If you have been thinking about utilizing my skills as a performer, contact me and we’ll make it happen in this up-coming year. I will continue just like in MMA to be involved in it, teaching it, running shows, doing appearances and such, just no longer the entertainer.

Instruction… Instruction… Instruction
I will put forth more time and energy into Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Military Defensive Tactics, or hand to hand combat training. I enjoy teaching, and I especially like knowing that skills that I have acquired through a life of competition, can now be used in so many areas of good. That will keep people safe, and may even save a life.
I will be re-opening Michigan Sports Camps Training Facility in Coldwater, Michigan in April. It will have additional days and time for athletes to hone their skills. It has been dubbed the “House of Champs” for the area. I want to give it more recognition, and create additional Champions, so that one day people will just wonder “How do they do it…year after year. There are no trade secrets. Just rare people, who are willing to do all the hard work, and make the sacrifices. ‘As long as I can surround like minded people with other like minded people……the cream will rise to the top!!!!
Other irons that I will be either throwing in the fire or just re-stoking the embers will be 1) Public Speaking. I have done a number of Speaking engagements in the past. I want to hone my skills and make an even bigger impact.
2) Writing a book. People enjoy the stories I tell of my past and say all the time that “You should write a book”. I have hundreds of pages or notes of things I have done. Just need to put them in some sort of order, and go from there.
3) Re-connecting and spending more time with family. I have had a life with much success but not without its cost. That cost was family time. The past couple of years I have tried to spend more time with family, and will continue to do so.
It has been difficult to juggle so many different parts of my career, but that is when opportunity presented itself… such as my MMA career beginning at the age of 37, and now ending at age 54. Father Time is telling me, it is time to let go. I have learned over time, that the only constant factor is change. It will happen, and there is nothing we can do to stop it, so smile, hold on, and embrace it for all that it has to offer and hopefully you too will have the ride of your life!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!
All the Best, From The Beast!
Dan Severn
*If there are any readers out there that know people in any of the areas that I have spoke about and they think they can help me achieve a goal (Law Enforcement, MMA School Owners, Promoters, etc)… I welcome your input.

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