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Just over a year ago, the UFC ushered in a new era of visibility, as it debuted on the Fox network with a Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez title fight. With a spectacular, but anticlimactic knockout victory, Junior Dos Santos became world champion. After another dominant victory over Frank Mir, and Alistair Overeem facing suspension, Velasquez stepped up, coming off of a brutal beating of Bigfoot Silva.

UFC 155 was a special show. The heavyweight title fight started at a frenetic pace, with JDS stopping several Velasquez take downs to open the round. The game plan from Velasquez’s side was apparent, with Cain pushing the tempo from the opening bell.

Halfway through the first round, Velasquez gained control in which he would never fully relinquish, on his way to his second world title. The fight was nearly stopped in the first ground, due to relentless ground and pound, but Junior Dos Santos displayed incredible grit, heart, and determination, and managed to survive the duration of the bout. While the fight was madly one-sided, any time Junior Dos Santos is in front of you, a major threat is alive.

A possible fight of the year candidate went down in the evening’s co-main event, as Jim Miller defeated a Joe Lauzon, after leaving him covered in a crimson mask. Lauzon was split open in the first round, and left puddles in the Octagon. This fight really picked up the crowd, after three underwhelming fights to start the pay-per-view. At the risk of sounding redundant, Joe Lauzon showed an insane amount of heart at UFC 155, but ultimately, was not enough to overcome Jim Miller.

The middleweight division was to receive some clarity Saturday night, but contenders Tim Boetsch and Alan Belcher were both defeated (by Consta Phillipou and Yushin Okami, respectively). With their losses, and Chris Weidman’s injury, Dana White announced Michael Bisping would be next in line to face Anderson Silva, should Bisping defeat Vitor Belfort next month.


The magnitude of this moment may not be visible now, but I fully believe that Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez will be the first series in UFC history to go to five fights. A question to ask yourself ; which is more impressive, a quick knockout, or a dominant one-sided beat down decision? This night is a moment that will live in MMA history.

The lightweight division seems to have turned into a revolving door near the top of the division, with no fighters completely over taking the division. Quite frankly, I was surprised that Lauzon was allowed to return for the second round due to that huge cut. After the fight, Lauzon’s cut was said to have reached Marvin Eastman levels of gross. If you don’t know, google it, suckas.

I would like to see a re-match between Tim Boetsch and Consta Phillipou given the circumstances of the fight. Boetsch looked to be in control until a series of a broken hand, a head butt leading to a cut on his forehead, and a Phillipou eye poke created a perfect storm that led to his loss. The fight had major ramifications within the top 10 in the middleweight division, and should see another contest. If not, I would imagine Boetsch could re-match Yushin Okami, or face Alan Belcher, whom Okami defeated Saturday night.

Stay tuned for my year-end awards, as well as prediction columns, coming soon!

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